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Please sign our petition, leaving your name, email address, postcode  – and a comment if you wish. Sign Here.  You can also:

  • Email DCC Council Leader John Hart ( explaining why you would like DCC to get on with this project.  It only needs to be a brief email.  If you could copy us at, that would be great. And if you can spare another moment, why not also copy the county Councillor for your area – this is a link to the Councillor listing page
  • Share this website with your friends and family and ask them to register their support.
  • Note – we started recording “village” from 26/3/12 –  if people who signed up before then could email us please with the village they live in, that would be very helpful –

Thanks for your support!

Latest Signatures
3,710Kevin Powell Feb 05, 2024
3,709Bruce KirbyWhy wouldn't you want this?Dec 04, 2023
3,708Elizabeth Griffiths Nov 28, 2023
3,707Bob Druitt Nov 28, 2023
3,706Michael Coombes Oct 10, 2023
3,705Helen Ridley we cannot cycle safely between Littlehempston and Totnes. If there was a cycle path I could get to Totnes and back independently. I don’t drive, so this would be of enormous benefit and save me worrying about how to get to appointments, collect prescriptions, get shopping etc. Aug 09, 2023
3,704Karen David Jun 16, 2023
3,703amber HigginsonI wanna cycle from Totnes to newton abbot! Dec 09, 2022
3,702Bethan Stagg Sep 13, 2022
3,701Peter RoseNewton abbot to Torbay is going to have a cycle route costing millions…the Newton to Totnes road is not safe for cyclists, an alternative must be supported.Aug 19, 2022
3,700Julia Miechowicz Aug 06, 2022
3,699Bridget McManamon Jun 14, 2022
3,698Matthew Cates Apr 26, 2022
3,697Beth Polak would love this to extend to safe passage between Dartington and Totnes! So many roads without pavement in our local area Mar 10, 2022
3,696Arthur Hulls Please can we have more safe cycling routes for our children Apr 12, 2021
3,695Daniel Rasmussen Feb 07, 2021
3,694Alex Crossley Jan 12, 2021
3,693Richard Scheffer Please can we find a way through to make this route possible. How can public money be used to fund a bridge that we are now refused access?Dec 31, 2020
3,692Rob Harper There is no current safe route for walking or cycling. This is an area that is being missed out Dec 22, 2020
3,691Peter Timms Nov 21, 2020
3,690Alice Deuchars Nov 21, 2020
3,689R Harris Nov 19, 2020
3,688Emily Banks Nov 19, 2020
3,687Maya Loaiza Nov 19, 2020
3,686lucy scarlett cunnington Nov 19, 2020
3,685Olivia George Nov 19, 2020
3,684Annabell Fursdon Nov 19, 2020
3,683Isabella Shirley-Miller YEs please! Iwill use this path when its created! Sep 20, 2020
3,682Hannah Kenny Sep 20, 2020
3,681Jessica Graves Aug 04, 2020
3,680Julia Maloney Jul 19, 2020
3,679Ana Simons Jul 18, 2020
3,678Gary Easton Jul 16, 2020
3,677Roxie Davies Jun 29, 2020
3,676Frank BenattEssential Jun 28, 2020
3,675Athene Crouch Jun 27, 2020
3,674Daverick Leggett Jun 27, 2020
3,673Gary Glanvill Many more cycle routes needed to help save the planet. Jun 27, 2020
3,672Naomi Kennedy Jun 27, 2020
3,671Kloffel Ulli Jun 27, 2020
3,670Lindsey Bonham Jun 27, 2020
3,669Josephine Unwin Jun 27, 2020
3,668Peter Shotton Jun 27, 2020
3,667Anne-Marie Mayer Jun 27, 2020
3,666John CummingsAir pollution kills tens of thousands prematurely in the UK each year, and aggravates coronavirus symptoms. We desperately need to encourage cycling and walking to reduce burden on the NHS, & reduce car use (which will also reduce climate change). Jun 26, 2020
3,665Clare Coyne Safer cycling needs to be available for our communities, more than ever as we transition to lower carbon emissions which is vital for our wellbeing and that of our planet. Jun 26, 2020
3,664Adam Dadeby Jun 26, 2020
3,663Simon WilkI am signing this because easy access to and within our South Devon towns by way of safe cycle routes is key to helping reduce emissions and helping enable SHDC to reach it's carbon neutral target. Jun 26, 2020
3,662Nigel Coles It would also be mutually beneficial foir all parties if bicycle and steam railway became integrated forms of transport. Jun 18, 2020
3,661Paul Austin May 03, 2020
3,660Andy Schindler Littlehempston to Totnes is an absolute necessity and further links would be fantastic!Apr 10, 2020
3,659Alex Leslie Mar 01, 2020
3,658Jay Nicholson Feb 28, 2020
3,657Steve PrattI am signing as a walker, and in the hope that cyclists and walkers can share these routes safely. Feb 22, 2020
3,656graham pollock Feb 20, 2020
3,655Peter Bonner Feb 19, 2020
3,654Flora Arbuthnott Feb 18, 2020
3,653Garth Davies Feb 17, 2020
3,652Glen Ball Feb 17, 2020
3,651Ruth SladeI would use it to cycle from Ipplepen to Totnes. Alternative routes are too steep/ narrow/ busy. Feb 17, 2020
3,650Robin Menzies Feb 17, 2020
3,649Louise Vergette-Lynn Feb 17, 2020
3,648Graham Lawrence Feb 17, 2020
3,647Rachel Collins Feb 16, 2020
3,646Susan Mortimer Feb 16, 2020
3,645Mike Reynolds Until recently lived in Landscove and would have loved to have a way of getting to Totnes from the Newton Abbot side by bike.Feb 16, 2020
3,644Christopher Johnson Feb 16, 2020
3,643Michael Still Feb 16, 2020
3,642Gerardo Nardiello Feb 16, 2020
3,641Fiona Scapens Feb 16, 2020
3,640Victoria Davison Feb 15, 2020
3,639Amanda Nadin Feb 15, 2020
3,638Marc Ridgeway Feb 15, 2020
3,637Chris Smith Feb 15, 2020
3,636Jon Zaple Feb 15, 2020
3,635Marie Farrelly Feb 15, 2020
3,634Lee Ballinger Feb 15, 2020
3,633Aline MacInnes Feb 15, 2020
3,632Pail Russell Please please please Feb 15, 2020
3,631Simon Phillips Feb 15, 2020
3,630Dean Stanyer Feb 15, 2020
3,629Lynda Blank Feb 15, 2020
3,628Phoebe Mytton Feb 15, 2020
3,627Helen Porter Feb 15, 2020
3,626David Hunt Feb 15, 2020
3,625Susan Porter Feb 15, 2020
3,624Claire Hancock Feb 15, 2020
3,623Bill Brooks Cheaper than HS2! Feb 15, 2020
3,622Rob Brandwood Feb 15, 2020
3,621Simon Woods-Tucker Feb 15, 2020
3,620Josie Wheeler Feb 15, 2020
3,619Danny Thomas Feb 15, 2020
3,618Alice Blanchard Feb 15, 2020
3,617Raj Patel our Family of 5 would use itFeb 15, 2020
3,616Isabel Keen Feb 15, 2020
3,615Lucy Wallace Feb 15, 2020
3,614Robert Doets Feb 15, 2020
3,613Georgina Daw Feb 15, 2020
3,612Fay Murray-Brown Feb 15, 2020
3,611Susanna Gunning Feb 15, 2020
3,610Hannah O’Sullivan Feb 15, 2020
3,609Val Toomey Feb 15, 2020
3,608Maria Chirita Feb 15, 2020
3,607Rebecca Baker public transport for the outlying villages is poor & expensive. I would love to be able to ditch the car & cycle.Feb 15, 2020
3,606Richard Newell Feb 14, 2020
3,605Chrissie Mitchell Feb 14, 2020
3,604Ann MossThis needs to happen.Feb 14, 2020
3,603Kate Goord Feb 14, 2020
3,602Lucy Criddle Feb 14, 2020
3,601Andrew Dell Feb 14, 2020
3,600Misha Mcmahon Feb 14, 2020
3,599Harvey Ransom Feb 14, 2020
3,598Tim Bennett Disgusting that SDR can claim sole use of s bridge paid for by taxpayers. Shame on them. Feb 14, 2020
3,597Chris Antill This is an absolute no brainer, stop being ridiculous Feb 14, 2020
3,596Catrin Evans Feb 13, 2020
3,595Claire Burton Feb 13, 2020
3,594Dawn Riggs Feb 13, 2020
3,593Christian Murison Feb 13, 2020
3,592Max Haughton Feb 13, 2020
3,591Peter Bradshaw Seems like a sensible idea. Love the SDR and also think a solution could be found to be able to share the bridge.Feb 13, 2020
3,590Hianta Cassam Chenai Feb 13, 2020
3,589Pat Sykes Feb 13, 2020
3,588Jane Seymour Feb 13, 2020
3,587Yvonne Mestrum Feb 13, 2020
3,586Alice Widger Feb 13, 2020
3,585Dean Smith Feb 13, 2020
3,584Rachel Silcock Feb 13, 2020
3,583Tim Jarvis Feb 13, 2020
3,582Dave Lea Feb 13, 2020
3,581John PorterEssential to provide a safe cycle route between the two locations. Feb 13, 2020
3,580Rob Willis Feb 13, 2020
3,579david hunt Feb 13, 2020
3,578Glynne Miller Feb 13, 2020
3,577Ollie Smith Feb 13, 2020
3,576Hari Slade Feb 13, 2020
3,575Margaret Thomason Feb 13, 2020
3,574Bob Janes Will make traffic flow better reducing pollution and be safer for all Feb 13, 2020
3,573Nick Johnson Feb 12, 2020
3,572peter head Feb 12, 2020
3,571Julie Dennis Feb 12, 2020
3,570Luke Swanborough Feb 12, 2020
3,569Robin Hyde Feb 12, 2020
3,568Olivia Roper Feb 12, 2020
3,567Richard ShottonAny steps to make cycling safer is a worthwhile aim. Feb 12, 2020
3,566Matthew Iddon Feb 12, 2020
3,565William Scott Feb 11, 2020
3,564Millie Huntley-Payne Feb 11, 2020
3,563Brian Bond Feb 11, 2020
3,562Halina Czarnecka Feb 11, 2020
3,561Jake Huntley Feb 11, 2020
3,560Steph Woolvett Feb 11, 2020
3,559Patrick Mankee Feb 11, 2020
3,558Jo Reay Feb 11, 2020
3,557Amanda Huntley Feb 11, 2020
3,556Lou Reed-Daunter i regularly cycle to work and this would make my journey safer and mean less cars on the road Feb 11, 2020
3,555Jessica King Feb 11, 2020
3,554Orla Turner Feb 11, 2020
3,553Michael Park Feb 11, 2020
3,552Adrian ParnellSafe cycling is essential for health and reducing reliance on cars. Feb 11, 2020
3,551Luke Downing Feb 11, 2020
3,550Phil Hemsley Feb 11, 2020
3,549David Noakes Feb 11, 2020
3,548Joanna Hayden Feb 11, 2020
3,547Patrick Bremer Feb 11, 2020
3,546Mel Roberts Feb 11, 2020
3,545Juliet Elliott Feb 11, 2020
3,544Elena Pike I would cycle all the time if the road or journey were safer. I was surprised when i moved to totnes that there are fewer cycle paths given its global reputation as a transition town Feb 11, 2020
3,543Andy Thompson Feb 11, 2020
3,542Philip Nieuwoudt Feb 11, 2020
3,541Neil Taylor Feb 11, 2020
3,540Amanda Daniel Feb 11, 2020
3,539Mark Phare The roads to Totnes are unsafe for cycling a dedicated route would be an asset to the area Feb 11, 2020
3,538Nicola Trevaskis Feb 11, 2020
3,537Paul Tomlin Feb 11, 2020
3,536Heidi OrrellPlease support this initiative. At a time of climate crisis organisations must be bold and visionary. Feb 11, 2020
3,535Genevieve Hinchliff Feb 11, 2020
3,534Mike Dunbar Feb 11, 2020
3,533Louise Swain Feb 11, 2020
3,532Paul Church Feb 11, 2020
3,531Fred McArthur Feb 11, 2020
3,530Gary Francis Feb 11, 2020
3,529Matt Howell Feb 11, 2020
3,528Martina Geraghty Feb 11, 2020
3,527Kohn Morse Feb 11, 2020
3,526Jane Johnson Feb 11, 2020
3,525Annie Tempest Feb 11, 2020
3,524Mark Peters The main roads around the South Hams are so dangerous for cyclists - we need to encourage people to exercise, cycling is a perfect low impact exercise but not for the roads - we need cycle paths - this plan is to be applauded and backed ! I am right behind it ! Thank You. Feb 11, 2020
3,523Ruth Howard Feb 10, 2020
3,522Hodge Clare Feb 10, 2020
3,521Jane ActonThere is no downside to this, healthy for humans and the environment. Feb 10, 2020
3,520Tracey Fatz need more joined up cycle routes please Feb 10, 2020
3,519Jane Geis Feb 10, 2020
