Sarah Wollaston MP says:

Congratulations. I hope as many people as possible sign up to support this vital link between Littlehempston and Totnes. It would be a shame and a wasted opportunity for NCN2 to bypass Transition Town Totnes.


Ben Bradshaw MP says:

A fully inter-connected cyclepath network in Devon is important for all of us, and I fully support your efforts to make this happen in your own corner of our fantastic county.

We’ve made massive strides in Exeter as one of the Cycling Demonstration towns, with a proper cycle network leading to a massive increase in cycling, despite the hills!

I look forward to the day I can cycle from Exeter to Totnes through Littlehempston, without having to resort to busy roads for part of the way.

With very best wishes,

Ben Bradshaw MP (and keen cyclist!)


Gary Streeter MP says:

I support this project and look forward to the cycle path coming our way anytime soon. Let me know if I can help.

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