Ellie Mains says:

November 10, 2010 at 8:28 am

As a non-driver, I had to cycle from Totnes to Broadhempston every day to work, as there are no regular bus links. This meant essentially taking my life into my hands every morning and evening on the Newton Abbott road, and invariably arriving with tales of woe about motorists nearly causing me a serious injury. A cycle path would make a difference to a huge number of people, and I really hope that it goes ahead

John Crisp says:

December 20, 2010 at 4:43 pm

A fantastic idea. We’re not exactly blessed with safe cycling routes in Teignbridge and south hams. As a former resident of Broadhempston it would have been a joy to cycle into Totnes without resorting to busy and dangerous main roads. The route would be wonderful for tourism. As the first transition town, it seems logical that Totnes should have alternative means of transport to its environs. The more we can get out of our cars onto alternatives the better!

Marcea Colley says:

February 9, 2011 at 3:17 pm

I work in Broadhempston so would be delighted to cycle there from Totnes not on main roads.. I would use it more in good weather but all year on good days, once a week or more I would think, and people where I work would be able to use it recreationally too at weekends- I do hope the projects creative ideas can succeed- power to the pedal

The Scott family says:

March 15, 2011 at 5:37 pm

We live in Broadhempston and would definitely cycle more regularly into Totnes if this safer route were created. It can only bring good things, surely; less car use, healthier people, increased green tourism to the area. And probably increased business for the railway and Rare Breeds Centre too I would have thought!

Thank you for pushing for this hugely important public resource, I look forward to riding it soon.

Andreas says:

May 31, 2011 at 12:10 am

I have been waiting for this cycle-route to open ever since moving to this area 8 years ago and i could never quite understand why it wasn’t happening. Back then it put me off lodging in Littlehempston as i couldn’t face cycling up that hill coming from Totnes. Meanwhile i live in Broadhempston and my wife and i do have a car we share. Sometimes I do cycle to Totnes to work, which is ok except for having to climb up that hill to get out of Littlehempston. What is the problem is coming back. Not only me being tired, but also the people in the cars rushing home from work and some of them having a tunnel view not wanting to give up seconds to slow down for a cyclist. I still can’t face cycling back up that steep/long hill towards Littlehempston so i go via Dartington/Staverton, which is longer. But i also like to be home asap after a long days work. That’s why I am using mostly the car to get to work and my wife is allowed to be creative back home feeling stuck looking after the toddler and the five year old. The cycle-path would make it so much easier and quicker.
I can understand the fears/worries of the Rare Breeds Farm/ Railway…with regards to security and wouldn’t wish for them to be hidden behind big fences. But i too believe that their business would increase. Awareness for their problem certainly has increased. And lets face it cyclists are quite a rare breed themselves around here. And that is not even a joke.
I can also understand the worries of the people in Littlehempston expecting a giant wave of people/cyclists flooding their village, which is a possibility for the first few weekends. But business in Littlehempston and possibly further on would benefit greatly. Some of them trying to promote the Burton Lane as an existing cycle path, but that takes even longer and is more hard work. Maybe nice to go on once in a blue moon.
Change is often difficult, but if you don’t go with the flow and keep on resisting you will just end up being miserable and lonely. I am hoping that everyone involved can find a way of working together and co-existing. Try to be positive!

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