3,518Jeremy Balfour Feb 10, 2020
3,517Sherrill Plumridge Feb 10, 2020
3,516Natalie Bartlett Feb 10, 2020
3,515Sam Tinkler Feb 10, 2020
3,514Emily Simcock For goodness sake please facilitate a safe cycling link between Totnes and Newton that can be used by all one way or another. Lives depend on having decent active travel infrastructure for immediate safety, air quality, physical health, mental health and decarbonisation. This ridiculous log jam has gone on for long enough and needs some robust decision making. Thanks Feb 10, 2020
3,513Andrew Gunatilleke Feb 10, 2020
3,512Simon Powell Feb 10, 2020
3,511Lena Morgan Feb 10, 2020
3,510Celia Bloor Feb 10, 2020
3,509Ruby Ritter Feb 10, 2020
3,508Nicola Rogers Feb 10, 2020
3,507Toby Sharp Feb 10, 2020
3,506geoffrey knight Feb 10, 2020
3,505Robert Gibbs This is a must for all cyclists and walkers.A huge benefit everyone. Feb 10, 2020
3,504Stephanie Reynolds Feb 10, 2020
3,503Stephen Dyer I agree with the statement Feb 10, 2020
3,502Clara Eisenberg Feb 10, 2020
3,501Elizabeth Woodall Feb 10, 2020
3,500Mathew Holman Feb 10, 2020
3,499Rachel Hockridge Feb 10, 2020
3,498Lyn Edwards We need this safe cycle link. Feb 10, 2020
3,497Sharon Still Feb 10, 2020
3,496Nicola Selby Feb 10, 2020
3,495Ben Chorley Feb 10, 2020
3,494Sue Brimecombe Feb 10, 2020
3,493David Ryder Feb 10, 2020
3,492Jon Mac Feb 10, 2020
3,491Neil Kearsley Feb 10, 2020
3,490Fiona Heaton Feb 10, 2020
3,489Vicki Gardner Feb 10, 2020
3,488Mark Dodds Feb 10, 2020
3,487mark liddle Feb 10, 2020
3,486Liz Saward Feb 10, 2020
3,485John Styles It is vital that this bridge is made available for cyclists having been provided for by public money. It is currently underused and the reasons being used for preventing the opening unsubstantiated . Feb 10, 2020
3,484Robert Cunningham Feb 10, 2020
3,483Andy Lodge We love family friendly cycle paths and it often determines where we stay in our motorhome.Feb 10, 2020
3,482Jill O'Neill Feb 10, 2020
3,481Christopher Shortland Feb 10, 2020
3,480Andy Styles Feb 10, 2020
3,479Sam Astill Feb 10, 2020
3,478Barbara Young Feb 10, 2020
3,477Andrew Bryden Feb 10, 2020
3,476Ian Taplin Get a grip Feb 10, 2020
3,475Jane Taylor Feb 10, 2020
3,474Clare Sterritt Feb 10, 2020
3,473John Peters Feb 10, 2020
3,472Tom SmithIt will be fantastic for the area if this can be worked through and supported! Thanks. Feb 10, 2020
3,471Kerry Parker Feb 10, 2020
3,470Mary Stocker Feb 10, 2020
3,469Gwendolen Evans Feb 10, 2020
3,468Robert Skedgell Feb 10, 2020
3,467Alan Blake Long overdue. Feb 10, 2020
3,466Jon Allen Feb 10, 2020
3,465Jonathon Finch Feb 10, 2020
3,464Sue McGivern Feb 10, 2020
3,463Nigel Mole Feb 10, 2020
3,462William Lasdun Feb 10, 2020
3,461Karen Wills Feb 10, 2020
3,460Martin Smith this needs to happen, SDR would get much more footfall and visitors to them if people can ride there. It makes total business sense especially as security would be better for it too.Feb 10, 2020
3,459Su Budge Feb 10, 2020
3,458Annette Price Feb 10, 2020
3,457Julian Rowe-Jones Great planFeb 10, 2020
3,456Guy Risdon Feb 10, 2020
3,455Richard Harris Feb 10, 2020
3,454Patch Harris Feb 10, 2020
3,453Andy Jeffries Feb 10, 2020
3,452Heather Allen Feb 10, 2020
3,451Matt Newbury Feb 10, 2020
3,450Janet Davies Feb 10, 2020
3,449David Bearne Feb 10, 2020
3,448John Brook Feb 10, 2020
3,447Nicky Cunningham Feb 10, 2020
3,446Pamela Crisp Feb 10, 2020
3,445Andrew Brown open the bridge! Feb 10, 2020
3,444Dawn Patrick Feb 10, 2020
3,443ruth rozelaar Feb 10, 2020
3,442Sue Worth Feb 10, 2020
3,441Jon SparksThis would certainly encourage me to visit the area.Feb 10, 2020
3,440peter terry a worthy project Feb 10, 2020
3,439George Mahood Feb 10, 2020
3,438Lesley Evans Feb 10, 2020
3,437Jinni KingMy husband currently cycles an extra 5 miles eachbl way to avoid this section of his cycle to work, making it a 50 mile day, rather than 40, as he found the section too dangerous. Since extending his ride he's had to cut from 2 days a week to 1... The proposed cycle route would make us both feel much safer with him using this route. Feb 10, 2020
3,436Andy Bird Feb 10, 2020
3,435Jane Bone Feb 09, 2020
3,434S. Roberts Feb 09, 2020
3,433Emma Higgins Feb 09, 2020
3,432Morgan Davies Feb 09, 2020
3,431lizi jamal Feb 09, 2020
3,430Caroline Beardsworth Feb 09, 2020
3,429Bartie Green Feb 09, 2020
3,428toby chadwick Feb 09, 2020
3,427ruth chadwick Feb 09, 2020
3,426Sarah Harris I work in totnes and would cycle there if there was a good safe cycle route Feb 09, 2020
3,425Jonathan Mason Feb 09, 2020
3,424Alex TempestPlease make this happenFeb 09, 2020
3,423Miles Kevin Feb 09, 2020
3,422Eleanor Johnson Feb 09, 2020
3,421Susan Miller Feb 09, 2020
3,420Bridget Coatalen Feb 09, 2020
3,419Silas Owens Feb 09, 2020
3,418Yvonne Francis Feb 09, 2020
3,417Peter Dingley-Brown Feb 09, 2020
3,416Sarah Dingley-Brown Feb 09, 2020
3,415Melanie Hiles Feb 09, 2020
3,414Melissa Harvey Feb 09, 2020
3,413Neal Lewis Feb 09, 2020
3,412Chris Hansen Feb 09, 2020
3,411Charles Narewski Scullion Feb 09, 2020
3,410Nick Hudd Feb 09, 2020
3,409Douglas Flack Feb 09, 2020
3,408Chris Knighton Feb 09, 2020
3,407Helen House Feb 09, 2020
3,406David Pusey Full support Feb 09, 2020
3,405Sarah Hughes Feb 09, 2020
3,404Teresa Baker Feb 09, 2020
3,403Ken Rock Feb 09, 2020
3,402Mary Keir Feb 09, 2020
3,401Joel Riley Feb 09, 2020
3,400Evelyn White We often cycle round Newton Abbott and Bovey Tracey when visiting family. This would be a great route and safer as some of the roads are so narrow Feb 09, 2020
3,399John Hayes Feb 09, 2020
3,398Lisa Ardley Feb 09, 2020
3,397Ben Stuart Feb 09, 2020
3,396Heather Stevens in this era of clean air acts and taxation of vehicles who do not comply, to not offer a safe alternative is an act of sheer lunacy. Feb 09, 2020
3,395Paul Williams Feb 09, 2020
3,394Julian Peck Feb 09, 2020
3,393Stuart Miller This needs to be an urgent priority Feb 09, 2020
3,392Jonathan BowmanThis bridge should be opened as it will provide off road cycling and walking. A lot of people want to cycle and walk instead of using the car but do not want to cycle or walk on the road due to safety ect... Feb 09, 2020
3,391Darren Johnson Feb 09, 2020
3,390Peter Herron Feb 09, 2020
3,389Andrew Combes a long overdue link in the NCN! Feb 09, 2020
3,388Helen Williams Feb 09, 2020
3,387Steve Davidson Feb 09, 2020
3,386Andy Owens Feb 09, 2020
3,385Lauren Bone Feb 09, 2020
3,384Alex OsborneI would like to cycle from Totnes to Newton Abbott and Paignton. Unfortunately I do not feel safe to do this as the roads connecting these towns have fast moving traffic and narrow sections. Devon County Council have declared a Climete Emergency, how can it then be so that there are no safe cycle routes around SouthDevon and Torbay? Feb 09, 2020
3,383Alison Britton Feb 09, 2020
3,382katina laoutaris Feb 09, 2020
3,381Allan Jenkins anything to encourage people to walk & cycle is goodFeb 09, 2020
3,380Dominic Carry Feb 09, 2020
3,379Stuart Houghton This is a must for tourism, leisure and improving our air quality. Feb 09, 2020
3,378Rachel MussonCycling is the new black. Let's make Totnes part of the map. Feb 09, 2020
3,377Emma Jones Feb 09, 2020
3,376Victoria Trow Feb 09, 2020
3,375Rich Taylor In the context of a climate emergency we need this cycle link! Feb 09, 2020
3,374Steven Cayless Feb 09, 2020
3,373Jon Morris Feb 09, 2020
3,372Mary Watson Feb 09, 2020
3,371Sara MIlls Feb 09, 2020
3,370Matthew Eustice We need this to make it easiercandsafercto get from Torquay to titnes and vice versa Feb 09, 2020
3,369Phil Nixon Feb 09, 2020
3,368Robert Hirst Feb 09, 2020
3,367Susy Parker Feb 09, 2020
3,366kirk field Feb 09, 2020
3,365Tara Acton Dec 11, 2018
3,364Katharine Rossall Apr 09, 2018
3,363Helen Rossall Apr 09, 2018
3,362Leah Thomas Apr 08, 2018
3,361Ken Hutchinson Apr 06, 2018
3,360Mark Lee Apr 05, 2018
3,359Julie Lee Apr 05, 2018
3,358Helen Kendallsafety for both car driver and cyclist.Apr 05, 2018
3,357Mark Pannell Apr 05, 2018
3,356Geraldine Prior Apr 05, 2018
3,355Alan Denbigh Apr 05, 2018
3,354Guy Jones Apr 05, 2018
3,353Rebecca Sokell Apr 05, 2018
3,352Joanne Jamieson Apr 05, 2018
3,351Emma Squires Apr 05, 2018
3,350Victoria Iunsley Apr 05, 2018
3,349Ben Harris Apr 05, 2018
3,348Claire Collis Apr 05, 2018
3,347Georgie Brendon Apr 04, 2018
3,346Dominique Jones Apr 04, 2018
3,345Ian Taplin Apr 04, 2018
3,344Chris Johns Apr 04, 2018
3,343Jim Redfern Apr 04, 2018
3,342Natascha Jeffries Mar 15, 2018
3,341Wendy OrmsbyLook at the cycle routes in the Somme area of France...a track on the inside of the hedgerows on the main Totnes to Newton Road would work well..just need the agreement of farmers to loose a little land!Mar 12, 2018
3,340Clare French Mar 12, 2018
3,339Patrick Hill Mar 12, 2018
3,338Anne Austin Mar 12, 2018
3,337Rachel Whitelaw Mar 12, 2018
3,336Tania Longman Mar 12, 2018
3,335Dan Arthur Mar 12, 2018
3,334Tricia Bird Mar 12, 2018
3,333Joy Ashford Mar 12, 2018
3,332Lori Diggle we drive between Newton abbot and totnes twice a week and would cycle instead if there was a safe route Mar 12, 2018
3,331Julie Walker Mar 12, 2018
3,330Clive Riches We need to work together. Mar 12, 2018
3,329Clive Giles Mar 11, 2018
3,328Gillian Regan more cycle routes please Mar 11, 2018
3,327Paul Hewson Mar 11, 2018
3,326Richard Scheffer Mar 11, 2018
3,325Paul Cocking Mar 11, 2018
3,324Sarah Morris Mar 11, 2018
3,323Michael Smith Mar 11, 2018
3,322Jeremy Baillie Mar 11, 2018
3,321Joy GleesonIt’s a scandal that no safe route exists. Let’s get moving! Mar 11, 2018
3,320Geoffrey Goodier Mar 11, 2018
3,319Chris Wride Mar 11, 2018
3,318James Moncrieff Mar 11, 2018
3,317Faye Hussey Mar 11, 2018
3,316Chris Alford Mar 11, 2018
3,315Michael Giles Mar 11, 2018
3,314Jonathan Hepworth Mar 11, 2018
3,313J Deny Mar 11, 2018
3,312Morgan Hale I cycle 8 miles to work every day and at several point in this journey I feel as though I'm taking my life in my hands due to the reckless drivers on the road, we are in dire need of more cycle paths and better education for drivers, I rode 2000 miles through Europe last year and both the roads, cycle paths and attitude of drivers put us to shame! Mar 11, 2018
3,311Kevin Gleeson Such a route is imperative and desparately needed for people living along the Newton Road who have no safe non-vehicle access to Totnes.Mar 11, 2018
3,310Caoimhe Mckenna Mar 10, 2018
3,309Melissa Barlow Mar 10, 2018
3,308Tom Lowday bikes are the most efficient form of transport Mar 10, 2018
3,307Jacky Walker Mar 10, 2018
3,306Colin Austin it would be great if Abbotskerswell was able to be a part of the route Mar 10, 2018
3,305Linda Proctor Much needed Mar 10, 2018
