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South-Devon-Cycle-Path-Campaign-Logo-green-on-white-for-webCampaigning to create a safe cycle route into Totnes from Newton Abbot, and please help ensure the National Cycle Network does not bypass Totnes. 

Help us secure a safe cycle route into Totnes from Newton Abbot, and please help ensure the National Cycle Network does not bypass Totnes. 

We are volunteers campaigning to create a safe cycle route inot Totnes from Newton Abbot, which will also complete a missing link in the National Cycle Network (Route NCN2).

The pollution levels in Totnes now regularly breach the recommended safe levels. At the same time, new housing has contributed to increased congestion, in and around the town. If you would like an alternative to car use, then please show your support by signing this petition.  We have the backing of individuals, MP’s, organisations and businesses from across the region.

We would like to create a safe cycling route into Totnes from Newton Abbot. Together with Devon County Council and independent consultants we have exhaustively researched all the options.  The only affordable option that avoids long detours or dangerous crossings is by this using the footbridge (Bulliver Bridge) over the river Dart. This route has been designated as the most suitable option by the County Council’s Highways and Traffic Orders Committee for the South Hams, who gave it their unanimous backing. The route is also supported by cycling charity Sustrans, local MP Dr. Sarah Wollaston as well as local schools and parish councils. The route will also help complete NCN2, a Sustrans cycle path that runs from Dover to St Austell.

To do this, we would need permission from South Devon Railway, who 0wn the bridge. Please help us, politely and respectfully, persuade them.

The railway has some valid concerns about security. We believe there is a way of sensitively addressing those concerns, to find a solution that benefits the entire community. It is worth noting, that the bridge was 50% funded with public money, money which was given for the benefit of our community and to improve sustainability.  The bridge also has bridleway status so can carry bikes, however, due to its width cyclists would be obliged to dismount.

Please support our campaign by signing our petition, comments are very welcome but you don’t have to leave one.  As well as providing evidence of support to Devon County Council, this will allow us to keep you posted on developments.

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