Cycle Path Benefits

Aside from the need to link up the UK’s cycle network to enable people to cycle throughout the country safely, there would be clear and obvious local benefits to the community and to tourism from having access to such a route, including:

  • A safe and relatively flat route into Totnes for villagers living to the north of the town, from Littlehempston to Newton Abbot and out to Ashburton. Allowing people to cycle to school and to work and finishing off Sustrans NCN2 cycle route. This would allow those without access to a car, whether through financial reasons or disability, and younger members of the community, the same access rights as car users.
  • Enhance tourism in partnership with local attractions in the South Hams including the Rare Breeds Farm and South Devon Steam Railway.
  • Help reduce Totnes traffic congestion at peak hours.
  • Help tackle excessive traffic pollution as identified in the Totnes Air Quality Action Plan.
  • Improve community health and wellbeing.
  • Help ensure continued access into town for low income families as fuel prices rise.
  • Further integrate transport system connecting with existing cycle paths, bus services, both railway stations and Dart boat services
  • Possible increased use of the steam railway with a cycle one way and return by train option