3,304Luke Watson Mar 10, 2018
3,303William Watson Mar 10, 2018
3,302Nick Jordan Mar 10, 2018
3,301Syvila Chaplin Mar 10, 2018
3,300Victoria Glasson Mar 10, 2018
3,299Meike Cregan Mar 10, 2018
3,298Karen Grimes Mar 10, 2018
3,297Gavinple Macgregor Mar 10, 2018
3,296Adam Griffin Mar 10, 2018
3,295Kevin BakerThis route would be key to safer cycling and encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the S Devon countryside Mar 10, 2018
3,294Gill King Please make sure the route is suitable for walkers too.Not all of us can ride bikes! Mar 10, 2018
3,293Nick Stevens Mar 10, 2018
3,292Mark Walker Good luck with your efforts to ask the landowner. There are a lot of good people around respect on all sides Mar 10, 2018
3,291Richard Jones Mar 10, 2018
3,290David WESTON Mar 09, 2018
3,289Tim Newton Mar 09, 2018
3,288Jane Hingston Would love this cycle path to be realised.. Mar 09, 2018
3,287Spencer Kevin Mar 09, 2018
3,286Tom Louth Mar 09, 2018
3,285Alan Baker Mar 09, 2018
3,284Suzy Osborne Mar 09, 2018
3,283Nicola Ely we really need this to happen, I can't believe how long it's dragged on for. Mar 09, 2018
3,282Jo Steer Mar 09, 2018
3,281Angela Vanstone Mar 09, 2018
3,280Joanne Weston Mar 09, 2018
3,279Taru Kokkonen Mar 09, 2018
3,278Tracy Boyacigiller Mar 09, 2018
3,277Devin Ashwood Mar 09, 2018
3,276Nicky Dykes Mar 09, 2018
3,275Alida Allen-Dahl Mar 09, 2018
3,274Alison Willcocks Mar 09, 2018
3,273Steve Swann Mar 09, 2018
3,272Michelle Lake please consider putting the cycle path from Newton Abbot to totnes and all new roads being builtMar 09, 2018
3,271Phil Edwards Mar 09, 2018
3,270Katy Yates Mar 09, 2018
3,269Dawn Kinsman Mar 09, 2018
3,268Massimo Amodeo Mar 09, 2018
3,267Jonathan Bassett Mar 09, 2018
3,266Stewart Hill Please allow this cycle path to proceed.It will be a great asset to the area. Mar 09, 2018
3,265Alison Leahy Mar 09, 2018
3,264Helen Johnson Mar 09, 2018
3,263Jonathan Warren Mar 09, 2018
3,262Torbjorn Dahl Mar 09, 2018
3,261Shaun Monk Mar 09, 2018
3,260Sam Jamez Mar 09, 2018
3,259Erica Travies This route will bring more people to those businesses. Mar 01, 2018
3,258Sandra Harper Feb 24, 2018
3,257Sacha Macey Feb 11, 2018
3,256Anthony Buck Feb 10, 2018
3,255kevin loader Feb 05, 2018
3,254Paul Mukerji Feb 05, 2018
3,253James Hull Feb 04, 2018
3,252Tom Cook Feb 04, 2018
3,251Ian Haywood Feb 03, 2018
3,250Tammy Perrens Feb 02, 2018
3,249Sam JamesI live in kingsteinton and love totnes! Would be great for a safe path to take my nephew on his bike and get a slice of cake and explore the market 🙂 Jan 31, 2018
3,248Robyn Dylan Please..... Jan 31, 2018
3,247Joe Lapenna Jan 30, 2018
3,246Richard Venning Jan 30, 2018
3,245kris Pratt Jan 30, 2018
3,244Paul Coster Jan 30, 2018
3,243Abbie BettsPlease please put a cycle path in place and also Newton Abbot to Teignmouth. It would be so well used.Jan 29, 2018
3,242Paul Rosati Jan 25, 2018
3,241Geri Skeens Nov 20, 2017
3,240Margaret Hawkins Nov 08, 2017
3,239Lee Jones Nov 07, 2017
3,238Nicholas Prior I can't believe how they can be such a lack of public spiritedness from a few narrow minded people. Don't they see it can only benefit their enterprises. Madness Nov 06, 2017
3,237Martin Bartnicki Nov 05, 2017
3,236Matt Roberts Nov 05, 2017
3,235Lloyd Blackler Good luck. I hope that it gets done! Nov 04, 2017
3,234Stephen Myhill Nov 04, 2017
3,233Lesley Squires long overdue and much needed Nov 03, 2017
3,232Beverly Hamilton Nov 03, 2017
3,231Alison Short Nov 03, 2017
3,230Tony Robinson Nov 02, 2017
3,229Derek Pettitt Nov 02, 2017
3,228David HedgeThis is needed urgently as the main road is too dangerous for cyclists and the lanes are poorly maintained for cyclists (I hit a hole in a lane a few years ago and broke an arm in the subsequent fall)Oct 16, 2017
3,227Robert Smith Having recently arrived in Totnes, I can vouch for the fact that traffic-free and relatively flat routes out of the town are very rare. This route would provide an admirable link with the existing cycle route to Dartington, for those with less confidence on a bike. Oct 15, 2017
3,226Mark Sanders-Barwick Oct 13, 2017
3,225Phill Preston Oct 13, 2017
3,224Anma Ali Oct 13, 2017
3,223Melinda Jarrett Oct 13, 2017
3,222Amber Blackmore Oct 13, 2017
3,221Dderek Pettitt Oct 13, 2017
3,220June Lamble this cycle link would be of great benifit to Totnes and Newton Abbot. It could also save s life with cyclists not on the awful road from NA to Totnes. Oct 13, 2017
3,219Pippa Todd Oct 13, 2017
3,218hamish renton Oct 13, 2017
3,217Rose Parkhouse Oct 13, 2017
3,216Richard Goss Oct 13, 2017
3,215Paul Johns Oct 13, 2017
3,214David TwiggerA safe and reasonably direct route from Totnes heading north is really ling overdue.Oct 13, 2017
3,213Cristina Soriano Oct 12, 2017
3,212Alex Marsh Oct 12, 2017
3,211Daisy Johnston Oct 12, 2017
3,210Richard Griffin Oct 12, 2017
3,209Mark Harris Oct 12, 2017
3,208Andrew Southcott Oct 12, 2017
3,207Kit Cregan Oct 12, 2017
3,206Steve Hilton Oct 12, 2017
3,205Dave Goddard Cycling is green and healthy, a no brainer Oct 12, 2017
3,204Nicholas Prior Oct 06, 2017
3,203Michael Headon Sep 26, 2017
3,202Margaret Miller Aug 04, 2017
3,201Chris Laver Jul 05, 2017
3,200Chris AltonJun 06, 2017
3,199Robert Grose It makes total sense to improve public access to safe and useful cycle routes, on road and off road, in line with national policies on getting more people more active. Apr 27, 2017
3,198david connelly Please make it safer to have a day out! There are plenty of ways to get around by car, bus, train etc but we all need to get away from it every so often! There is enough space but not enough will! Apr 23, 2017
3,197paul bagshaw Apr 18, 2017
3,196Patricia Asquith Apr 17, 2017
3,195David Bristow Apr 09, 2017
3,194Beryl Bristow Apr 09, 2017
3,193James Broad Mar 28, 2017
3,192Tamzin Turner Mar 26, 2017
3,191Nick White Mar 26, 2017
3,190Miles Williams Mar 26, 2017
3,189Casper Ash Williams Mar 26, 2017
3,188Felix Clarke Mar 26, 2017
3,187Jamie Andrews Mar 26, 2017
3,186Naomi Beumount Mar 26, 2017
3,185Louis Clarke Mar 26, 2017
3,184Paul Newton Mar 26, 2017
3,183Dave Melland Mar 26, 2017
3,182Nick Roberts Mar 26, 2017
3,181Nick Ager Mar 26, 2017
3,180Nicki Sharp Mar 26, 2017
3,179Kim Litchfield Mar 26, 2017
3,178Sarah Barm Mar 26, 2017
3,177Ernie Mitchell Mar 26, 2017
3,176Serge Deriez Mar 26, 2017
3,175Amitroyit Ranjam Mar 26, 2017
3,174Chloe Woolvett Mar 26, 2017
3,173Chris Bore Mar 26, 2017
3,172Paul Burrows Mar 26, 2017
3,171Cass Povey-Naylor Mar 26, 2017
3,170Will O'neil Mar 26, 2017
3,169Pete Collins Mar 26, 2017
3,168William West Mar 26, 2017
3,167Kirstien Webb Mar 26, 2017
3,166Andrea Neuta Mar 26, 2017
3,165Josephine Florence Mar 26, 2017
3,164James Hubert Mar 26, 2017
3,163Russ Parista Mar 26, 2017
3,162Jason Precz Mar 26, 2017
3,161Karla Russell Mar 26, 2017
3,160Alex McDonald Mar 26, 2017
3,159Leon Bjerregaard Mar 26, 2017
3,158Jeremy Butlin Mar 26, 2017
3,157Jane Grant Mar 26, 2017
3,156Shaun Hutton Mar 26, 2017
3,155Olly Gibson Mar 26, 2017
3,154Matthew Hockin Mar 26, 2017
3,153Zav Bowden Mar 24, 2017
3,152Poppy Malone Mar 24, 2017
3,151Stephen Worrall Excellent idea! More power to you!Mar 24, 2017
3,150Joe Thompson Mar 24, 2017
3,149Sarah Mogridge Mar 24, 2017
3,148Simon Bronstein Mar 24, 2017
3,147Hazel Smith Mar 24, 2017
3,146Stephanie Bullock Mar 24, 2017
3,145Rebecca Sharp Mar 24, 2017
3,144Maggie Bowden Mar 24, 2017
3,143Emily McIvor Mar 24, 2017
3,142Josephine Ash Mar 24, 2017
3,141Paula Graham I have given up cycling from Stoke Gabriel into Totnes because of heavy traffic and inpatient drivers. So sad. the road does nothing for me. Help please. Mar 24, 2017
3,140Karin JordanPlease make this route safe, it is currently very dangerous Mar 24, 2017
3,139John Birch Mar 24, 2017
3,138Margaret Gough Mar 24, 2017
3,137Steve CleaveImportant to encourage cycling by providing safe routes. Makes all road users happier. Mar 24, 2017
3,136Ben Crawford Mar 24, 2017
3,135Tim Pratt Mar 24, 2017
3,134Jaz Gayle Mar 24, 2017
3,133Helen Catley Mar 23, 2017
3,132Trevor Irons Mar 23, 2017
3,131Sannah Miles encourage more cycling more public transport..just too much traffic...miserable. Mar 23, 2017
3,130Emma Landers Mar 13, 2017
3,129Mark Green Mar 11, 2017
3,128Ben Parffrey Mar 11, 2017
3,127Alex Seal Mar 11, 2017
3,126Adam Fullalove would be great to cycle the proposed route.Mar 10, 2017
3,125Iain Liversedge Mar 10, 2017
3,124Lisa Chell Mar 09, 2017
3,123Stuart Ellis Mar 09, 2017
3,122John Scanlan Mar 09, 2017
3,121Paul VOWDEN Mar 09, 2017
3,120Nikki Massie Mar 09, 2017
3,119Mark Cleary Mar 09, 2017
3,118Neal Barclay Mar 09, 2017
3,117Michael Lant Mar 09, 2017
3,116alison perry Mar 09, 2017
3,115Edward Wilkins Mar 08, 2017
3,114Barbara Downie Mar 08, 2017
3,113Babs Dixon Mar 08, 2017
3,112Michael Connelly Mar 08, 2017
3,111Jim Carfrae Mar 08, 2017
3,110Nick Booth Mar 08, 2017
3,109Justin taylor Mar 08, 2017
3,108Sharon Willcocks Mar 08, 2017
3,107Ben Piper Ridiculous to have the network blocked by an amenity organisation Mar 08, 2017
3,106Jon Mac Mar 07, 2017
3,105paul Hailey Much needed. Cycle most days and main road crossings are a shocker for families.Feb 28, 2017
3,104Luke Goodrich Feb 27, 2017
3,103Jaine Swift Feb 26, 2017
3,102Darren Hunt Feb 25, 2017
3,101sue Ley Feb 25, 2017
3,100James Trenchard I frequently commute from Paignton to Ivybridge and would be much safer if there was a dedicated cycle route Feb 24, 2017
3,099John Spelling Feb 24, 2017
3,098Adam WorthWould be amazing to be able to cycle safely with children to Totnes from Newton Abbot Feb 24, 2017
3,097Tom Pales we are a rehab cycling company who only have the Torbay Velopark and some stretches of the Stover Trail suitable for our work. Feb 24, 2017
3,096Roger SnookAs a regular visitor to Devon I fully support more safe cycling routesFeb 24, 2017
3,095Geraldine Prior Feb 24, 2017
3,094Nigel Morris I just dont understand why enviourmental common sense takes so long! Feb 24, 2017
3,093Lisa Gubby Feb 24, 2017
3,092jenny Pullman we are supposed to be a green community but its dangerous to cycle due to traffic congestion. We need a good cycle path also to paignton. it will help reduce traffic as people and children would be more inclined to cycle.Feb 24, 2017
3,091Pat Shepherd Feb 24, 2017
3,090Laura Bridgman Feb 18, 2017
3,089Rebecca Prewer Jan 20, 2017
3,088Paul Hutchinson Jan 19, 2017
3,087Julie Frost Jan 19, 2017
3,086Lee Austin Jan 13, 2017
3,085frank salisbury one day we shall have a safe cycle and walking route between every town and village in the country Dec 23, 2016
3,084Neil Coish Dec 12, 2016
3,083Cathy Hellyer Dec 09, 2016
3,082Guy RobertsonAbsolutely makes sense, far too much cycle infrastructure isn't really designed for cyclists so is either rarely used or dangerous. This cycle route would be great.Dec 09, 2016
3,081Shaw Smith Dec 09, 2016
3,080Shani Adams Dec 04, 2016
3,079Ross Brown Dec 03, 2016
3,078Julia BriceDec 03, 2016
3,077Anthea Martin Dec 03, 2016
3,076Paul Martin Dec 03, 2016
3,075Sean lally Dec 03, 2016
3,074William Lasdun Dec 02, 2016
3,073Bruce Baker Dec 02, 2016
3,072Ian Mills Dec 02, 2016
3,071catherine sweet Dec 02, 2016
3,070Andy Dennis Dec 02, 2016
3,069Becca Ingram Dec 01, 2016
3,068Ruth Horsley Dec 01, 2016
3,067Gemma Finch I cycle the main road to work and it's scary.the cycle route would make it so much less stressful and I would cycle everyday Dec 01, 2016
3,066Sarah Throgmorton Dec 01, 2016
3,065Phil Waddell Dec 01, 2016
3,064martin perry Dec 01, 2016
3,063Mary Harris I support this scheme as a cyclist. I also beleive it would bring more people to the DSR and Rare Breeds Farm which would benefit from "passing trade" Dec 01, 2016
3,062Jill Clarke Dec 01, 2016
3,061Julie Babbage Nov 30, 2016
3,060Wilmie Betts Nov 30, 2016
3,059Toby Freeborn Nov 30, 2016
3,058Avril Collinson Nov 30, 2016
3,057Jeremy van Riemsdyke Nov 30, 2016
3,056Dave Murray Nov 30, 2016
3,055Lucy OliverRegular visitor to tithes as family there and do lots of cycling and think it's really important for this cycle link Nov 30, 2016
3,054Shaun Obrien More routes the better and safer to stay fitNov 24, 2016
3,053Richard Ubsdell It would be lush. We could cycle to visit grandpa, and he could cycle to us........if he had a bike that is and was 50 years younger. Nov 24, 2016
3,052Jason Hubbard Nov 24, 2016
3,051James Watts Nov 24, 2016
3,050Chris Heales Nov 24, 2016
3,049Mark Dobson-Hill Nov 24, 2016
3,048Glynn Hughes Nov 24, 2016
3,047Martyn PeelAs my wife,s comments Nov 23, 2016
3,046Caroline Peelwe are hoping to relocate to Totnes and are keen cyclists. PLEASE think carefully, cycling is good for health,the environment and road users on this particular road system. it makes sense to take CYCLISTS off dangerous roads!!!!!!!!! Nov 23, 2016
3,045Marco Terrinoni Nov 22, 2016
3,044Lucy Morris Good luck! Nov 21, 2016
3,043Jon MorrisGood luck with the campaign! Nov 21, 2016
3,042Caroline Wakelin Nov 19, 2016
3,041Nick Davies Nov 18, 2016
3,040Robert Butcher Nov 18, 2016
3,039Ksenia Joyner Nov 18, 2016
3,038Helen Seaman Nov 18, 2016
3,037Joe Turner Nov 18, 2016
3,036Johnathan Freney Nov 18, 2016
3,035Keiko YamamotoI go to Totnes quite often to see families and My partner and I have been considering relocating ourselves to Littlehempston area. As a non driver and keen cyclist I cannot imagine a life totally depending on driving to go anywhere. For the environmental impact reason all the road should have a cycle path that connects to nearing towns and beyond. I cannot believe a town like Totnes has this prob!Nov 12, 2016
3,034Hamish Dunbar Nov 12, 2016
3,033Jim Marshall Nov 02, 2016
3,032Bruce Dorey This needs to happen !! Oct 20, 2016
3,031Karol Slotwinski Oct 20, 2016
3,030Neil Sleeper Oct 17, 2016
3,029Ali Thomas Oct 07, 2016
3,028Adrian Harle Sep 12, 2016
3,027Ro Thomas Exmouth to Totnes - safe cycle route Aug 23, 2016
3,026Michael Chivall Jul 28, 2016
3,025joanne scammells Jul 28, 2016
3,024Suzanne Darley We are considering oving to Littlehempston and the cycle path wold be something we would use on a regular basis. Jun 22, 2016
3,023roger heming Jun 21, 2016
3,022Kevin Murphy Jun 17, 2016
3,021Tom GuhaWhat a shame that this bridge is still inaccessible, despite such strong public support. It is obvious that a route for people wishing to cycle and walk would be an asset to the community as a whole - reducing reliance on cars and creating an enjoyable and liveable public space. Jun 10, 2016
3,020Mich Sanderson Jun 09, 2016
3,019Sarah Mogridge May 25, 2016
3,018Nikola ReynoldsThis could potentially cut down a lot of traffic, therefore reduction in pollution. Im 100% sure that Totnes is all for this May 24, 2016
3,017Divina Dodge May 24, 2016
3,016Toby Neumann-Smith May 18, 2016
3,015Robin Beaumont May 16, 2016
3,014Otto OldridgeI want to be able to cycle from Littlehempston to Totnes! I would be much better for the environment than driving and also would be very fun! May 03, 2016
3,013Paul Fleet Apr 29, 2016
3,012Ryan Gazey Apr 27, 2016
3,011Matt HulbertThe petition aims could not put it better. We need to open up this much needed route to the North, with appropriate measures to ensure that the Rare Breeds and SDR are not adversely affected. Other routes are either far too steep for most cyclists / families, or are too indirect. Apr 20, 2016
3,010Phillip BellamyRoute is required and vital that Totnes is not bypassed. Apr 16, 2016
3,009Karen Renault Apr 16, 2016
3,008Ali Todd Apr 15, 2016
3,007Jo Coish Apr 15, 2016
3,006Gordon Nicholson Apr 14, 2016
3,005Hugh Bromage Apr 12, 2016
3,004David Hainsworth Apr 12, 2016
3,003robin lacey Apr 12, 2016
3,002Alison Coles Apr 12, 2016
3,000Sam Kite Apr 11, 2016
2,999Olivia Wilson-Egan Apr 11, 2016
2,998Jon Guest Apr 11, 2016
2,997Oonagh Maguire Apr 11, 2016
2,996Joanna Czarnecka Apr 11, 2016
2,995Halina Czarnecka Apr 11, 2016
2,994Ashley Dawe get that cycle track open, bikes and trains together yeyhApr 11, 2016
2,993Faye Quest Apr 11, 2016
2,992Steve Chapman Apr 11, 2016
2,991Carolyn Hartwell Apr 11, 2016
2,990Lorraine Stark Apr 11, 2016
2,989Maureen Maguire Complete the cycle path through Totnes. Apr 11, 2016
2,988Lee Friese-Greene we need to encourage non-vehicular visitors to Totnes Apr 11, 2016
2,987Julia Lally Apr 11, 2016
2,986Guy Robertson Apr 11, 2016
2,985ross pratt Apr 11, 2016
2,984Ruth Lee Apr 10, 2016
2,983Paul Kerslake Apr 09, 2016
2,982Natalie ChestneyI commute from newton abbot to totnes regularly in the summer and would love a proper cycle path! Apr 09, 2016
2,981Kate GroveI support this campaign and would use the proposed cycle path regularly. Apr 09, 2016
2,980Sue PurnellIf t encourages people to cycle, and it will, the link must be madeApr 09, 2016
2,979claire Baldock Apr 09, 2016
2,978Naomi Starling Apr 09, 2016
2,977Naomi Starling Apr 09, 2016
2,976Lisa Baumback Apr 08, 2016
2,975Jenny Hargrave-Wright Apr 05, 2016
2,974Mike Owens Mar 11, 2016
2,973Joe Kelly Mar 11, 2016
2,972Paul Heather Mar 11, 2016
2,971Claire Smith Mar 11, 2016
2,970Lynne Andrews A safe accessible and more direct route will encourage more cycling which in turn will provide health and environmental benefits.Mar 10, 2016
2,969Mike Fallon Mar 10, 2016
2,968Linda Bond Mar 10, 2016
2,967Jim Lee would love to see this 🙂Mar 10, 2016
2,966brian payne Mar 10, 2016
2,965Donna Summerside Mar 10, 2016
2,964Hannah Hirstwood Mar 10, 2016
2,963Gill Till Mar 10, 2016
2,962James WillsI cycle to work 1-2 times a week. the cycle network is good, but could use a lot of improvements to safety.Mar 10, 2016
2,961heather eve Mar 10, 2016
2,960Katrina Pontin Mar 10, 2016
2,959Nigel Hubbuck Mar 10, 2016
2,958R Hart Mar 10, 2016
2,957Susan Middleton Teignbridge listen to what people want ...not what you want to "give"!Mar 10, 2016
2,956Stuart HodgkissTq12 5qb Mar 10, 2016
2,955Andy RawlinsonPlease do it. Mar 09, 2016
2,954Michael Harris Mar 09, 2016
2,953Nick Murphy Mar 09, 2016
2,952Graham McBain Mar 09, 2016
2,951Paddy Harris Mar 09, 2016
2,950Sandra Struthers Mar 09, 2016
2,949Norodin Sultan Mar 09, 2016
2,948Martyn ClarkeThis would be fantastic for not only regular cyclists, but families as well. A safe way to get kids out in the fresh air. Mar 09, 2016
2,947steve weirwe need this Mar 09, 2016
2,946Marisa Latimer Mar 09, 2016
2,945Lesley Squires we need this for safety please please Mar 09, 2016
2,944Robyn Broom Mar 09, 2016
2,943Louise Lewis Let us be able to enjoy more safer cycling routes and help.cut down on emissions. Mar 08, 2016
2,942Esther Heath Mar 08, 2016
2,941Neil Crozier Mar 08, 2016
2,940Jo Huxtable Mar 08, 2016
2,939 Gary Kempsell Mar 04, 2016
2,938marianne parker Mar 01, 2016
2,937john cooper Feb 28, 2016
2,936Nicholas Tobin Feb 28, 2016
2,935Russell WayCycling is good for you us and them Feb 28, 2016
2,934Carl Mealey Feb 28, 2016
2,933Dale Andrews Feb 28, 2016
2,932Brett Nicolle Feb 28, 2016
2,931Jeremy Fatz Feb 28, 2016
2,930Roy Critchell Feb 28, 2016
2,929Zainab Mubashar Feb 27, 2016
2,928Joanne Jamieson Feb 27, 2016
2,927Andrew Jones Feb 27, 2016
2,926Iain Melville This seems like a very good and sensible move to allow cyclists to use the footbridge. By far the most reasonable, logical and safe solution to the problem. I would like to give it my full support. Feb 26, 2016
2,925Beau Dorman Feb 25, 2016
2,924Herbie Dorman Feb 25, 2016
2,923Nadine Kirby Feb 16, 2016
2,922Tim Hiles Feb 14, 2016
2,921Molly Oldridge Feb 12, 2016
2,920George OldridgeFeb 12, 2016
2,919Tom Stafford-SmithDooo it!Jan 23, 2016
2,918Lynda Carroll Anything that is beneficial for all and everything that lives on planet earth....seems to be the last thing considered. Cycle lanes are a MUST... But will it make money? Money is the only thing that seems to pull the most weight!!! Jan 10, 2016
2,917John BirchDec 30, 2015
2,916Eleanor CohenDec 30, 2015
2,915Karen LyndaleDec 29, 2015
2,914Georgina AllenA cycle route to Newton Abbot is a much needed thing. I for one, would cycle to work every day if I had a safe route to do it, instead of just adding my car to the hundreds of others clogging up the roads, please connect Totnes.Dec 29, 2015
2,913Gill LawtonDec 22, 2015
2,912Sara QuigginDec 11, 2015
2,911Vikki FordDec 10, 2015
2,910Matt StockhamDec 10, 2015
2,909dave crispinDec 10, 2015
2,908Claire DeimelDec 10, 2015
2,907Linda McDermott-PiperDec 10, 2015
2,906michael foundlyDec 07, 2015
2,905Ken FarleyDec 07, 2015
2,904Ian ThomasNov 24, 2015
2,903Stephen BatesNov 23, 2015
2,902Karen WakehamNov 23, 2015
2,901Ross MorleyNov 23, 2015
2,900Penny ClarkNov 23, 2015
2,899scott rossiterNov 23, 2015
2,898Kath DrescherNov 23, 2015
2,897Melanie BellchambersSomething affordable and accessible for everyone please - its much needed Nov 23, 2015
2,896Alison FordNov 23, 2015
2,895Sharon AveryNov 23, 2015
2,894Claire WalkerNov 22, 2015
2,893Tayyib MubasharNov 22, 2015
2,892Kari FurreNov 21, 2015
2,891Cullen WardWith the dramatic increase in population in the area the already crowded and dangerous roads are almost certainly going to be a no go option for cyclists. Realistically Totnes needs a cycle path link to Newton Abbot, Torbay, Dartmouth and Kingsbrige. Nov 21, 2015
2,890Jidy TrayteNov 21, 2015
2,889Steve BainNov 21, 2015
2,888Elaine Wotton It's a dangerously busy road. Cycle path will encourage commuters to cycle rather than drive. Plus safe cycling for families.Nov 21, 2015
2,887Paul mcbeathNov 20, 2015
2,886greg czapiewski Nov 20, 2015
2,885Maciej TargowskiNov 19, 2015
2,884Tony HaismanNov 19, 2015
2,883Kevin LoaderNov 19, 2015
2,882Sarah CookeNov 19, 2015
2,881Bernhard TingleyNov 19, 2015
2,880Vicky SeamanNov 19, 2015
2,879Stephen BoxallNov 18, 2015
2,878Darren MansfieldNov 18, 2015
2,877Darren JeffriesNov 18, 2015
2,876Robin PittmanNov 18, 2015
2,875Chelsea PaverNov 17, 2015
2,874karen pavetNov 17, 2015
2,873Bill NevinNov 17, 2015
2,872Helen MorseNov 17, 2015
2,871Melanie HooperNov 17, 2015
2,870Ian MyersNov 09, 2015
2,869Julyan BayesNov 09, 2015
2,868Andy KingTime to act is now.Nov 09, 2015
2,867Sean TaylorCycling the Totnes road is quite treacherous, especially if you are in a group - an alternative cycle route would be very welcomeNov 09, 2015
2,866Dave OpenshawNov 06, 2015
2,865Christopher EvansNov 05, 2015
2,864Ama MenecSouth Devon is desperately short of safe cycle ways and footpaths, including between Totnes and Coombe Park, TQ9 7DY, used by many dozens of people a day. I would like to be enabled to make my journeys more ecological instead of daily having to weigh up safety versus being green.Nov 05, 2015
2,863Lee WiltshireNov 02, 2015
2,862Vivien McQueenNov 01, 2015
2,861Andy HarrisPlease do this ASAPOct 28, 2015
2,860Marion RichardsonOct 20, 2015
2,859Stuart EllisReal shame as who wants to cycle on dangerous A roads to Totnes- this cycle route is very much needed to open up beautiful Totnes and its cafes to cycle community.Oct 14, 2015
2,858maxine houghOct 13, 2015
2,857Adele DraperOct 12, 2015
2,856luc evansOct 12, 2015
2,855Lisa ChrispCycle links in the area are poor to outside townsOct 10, 2015
2,854Barbara KneeOct 09, 2015
2,853John PullanOct 09, 2015
2,852Becky NewellOct 09, 2015
2,851Andrew Broadhead Oct 08, 2015
2,850Shelagh ParkerIt would be great to have a safe cycle route as would love to ride to TotnesOct 08, 2015
2,849Lucie WhiteOct 08, 2015
2,848Senny SeningtonA ist have for cyclistsOct 08, 2015
2,847paul jelleyAs a family we like cycling we enjoy going days out new and old cycle routes. this cycle route would do a world of good for local businesses in the area Oct 07, 2015
2,846David BehrensA thoroughly reasonable plan and a co-operative attitude - surely a No-Brainer!Oct 06, 2015
2,845Mike FrenchAs someone who commutes regularly to Dartington, and used to commute by bike, this would be huge improvement and get me off the train/out of the car again!Oct 05, 2015
2,844james hallOct 05, 2015
2,843Susan KayOct 04, 2015
2,842Andrew Kings-WeltonOct 03, 2015
2,841Chris CunninghamOct 03, 2015
2,840Garry HookerOct 03, 2015
2,839sarah HayesOct 03, 2015
2,838chris pearsonOct 03, 2015
2,837Victoria Kimberley Oct 03, 2015
2,836Colleen HarringtonOct 03, 2015
2,835Mike PotterOct 03, 2015
2,834Celia Atherton Oct 03, 2015
2,833harry fowlerlet common sense prevail !!Oct 02, 2015
2,832Mark FishwickOct 02, 2015
2,831james Fiskei support this Oct 02, 2015
2,830Ethan CoughlinOct 02, 2015
2,829Beryl BristowOct 02, 2015
2,828steve simsOct 02, 2015
2,827Joyce BensonOct 02, 2015
2,826Kevin GunnOct 01, 2015
2,825David BinnsOct 01, 2015
2,824Val WoodwardMore cycling infrastructure makes senseOct 01, 2015
2,823Mike DayOct 01, 2015
2,822Val WoodwardSep 30, 2015
2,821Janice LewisI am a keen cyclist and would appreciate any new cycle paths.Sep 30, 2015
2,820Sharon RobertsSep 30, 2015
2,819Miranda whiteSep 30, 2015
2,818James Allen Sep 30, 2015
2,817alan mirrenSep 30, 2015
2,816Bethan HarrisSep 30, 2015
2,815Adele CollinsSep 30, 2015
2,814Lucy FindlaySep 29, 2015
2,813Kate KenzieSep 29, 2015
2,812Anna ClarkeSep 29, 2015
2,811Diana MooreWe need as many off roads routes as possible across Devon.Sep 29, 2015
2,810rebecca ouldSep 25, 2015
2,809martyn buttgreat idea. would an increase in walkers and cyclists benefit the SDR and rare breeds farm?Sep 19, 2015
2,808Jenny GracieSep 18, 2015
2,807Claire HyneSep 18, 2015
2,806Torbjorn DahlSep 18, 2015
2,805Gerald HallamSep 18, 2015
2,804Marcus AshfordSep 18, 2015
2,803Amy PlowmanI cycle a lot in this area for leisure, the longer, steeper routes would fail to encourage many more people out of their cars and onto bikes so would largely be a waste of money. This is the obvious choiceSep 18, 2015
2,802Louise KirbySep 18, 2015
2,801Adam FursdonSep 18, 2015
2,800Joe LaydenSafe easy cycle routes promote cycling/ exercise. Every penny spent on this route will save thousands on healthcare. 1 cardiac surgery and life long post care, not only reduces quality of life for the patient and family, it also costs several hundred thousand pounds. Why not spend money wisely? Sep 18, 2015
2,799Lisa Lessware Sep 17, 2015
2,798David MendezSep 17, 2015
2,797Fiona PorchSep 17, 2015
2,796Alex HeywardAny cycle paths between towns are welcome in my view. The main roads are just too busy to ride safely even if you are an experienced rider. Sep 17, 2015
2,795lucie thringthis would be brilliant. thanksSep 17, 2015
2,794jan mallenSep 17, 2015
2,793Helen wavishThis would be great. Sep 16, 2015
2,792Stephen SharpSep 16, 2015
2,791Alexandra SharpSep 16, 2015
2,790Ian Alderson Sep 16, 2015
2,789Naomi MorganWould love to cycle from Newton abbot but there currently isn't a cycle route which is safe or set out clearly! Would definitely use it instead of driving/taking the bus/train if it existed!Sep 16, 2015
2,788Dave JamesSep 16, 2015
2,787john macSep 16, 2015
2,786Graham WebbSep 16, 2015
2,785Sarah ToomeySep 16, 2015
2,784David AlsopAs a regular commuter to work, I can see so many benefits for good cycling routes. I choose to cycle through the Devon lanes and have given up my car for work. I know many other people that would love to cycle to work but will not do so as the roads are too dangerous. I have encouraged my children from a young age to cycle and they love it. This route would enable my children to cycle the area frSep 16, 2015
2,783Natasha JohnsThis would be so beneficial for the area, linking the South Hams to Teignbridge and also providing a valuable missing link in the National Cycle Network. The distance between Newton abbot and Totnes is relatively short but hazardous roads mean that more people chose to avoid cycling in this area. This is a great shame. A new route would be used by so many of the people in surrounding villages inSep 16, 2015
2,782Nik LangdonSep 16, 2015
2,781Peter ShearnA proper cycle path is very important - all efforts must be made to ensure it comes directly into TotnesSep 16, 2015
2,780KERRY GILLONSep 16, 2015
2,779Chris FleetSep 16, 2015
2,778Senny SeningtonSep 16, 2015
2,777claire StoyleSep 16, 2015
2,776Thomas YeomanAug 30, 2015
2,775amalie jarmanPlease open the Littlehempston cycle way, via Grattons Lane.Aug 28, 2015
2,774john hoyleAug 28, 2015
2,773Karen BarnettAug 27, 2015
2,772Maggie BowdenAug 26, 2015
2,771Matthew ScottAug 26, 2015
2,770David StathamAug 26, 2015
2,769Mark Andersthis is madness we net this yesterday...... Safe route away from our dangerous roads act now we vote you in! Aug 24, 2015
2,768Robin BishopI live in ipplepen and would use it a vast amount. Aug 24, 2015
2,767David PerrettI' signing this per titian as it just makes no sense to bye pass the Historical town of Totnes Aug 24, 2015
2,766Mark AdamsAug 23, 2015
2,765jan mallenAug 23, 2015
2,764Lynn WareAug 23, 2015
2,763Russell MahoneyAug 23, 2015
2,762Paula FairbanksAug 23, 2015
2,761Patrick Hadow XAug 22, 2015
2,760rachael bewsherAug 21, 2015
2,759Nigel CotterillAug 21, 2015
2,758David HodsdonHopefully they open this route as i have been using the new cycle path from teigngrace to Bovey Tracey and also the Cycle path around the Newton Abbot horse racing track. So much safer! I never used to go out on my bike very far for fear of getting hit by a vehicle. I use these tracks nearly every day.Aug 20, 2015
2,757Kate WilsonAug 20, 2015
2,756Anna AshI would LOVE to be able to cycle to Totnes safely and quickly. The main road between Littlehempston and Totnes is not really safe enough as far as I'm concerned. Aug 18, 2015
2,755Nigel PerrinAug 15, 2015
2,754Paul HarrisAug 14, 2015
2,753Kate OsmentAug 13, 2015
2,752moira prosserAug 12, 2015
2,751George Whiteheadcycle paths need to be built to where people live and work, otherwise car use will never be reduced.Aug 07, 2015
2,750Phil GwynneJul 26, 2015
2,749Deborah EvansWe should be encouraging people to leave their cars! Cycling in South Devon is dangerous, especially along the smaller A roads Jul 26, 2015
2,748Graham ElliottJul 23, 2015
2,747nicola mulliganJul 23, 2015
2,746Jonathan GalePlease complete the cycle network so it goes through Totnes, my whole family wants this. We have to put the bikes on the car and drive to places to cycle - how silly is that!Jul 23, 2015
2,745John FletcherI agree with the route but also there should be a cycle lane from Paiton to Totnes as this road is very dangerous, and would get more people commuting to work and for leisure increasing tourismJul 23, 2015
2,744Malcolm PembertonI used to live in western Finland, where the benefits of good cycle routes, to both motor traffic reduction and improved health, are recognised and constantly improved. Cycling in Devon is quite a challenge in comparison, but I pedal on and look forward to any improvements such as this one.Jul 23, 2015
2,743Nicola SinclairJul 22, 2015
2,742Eileen severnJul 22, 2015
2,741Kirsty HouseJul 22, 2015
2,740Agatha WijdeveldPlease please go ahead with connecting this part of the cycleway. As a resident who has immigrated here from The Netherlands and previously New Zealand I can't begin to explain how important this is for the region and for England. Besides being a boon to the growing local cycling community it would also be an incredible boon to tourism in the region. Other countries experience of cycleways have Jul 22, 2015
2,739Kevin BoveyJul 22, 2015
2,738tony geethis is a life saver, a time saver and a necessity - a no brainer. Come onJul 22, 2015
2,737Becca GulliverJul 22, 2015
2,736Biddy ChambersJul 22, 2015
2,735jenny priestJul 22, 2015
2,734Paul ManvilleCouldn't agree more.Jul 22, 2015
2,733Keith DoidgeJul 22, 2015
2,732Nigel Cheffers-HeardCome on Stuart Hughes, you know it's the right thing to do!Jul 22, 2015
2,731James RowdenJul 22, 2015
2,730Nick GornallI have cycled in this area for 40 years and support any action to allow pedestrians and cyclists to travel safely. Traffic on the roads has steadily increased in number and speed.Jul 22, 2015
2,729Ole DodwellJul 22, 2015
2,728Adrian MidgleyI'm a GP. Cycling is good for reducing the future care and medical load.Jul 21, 2015
2,727Emma GarnerJul 21, 2015
2,726Clare Tamplin Jul 21, 2015
2,725Anna WrightI live in totnes which is a beautiful town and so it would be absolutely disgraceful & discriminate to bypass such a wonderful place that certainly deserves to be part of the link up. Totnes also hugely promotes healthier lifestyles and reducing pollution levels!!Jul 21, 2015
2,724Sarah HallJul 21, 2015
2,723Christina ElsworthJul 21, 2015
2,722Geraldine MorganMy son is an avid cyclist and I would like to think he was safe when out cycling out on a proper cycle routeJul 21, 2015
2,721Lucy PoynterJul 21, 2015
2,720Max StitesJul 21, 2015
2,719Samantha CudeJul 20, 2015
2,718Kevin BullockJul 20, 2015
2,717Shirley YallandMore and more people are cycling and anything to make it safe has got to be a good thing.Jul 20, 2015
2,716Lesley McGhiePlease please please, can we have a route to our next town that is safe and accessible. My teenage son starts school there and he would have liked to have cycled in, it takes almost just as long as it does in rush hour traffic, but I wont let him as it is not the safest of routes as well as being quite challenging.Jul 20, 2015
2,715Vicky HinchliffeJul 19, 2015
2,714jennie godwinJul 11, 2015
2,713Rod SchneiderPlease support this proposalJul 09, 2015
2,712Daniel AggettJul 09, 2015
2,711Rob DodgeJun 25, 2015
2,710Carol PriceAt the moment it is not possible to cycle from Ipplepen to Totnes safely and would urge DCC to use its best endeavours to reach an agreement with the SDR which will benefit all concerned. Thank youJun 25, 2015
2,709Martin GiddingsRoad surface suitable for all all tyre types please, not just mountain bikes. Jun 24, 2015
2,708jo barlowJun 23, 2015
2,707Sarah FarquharsonJun 23, 2015
2,706Colette StaceyJun 23, 2015
2,705Sam BalsdonThe objections are overplayed and exaggerated. Totnes is becoming a hated place to travel through, this will encourage less car use. Cycling is the way forward and there should be separation from anything with an engine to cyclists and pedestrians. Jun 23, 2015
2,704Andrew TremlettJun 23, 2015
2,703Robin CoxJun 20, 2015
2,702David PhelanJun 18, 2015
2,701Emma Norrish Jun 18, 2015
2,700Naomi LancasterJun 18, 2015
2,699Kerry CarpenterJun 18, 2015
2,698Talwyn OliverJun 18, 2015
2,697wayne MizenJun 18, 2015
2,696Marilyn WordsworthJun 18, 2015
2,695Martin HammondJun 18, 2015
2,694Katherine Bogdanovic Jun 18, 2015
2,693Mike EatonWhilst I applaud this motion for all cyclists and walkers please could we remember that to the walker / pedestrian a bicycle can still be a dangerous vehicle and thus ensure that adequate and safe separation be used at all times and above all else that good manners prevail at all times! Jun 18, 2015
2,692Alex BowersJun 18, 2015
2,691Tim melia Jun 18, 2015
2,690Alex HendersonI work near Berry Pomeroy and cycle some of this route every day but it is very dangerous with cars in a rush trying to overtake when they shouldn't. A colleague of mine also cycles to work and has the same experience. A safe cycle path is definitely needed before an accident happens Jun 18, 2015
2,689Kathleen ButlerJun 18, 2015
2,688Dan HollowayThis would make such a positive difference!Jun 17, 2015
2,687Amanda HembroughJun 17, 2015
2,686ali matthysJun 17, 2015
2,685lisa penfoldJun 17, 2015
2,684Ruth MostertJun 17, 2015
2,683nick evansJun 17, 2015
2,682Katrina ZapleThis is a must, it's a dangerous route along the main road.Jun 17, 2015
2,681Jean GRIERSON_JACKSONJun 17, 2015
2,680Paul SlemmingsJun 17, 2015
2,679sarah hannafordJun 17, 2015
2,678Graham AndersonJun 17, 2015
2,677Claire DonovanThis route would make a useful and very enjoyable link between Totnes and Littlehempston. And we (from Littlehempston) would respect the security of all our neighbours on the route. Let's do it. Jun 17, 2015
2,676Sarah ThomasJun 17, 2015
2,675Jane NelsonI currently drive to Newton Abbot and then cycle from there into Torbay as there are no routes from Totnes that I consider safe. If this came about I would use it.Jun 17, 2015
2,674Liz HookerThis would be great, cycle a lot but avoid main roads. Jun 17, 2015
2,673Anne GreenJun 17, 2015
2,672Kevin SharplesJun 17, 2015
2,671Richard KnightsJun 17, 2015
2,670Heather MaddockJun 17, 2015
2,669Adam LibbyJun 17, 2015
2,668Sue VoiseyJun 17, 2015
2,667nick shawJun 17, 2015
2,666Sean Crome I regularly cycle between Totnes and Newton Abbot. The road is always busy with heavy commercial traffic and from time to time I have received abuse from angry drivers whilst i attempt to cycle to work safely! I believe that the proposed route will aid people who wish to explore the area safely and i am sure that this will bring about more revenue to both towns from cycle tourists, visitors and loJun 17, 2015
2,665Andrew CromeCars just don't give cyclists enough room - so we need more cycle lanesJun 17, 2015
2,664Marcus ParnellJun 17, 2015
2,663Seobhan ShillabeerJun 17, 2015
2,662sarah BatemanJun 17, 2015
2,661Paul reynoldsJun 17, 2015
2,660Jan PennyJun 17, 2015
2,659sharon bowman Jun 17, 2015
2,658Bryn PoseyJun 16, 2015
2,657Matt BookerJun 16, 2015
2,656Laura Whiting Jun 16, 2015
2,655Kath AlsopI grew up in Ipplepen so have first hand experience of how problematic the main road to Totnes can be for cyclistsJun 16, 2015
2,654Til SkiJun 16, 2015
2,653Will AdamsJun 16, 2015
2,652sally sokolowskiJun 16, 2015
2,651Steve BakerJun 16, 2015
2,650Claire BoytJun 16, 2015
2,649Rachel LawlessJun 16, 2015
2,648Nicola CookJun 16, 2015
2,647Benjamin MackJun 16, 2015
2,646Matthew GunstoneJun 16, 2015
2,645Mike EverettAs a keen cyclist I fully support this petition. Jun 16, 2015
2,644Christine MarrWe need safe cycling. I just started a couple of months ago and I don't feel safe on the roads as they way busy. Jun 16, 2015
2,643richard keatleyJun 16, 2015
2,642Natalie NewtonJun 16, 2015
2,641Eilir SherynThis is a great idea. Jun 14, 2015
2,640David AstwoodJun 14, 2015
2,639wilmie bettsJun 13, 2015
2,638Charlotte ThorneJun 13, 2015
2,637Dan ButlerI fully support a safe and direct cycle route between Newton Abbot and Totnes that is not along a main road. Make cycling sustainable.Jun 12, 2015
2,636Dan ButlerI fully support a safe and direct cycle route between Newton Abbot and Totnes that is not along a main road. Make cycling sustainable.Jun 12, 2015
2,635mark Mccoybecause there are precious few decent cycle paths for families Jun 12, 2015
2,634Paul ThompsonNeeds doingJun 12, 2015
2,633jo longhurstJun 12, 2015
2,632James LettenJun 12, 2015
2,631Emily HadleyJun 12, 2015
2,630Paula DoyleJun 12, 2015
2,629Liz LithgowJun 12, 2015
2,628Nicola RaynerJun 12, 2015
2,627Belinda Osborne This would be brilliant & cycling is such a great sport for all the familyJun 11, 2015
2,626Emily Levey Jun 11, 2015
2,625Amanda SillsJun 11, 2015
2,624Matt BettesworthJun 11, 2015
2,623sue buggeJun 11, 2015
2,622sue buggeJun 11, 2015
2,621Anthony OttJun 11, 2015
2,620chukumeka MaxwellJun 11, 2015
2,619Philippa WoodJun 11, 2015
2,618brian Taylorthe sooner the better we open up this much needed linkJun 11, 2015
2,617Robert BerryJun 10, 2015
2,616Helen AlldayJun 10, 2015
2,615Jane HingstonYes please!Jun 10, 2015
2,614Lesley CodeJun 10, 2015
2,613John DixonJun 10, 2015
2,612S CantrillJun 10, 2015
2,611Chris NealJun 10, 2015
2,610Neil DennissSounds a great idea the more cycle routes we have the better also this will encourage more families to get out on bikes . We can learn a lot from the Netherlands there cycle network is excellent . Jun 10, 2015
2,609Sue Purnellwe need somewhere safe to rideJun 10, 2015
2,608Kate AspinallAs someone new to cycling, traffic free easy routes are a fab way to explore the county with my family & friends, not to mention visitors to the area can enjoy another option when exploring and may discover and support local businesses as they travel along the path, if it's not user friendly and well located it risks being a waste of money and not help anyone, good luck and hope to be able to enjJun 10, 2015
2,607Lisa FordhamAt the moment the road from Newton Abbot to Totnes is extremely dangerous and I wouldn't consider cycling it! Jun 10, 2015
2,606Vicky WoodgateAnd it will encourage cycle use instead of cars - hence reducing pollution, over crowded roads and save NHS by increasing personal health! Jun 10, 2015
2,605l rendleJun 10, 2015
2,604Cilla WilsonJun 09, 2015
2,603Andrew HerbertWe also need a Totnes to Paignton cycle route. Jun 09, 2015
2,602Alex LesswareI live in Totnes and work in Newton. I would cycle to work if a safe and direct route was available - this has to be over the Dart pedestrian bridge and via Littlehempston. Massive commuting and leisure opportunity. DCC needs to push SHDC on this, and use CPO if necessary.Jun 09, 2015
2,601Michael Beattie Jun 09, 2015
2,600Andrea NorthcottWe would all like to leave our cars at home and use safe cycle routes, this and one between Totnts and Buckfastleigh are needed urgently.Jun 09, 2015
2,599Tom JenkinJun 09, 2015
2,598Millie hillJun 06, 2015
2,597carla hokke simmonsMay 28, 2015
2,596Mark NowakMay 26, 2015
2,595Tomas BroganMay 16, 2015
2,594Diane HowardMay 14, 2015
2,593Celia GendersMay 14, 2015
2,592Susan StokesMay 14, 2015
2,591Hazel DormanMy grandchildren are cyclists and live near Totnes so would use this cycle route.May 14, 2015
2,590Jude Boswood May 13, 2015
2,589g.d.a. boermaPlanning to visit Devon this year. Taking our bikes. Would be lovely to cycle safe from NA to TMay 10, 2015
2,588Natassia Doets May 10, 2015
2,587Tibor KanaMay 09, 2015
2,586Aire Marino JonesMay 08, 2015
2,585Sarah WylieMay 08, 2015
2,584Anabela LancaMay 08, 2015
2,583Martin WrightMay 08, 2015
2,582Kevin WaltonMay 08, 2015
2,581Claire ridley May 08, 2015
2,580phillip LawsMay 08, 2015
2,579jsackie hancockMay 07, 2015
2,578Lyndsey BlairMay 07, 2015
2,577Ben NuteThis plan is a no brainer! Cycle path = less cars on our roads and healthier people in Devon... Please...May 07, 2015
2,576lee HarrisMay 07, 2015
2,575Clare GodfreyMay 07, 2015
2,574Hannah WhittinghamMay 07, 2015
2,573Eve OsborneMay 07, 2015
2,572nick robinsonMay 07, 2015
2,571Tracy Coyle-MooreMay 07, 2015
2,570Steve CassidyMay 07, 2015
2,569jane smithMay 07, 2015
2,568Mel Morley May 07, 2015
2,567Neil LawlessMay 07, 2015
2,566Jenny WilliamsMay 07, 2015
2,565Jennie HamerMay 07, 2015
2,564carol cairnsMay 07, 2015
2,563chris HopkinsMay 07, 2015
2,562Robbie BrownDuring a period of unemployment I had to explain to the Jobcentre that I was not applying for a chef job at The Pig and Whistle in Littlehempston because the road was too dangerous for me to cycle, particularly late at night. My reason was not accepted and my JSA was sanctioned for a month as a result. Both I and the Pig and Whistle lost out 😉Apr 28, 2015
2,561Padouk FieldingApr 24, 2015
2,560Tom ButtApr 24, 2015
2,559Pf JoyceApr 17, 2015
2,558Kevin FancettI wish to cycle to work from Bovey Tracey via Newton Abbot but the Newton to Totnes part is too dangerousApr 16, 2015
2,557Finbarr O'ReillyI wish to cycle to work from Bovey Tracey via Newton Abbot but the Newton to Totnes part is too dangerousApr 16, 2015
2,556Jane HoleWe are trying to get a cycle path between Crediton and Exeter.Apr 13, 2015
2,555David & Diana MartinWould be ideal to link with theTotnes route. I can't be leave they would bypass Totnes Short sighted by Devon county council.Apr 12, 2015
2,554Jerry SwantonApr 11, 2015
2,553Simon HarringtonThis path would be a vital link between Totnes, Littlehempston and beyond. The A381 is way too dangerous for cycling and the general lack of provision for cyclists is appalling.Apr 09, 2015
2,552Tina CudmoreApr 09, 2015
2,551Jacqueline Lloyd Apr 03, 2015
2,550Stuart DuncanA new route would make getting between Newton Abbot and Totnes without a car much safer for all.Apr 02, 2015
2,549Pauline LumsdenMar 20, 2015
2,548Pippa KnightThe main roads really are just too dangerous to cycle on this would be amazing if we could link more of towns by bike and really get to appreciate the beauty of where we live.Mar 18, 2015
2,547sky WilliamsMar 12, 2015
2,546Katie Knott Mar 09, 2015
2,545john turrellMar 08, 2015
2,544Abi CozensMar 08, 2015
2,543Natasha DownMar 08, 2015
2,542David Sercombefully support itMar 08, 2015
2,541katie MitchellMar 07, 2015
2,540Martina DownMar 07, 2015
2,539janet FrostMar 07, 2015
2,538Caroline WaiteMar 07, 2015
2,537megan KentMar 07, 2015
2,536john hornerMar 07, 2015
2,535emma MarchantMar 07, 2015
2,534James stainforthMar 07, 2015
2,533Dan ThursfieldMar 07, 2015
2,532jamie CapleMar 07, 2015
2,531Jane HewittMar 07, 2015
2,530peter CoxMar 07, 2015
2,529Lee WindeattSimply a must do project. Keep Devon green. Mar 07, 2015
2,528James OxerMar 07, 2015
2,527jo NosworthyAs a local cyclist this would be excellent.... We need more cycle tracks!!! Mar 07, 2015
2,526Kath PorterWe need to invest more in cycling infrastructure to encourage fewer cars on the road for health and environment reasons.Mar 07, 2015
2,525Lee CopeMar 07, 2015
2,524Tracy PanksMar 07, 2015
2,523Garry HookerMar 07, 2015
2,522andrew davenportMar 07, 2015
2,521Steve WilliamsMar 07, 2015
2,520Lynsey RossI drive from Newton to Totnes regularly and often encounter cyclists on a road where the national speed limit applies. The alternative of a dedicated path, will reduce the risk of accident for both cyclists and motorists. As a keen leisure cyclist, I do not entertain riding my bike anywhere other than cycle paths or dedicated areas, purely because I do not feel safe on the roads. To have the opMar 07, 2015
2,519Emma FinchMar 07, 2015
2,518Graham Davies we need all the safe cycle paths we can to get people off the narrow roads around devon and the whole country. The more towns that can be visited on the route the better as this promotes tourism to the area Mar 07, 2015
2,517Adele ThomasMar 07, 2015
2,516Amy ThompsonMar 07, 2015
2,515jamie BallMar 07, 2015
2,514Katie Carne Mar 07, 2015
2,513Samantha Froggattthis would connect Totnes to the NCN and bring more visitors to all of the towns on the route. It's a brilliant idea. Mar 07, 2015
2,512Jim VarneyMar 07, 2015
2,511Paul HeanesMar 07, 2015
2,510Beckie AlleyMar 06, 2015
2,509Elizabeth FreemanMar 06, 2015
2,508Steve JamesMar 06, 2015
2,507Sue MashederMar 06, 2015
2,506mary nealMar 06, 2015
2,505Tara HowellsMar 06, 2015
2,504clare mortimoreMar 06, 2015
2,503Craig HolgateMar 06, 2015
2,502Jo SchollerSigning in memory of Pooky but also because it just makes sense . Any cost involved will actually return as a saving in less financial pressure on the NHS. You know it makes sense & will save lives ,make it happen 🙂Mar 06, 2015
2,501David MooreMar 06, 2015
2,500Kelly KeatleyMar 06, 2015
2,499Januce ParnellMar 06, 2015
2,498Helen CleasbyMar 06, 2015
2,497Rikki LewisMar 06, 2015
2,496Rachel RowntreeMar 06, 2015
2,495Ellie HaleI love cycling but will only cycle where there are cycle paths. This is such a worthwhile project, please make it happen Mar 06, 2015
2,494bex houseWe need this route!Mar 06, 2015
2,493Sarah WrightMar 06, 2015
2,492Susan FieldIt's extremely dangerous at times along the current Totnes - Newton Abbot route so it's a ride I seldom do although would like to. I would welcome an alternative safer route and would use it often Mar 06, 2015
2,491Louise KilshawThe main road is too dangerous to cycle on at present so this would be a great asset. Mar 06, 2015
2,490Ruby StarheartMar 06, 2015
2,489Julia SimmonsMar 06, 2015
2,488Ewa SosnowskiWould be brilliant!! Mar 06, 2015
2,487Paul ShoesmithMar 06, 2015
2,486Tim HedgesMar 06, 2015
2,485Lisa RadnedgeMar 06, 2015
2,484Julie BoultbyJust do it!Mar 06, 2015
2,483Anthony StephensonMar 06, 2015
2,482Anthony ColvillMar 06, 2015
2,481ChrisHawke HawkerI support the cycle path petition very strongly, this would be great for both Totnes and Newton Abbott. Mar 06, 2015
2,480Deb MacLeodMar 06, 2015
2,479Tobias KayeThere is a particularly large community of cyclists for whom Totnes is an important centre. Please implement this petition.Mar 06, 2015
2,478Jessica TannerMar 06, 2015
2,477Hayley AndersonMar 06, 2015
2,476Rachel BelringerMar 06, 2015
2,475Ross Chesterton Mar 06, 2015
2,474Howard CoakleyMar 06, 2015
2,473Lori KingMar 06, 2015
2,472test testingMar 06, 2015
2,471Bridie WaltonMar 06, 2015
2,470rosa petherickMar 06, 2015
2,469Rosa PetherickMar 06, 2015
2,468Andrew BullivantMar 06, 2015
2,467Debbie HopkinsMar 06, 2015
2,466Phil CollingsMar 06, 2015
2,465josh coulsonMar 06, 2015
2,464stephen Anderswe need this now before we have a major accident on this dangerous route thank you.Mar 06, 2015
2,463Alice Carter-TylerMar 06, 2015
2,462emma gilpinMar 06, 2015
2,461Alex LeamonMar 06, 2015
2,460Colin AllsopMar 06, 2015
2,459rob WillsMar 06, 2015
2,458Claire HydonI live in newton abbot but work in totnes so would love to see a cycle path linking them both without worrying about cars and lorries etc on the main roads.Mar 05, 2015
2,457Jody TrayteMar 05, 2015
2,456Graham HeysettMar 05, 2015
2,455louise Webbplease listen! Thank youMar 05, 2015
2,454sarah PalmerMar 05, 2015
2,453ashley PayneMar 05, 2015
2,452brian YipGood luck really hope this can happen Mar 05, 2015
2,451Donna Birchall Mar 05, 2015
2,450KEN GLANVILLEMar 05, 2015
2,449Christine FritschMar 05, 2015
2,448Becky SnowMar 05, 2015
2,447katherine Barber Mar 05, 2015
2,446Julian Rowe-JonesGreat idea!Mar 05, 2015
2,445Claire CoulstonMore safe cycle routes needed Mar 05, 2015
2,444David Whitchurch-BennettMar 05, 2015
2,443Elaine RobertsMar 05, 2015
2,442Maria JamesonMar 05, 2015
2,441Rose WilloughbyMar 05, 2015
2,440Kellie WestPlease, please, please!!Mar 05, 2015
2,439Karen WinserMar 05, 2015
2,438Sally SimpsonMar 05, 2015
2,437Tara SmithMar 05, 2015
2,436S WareGreat idea and safe for everyoneMar 05, 2015
2,435Emily KnightI would love this safe commute to work!Mar 05, 2015
2,434Linda TuckerMake cmake it safeMar 05, 2015
2,433Zaida Hillieras a lifelong utilitarian cyclist I support any plans for safer cyclingMar 05, 2015
2,432matt cummingsGreat. Please put cambers on the corners that slope the right wayMar 05, 2015
2,431alan whiteThis would be greatMar 05, 2015
2,430Tracey Oldham-DuparcqHaving done this via road would love for it to be made safe terrible road for cyclists Mar 05, 2015
2,429Lorraine mitchellMar 05, 2015
2,428Ben DenyerMar 05, 2015
2,427Sharron GreenMar 05, 2015
2,426Liz LamportA great idea!Mar 05, 2015
2,425Beth HellierMar 05, 2015
2,424James NicholsonMar 05, 2015
2,423Jessica ClaydenMar 05, 2015
2,422Elizabeth MillarI live in newton Abbot and think this is a great idea.Mar 05, 2015
2,421Helen RileyMar 05, 2015
2,420lisa whitegreat ideaMar 05, 2015
2,419Darren FarleyMar 05, 2015
2,418Glenn Haines Mar 05, 2015
2,417GORDON GRIMESMar 05, 2015
2,416aitor bengoaMar 05, 2015
2,415Ryan RundleMar 05, 2015
2,414Sarah ToomeyMar 05, 2015
2,413Sue MadgeMar 05, 2015
2,412allen williamsMar 05, 2015
2,411jason trevenenMar 05, 2015
2,410Tom ColdreyMar 05, 2015
2,409Kim HallMar 05, 2015
2,408mark phillipsMar 05, 2015
2,407stella coombesMar 05, 2015
2,406karl oldhamLooking forward to riding this route with friends and family many times.Mar 05, 2015
2,405Nick Hannaford-HIllMar 05, 2015
2,404lorraine knillMar 05, 2015
2,403miriam cassellMar 05, 2015
2,402lauren heathMar 05, 2015
2,401Chris MortimerWould be great.Mar 05, 2015
2,400rick pikeI live in Littlehempston and am so frustrated that the simple direct route from Littlehempston to Totnes past the SDR still has not been approved, in spite of support and petitions.Mar 05, 2015
2,399jez glanfieldMar 05, 2015
2,398Rob CooperThis is so important please support this cycle route as we need to be more GREEN in this day & age !Mar 05, 2015
2,397Kim HallAbout timeMar 05, 2015
2,396Victoria HyderBRILLIANT idea! Mar 05, 2015
2,395Duncan StewartAnything to get more people enjoying cycling, good job!Mar 05, 2015
2,394Tristan LiddleWould be a very good addition to the cycle network. Mar 05, 2015
2,393Anita Dearsonwe need more cycle routes around this area Mar 05, 2015
2,392Marie CannThink it's a great idea - safe - flat what more could you want. Also want to support the Tally Ho pub by walking from totnes this will be ideal and no worries of death by traffic on route.Mar 05, 2015
2,391eric newtonWe really need this !!Mar 05, 2015
2,390Jeff HiscokeMar 05, 2015
2,389Mike KressingerMar 05, 2015
2,388beccy knightMar 05, 2015
2,387Barbara StabbackMar 05, 2015
2,386Annie Gabriel I have lived in Totnes and plan to move back and I would definitely use this cycle route as would my daughter. I would also like to see Buckfastleigh to Totnes route opened too. Mar 05, 2015
2,385Karen FrostI would welcome thisMar 05, 2015
2,384Helen PrinceThis would be such a great route for South Devon families! Please, please can we do this?!Mar 05, 2015
2,383Spencer Brinton This would be a fantastic addition to the area and would be great for families and individual cyclists.Mar 05, 2015
2,382Iona FuscoMar 05, 2015
2,381Anita PalmerMar 05, 2015
2,380Deborah LannonMar 05, 2015
2,379Malina Ciszewska Mar 05, 2015
2,378claire swiftMar 05, 2015
2,377Hannah BestMar 05, 2015
2,376Kate SermonMar 05, 2015
2,375Andrew TaylorMar 05, 2015
2,374Mandy LeyI am not a cyclist, but have many friends who are. The roads are dangerous for them as cars often don't take cyclists into consideration. I am a walker and would love the opportunity to be able to walk this direction. It would be fantastic opportunity for locals and visitors to enjoy our beautiful countryside.Mar 05, 2015
2,373Matt FosterMar 05, 2015
2,372Virginia Compton Mar 05, 2015
2,371Tracey NolanMar 05, 2015
2,370Dave WoodMar 05, 2015
2,369Sue AllenGreatMar 05, 2015
2,368Amanda TippettMar 05, 2015
2,367mike dacostaMake cycling saferMar 05, 2015
2,366wendy howarthMar 05, 2015
2,365Amanda Jayne Joiner Mar 04, 2015
2,364nicola coates Mar 04, 2015
2,363trevor nosworthyMar 04, 2015
2,362Sam DolmanMar 04, 2015
2,361Steve RadcliffeMar 04, 2015
2,360Karen Ball Mar 04, 2015
2,359James PowellMar 04, 2015
2,358Julie benchThis would be great !Mar 04, 2015
2,357Susan Proctor Mar 04, 2015
2,356phil pontinMar 04, 2015
2,355Katie ElliottMar 04, 2015
2,354Gareth Evans Mar 04, 2015
2,353Luke CleaveleyMar 04, 2015
2,352Andrew WoodhouseMy son and I are desperate for more local cycle routes round the Newton Abbot area. At the moment we have to head to Haldon for long, safe and fun rides.Mar 04, 2015
2,351Sally PooleyMar 04, 2015
2,350Alison RyderMar 04, 2015
2,349Philip FurseMar 04, 2015
2,348Michelle MelvilleMar 04, 2015
2,347Kirsteen Atkinson AnnearThis safe route must be opened up for all to travel safely as soon as possible. Any delays could cost lives. Mar 04, 2015
2,346emma scottMar 04, 2015
2,345Roger BirchallMar 04, 2015
2,344Lisa Godfrey This would be a great idea, fully support it!Mar 04, 2015
2,343dan marshallMar 04, 2015
2,342Jo CunninghamMar 04, 2015
2,341rachel bench Mar 04, 2015
2,340Sharon CollingsMar 04, 2015
2,339Glenda RainbowMar 04, 2015
2,338Sarah HobartMar 04, 2015
2,337Donna coatesMar 04, 2015
2,336David KeefeMar 04, 2015
2,335Chris DorsetMar 04, 2015
2,334tanya BiggsMar 04, 2015
2,333Jane HingstonJust please!Mar 04, 2015
2,332Fiona SeniorMar 04, 2015
2,331Martyn EwersMar 04, 2015
2,330Sarah CrawfordMar 04, 2015
2,329mark SirettMar 04, 2015
2,328Claire BeirneMar 04, 2015
2,327jake kumarMar 04, 2015
2,326Jayne MahonMar 04, 2015
2,325Aidan BushMar 04, 2015
2,324Harry BirchillMar 04, 2015
2,323Lorraine AtkinsonMar 04, 2015
2,322Constantine PavledisMar 04, 2015
2,321kathy hughesMar 04, 2015
2,320Christine GoodmanMar 04, 2015
2,319Tim DurrantExcellent idea. I am a keen cyclist, and this will encourage me and others greatlyMar 04, 2015
2,318Nicola WarnerMar 04, 2015
2,317Sarah Gercroad to Totnes to newton abbot is so dangerous for cyclist so this can only be good. Mar 04, 2015
2,316Tina PontinMar 04, 2015
2,315Richard HarrisThis vibrant tourist area is short of safe, sustainable transport options. This just makes so much sense.Mar 04, 2015
2,314Andrea FranksWe should be making more outside activities possible like the cycle route Totnes to Newton Abbot.Mar 04, 2015
2,313shaun MonkMar 04, 2015
2,312Rachael GreenwoodMar 04, 2015
2,311Matt CarfraeMar 04, 2015
2,310Keith AndersonMar 04, 2015
2,309danielle englandTotnes to newton is used as a race track this cycle route would reduce the numbee of cyclists killed and let parents take their children out for bike rides without the worry of cars going stupidly fast..!!Mar 04, 2015
2,308Damon NancarrowMar 04, 2015
2,307Stacie Faulkner Mar 04, 2015
2,306Nick JonesMar 04, 2015
2,305Paul WallisWe need more option's like this, especially for families who like to cycle.Mar 04, 2015
2,304Matt Banksessential to get people safely out of cars and onto bikes Mar 04, 2015
2,303Jason LargeMar 04, 2015
2,302ian ScholesMar 04, 2015
2,301Rachel HornbyMar 04, 2015
2,300Gary HotineMar 04, 2015
2,299Jenny KeldayMar 04, 2015
2,298Samuel WhittleseaMar 04, 2015
2,297Robin de CarteretMar 02, 2015
2,296Mike RickardMar 01, 2015
2,295Faze AljawadFeb 27, 2015
2,294margot buckwellFeb 27, 2015
2,293Thomas RickardCycling is a environmentally friendly way to keep fit, travel and connect with the outdoors. We need to do it in a safe and supported way. this could reduce congestion for motorists and bring in tourism too!Feb 27, 2015
2,292trevor newtonFeb 26, 2015
2,291Howard CottonFeb 26, 2015
2,290J WrightNever give up. Taxpayers paid for "the SDR footbridge". It would be nice if they were allowed to use it 😎Feb 26, 2015
2,289ADRIAN O'ROURKEFeb 23, 2015
2,288andrew wilcoxCycling is one of the south wests greatest tourist attractions so it makes sense to promote this important link.Feb 20, 2015
2,287Christina TurleyFeb 19, 2015
2,286Viviane SpicerHopefully about to purchase a house in Broadhempston. Relocating from Buckinghamshire. My husband runs a software company and would like to take offices in Totnes and would like to be able to cycle there.Feb 19, 2015
2,285rachelle corkerFeb 17, 2015
2,284Robert CotterillAs someone who grew up in the area and who learnt to cycle on Devon lanes I know how narrow and busy with vehicular traffic they can be. Cyclists and pedestrians need more options than just roads. Feb 10, 2015
2,283Richard JonesWhat's the point in building a cycle path that no-one will use just to tick some sort of political box? Come on Devon County Council!Feb 10, 2015
2,282Mark KingdonFeb 10, 2015
2,281Edward PotFeb 09, 2015
2,280Kenneth EnyiazuFeb 08, 2015
2,279liz bresnihanFeb 08, 2015
2,278Daniele LicheriFeb 07, 2015
2,277Trevor WymanFeb 06, 2015
2,276Tim ROBERTSI have relatives in the area ~ as a potential touring cyclist I would like to visit villages and of course, in a small way, I would contribute to the local economy.Feb 06, 2015
2,275Richard TannerFeb 05, 2015
2,274Andrew SchaapFeb 05, 2015
2,273thomas ingramA excellent route. It needs to be direct and reasonably level to be much used. Feb 05, 2015
2,272Louise FrostFeb 04, 2015
2,271Clive WestonFeb 02, 2015
2,270Jill JohnsI think safe cycle routes are very important, and that they often bring in more cyclists than initially estimated. They keep cyclists off busy roads, and they help to reduce the amount of car users because they make such useful routes available. Jill JohnsFeb 02, 2015
2,269david hayesthis proposal seems to be very well supported. Clearly Route 2 should link as many towns as possible by direct routes. Having cycled much of the National Cycle Network I know how frustrating it is to be taken 'round the houses' to get somewhere.Feb 02, 2015
2,268Nigel ManleyFeb 02, 2015
2,267David AnsteyI support the comments made in the petitionFeb 02, 2015
2,266Billy ButlerFeb 01, 2015
2,265Martin GrinstedFeb 01, 2015
2,264Denise JamesFeb 01, 2015
2,263Steve StewartFeb 01, 2015
2,262andy SprodThe purpose of the national cycle network is not just to create quiet cycling routes, those routes should also be functional, connecting people and places to make it easy and safe to use for everyday journeys. Please ensure that a practical and useful route is created to link Newton Abbott with Totnes. You will not only have created a route for locals to use regularly but will also help increaFeb 01, 2015
2,261brian roweThis is a safe useful link importantly taking in Totnes. It will open up a lovely area to disabled people, families, cyclists and walkers alike. Brian RoweFeb 01, 2015
2,260Danuta WalaszekFeb 01, 2015
2,259Anna RobertsHi there, this is a great area to cycle and a safe route between Totnes and Newton Abbot would allow me and my family to enjoy it even more, and see more of the area by bike. Please decide in favour of this campaign.Feb 01, 2015
2,258Brian Tayloryes please to a new cycle routeFeb 01, 2015
2,257David AshDear Councillors Think long term about ther benefits of investing in cycle network infrastructure It is THE answer T ourism H ealth E nviromentFeb 01, 2015
2,256gill brayFeb 01, 2015
2,255Gabi Humphries Feb 01, 2015
2,254emma harwoodJan 31, 2015
2,253John MorseJoin Totnes to Newton AbbotJan 31, 2015
2,252Mark GodbeerJan 31, 2015
2,251ralph simpsonJan 31, 2015
2,250jenny claydonJan 31, 2015
2,249Simon HunterJan 31, 2015
2,248Alan BoltonWe like nice traffic free or quiet lanes to cycle onJan 31, 2015
2,247Richard SimpsonJan 31, 2015
2,246bill richardsJan 31, 2015
2,245Karin GibberdJan 31, 2015
2,244Nigel BaconPlease listen to the Voices of the People!Jan 30, 2015
2,243richard bartlettJan 30, 2015
2,242John SawersThis would make a huge difference to everyone who cycles and who wants to cycle in the area as well as attracting more people to come down and visit!Jan 30, 2015
2,241Sue OttyWe need a properly joined up link here. Jan 30, 2015
2,240Rachel ClarkeCycling MUST be safe for all, so s route avoiding main A roads is absolutely necessary. No question surely?Jan 30, 2015
2,239Eliot WrightJan 30, 2015
2,238Kevin MillsJan 30, 2015
2,237Jim MorrisonLooks like an opportunity to create a brilliant route. I cycle the back lanes from N.A. to Totnes quite often. It would be great to have a designated route some of which was off road.Jan 30, 2015
2,236Deborah WilderThis safe cycle route between Totnes and Newton Abbot is so important - please complete it urgentlyJan 30, 2015
2,235ANDREW NEALEJan 30, 2015
2,234Judith SharplesJan 30, 2015
2,233Mike PriceThe cheapest option is not always the best!Jan 30, 2015
2,232Paul BeckerJan 30, 2015
2,231Joanna BensonJan 30, 2015
2,230John ClissoldBest wishes.Jan 30, 2015
2,229Jack RangeleyJan 30, 2015
2,228David RamsdenJan 30, 2015
2,227Raymond EvansDont forget Teignmouth to Newton AbottJan 30, 2015
2,226Tim RangerWe must look forwards, not sideways or backwards. History, I am sure, will judge this as a good decision. A pedestrian/bike mix is far safer than a car/bicycle mix or a car/pedestrian mix and we should be looking to complete traffic free routes wherever possible.. I am sure completing this missing link will benefit local citizens, encourage more tourists and prove people's reservations unfounded.Jan 30, 2015
2,225Adrian ProcterJan 29, 2015
2,224Sandra CroucherJan 29, 2015
2,223Ralph HolmesJan 29, 2015
2,222Anna EnglandBeing able to safely cycle to work or for social purposes is a right that everyone should have. This route should therefore join up the towns so that people can use it for commuting and leisure purposes. Cycle paths that go through towns and villages also add money into the local economy as pleasure cyclists stop off overnight or for food. Please, please give this the go ahead and help improve cycJan 29, 2015
2,221Vernon DanceyJan 29, 2015
2,220Betty GouldingJan 29, 2015
2,219suzanne ingramthis will be so much better and safer than proposed route and really encourage cycling.Jan 29, 2015
2,218John FallonJan 29, 2015
2,217Andrew WallaceEncouraging cycling will obviously help improve our nations health and well-being. Thanks for your work.Jan 29, 2015
2,216Mandy WatkinsJan 29, 2015
2,215David WatkinsJan 29, 2015
2,214Robert WaltonI know that part of the country well as we lived for a time in Plymouth, where my wife was brought up. We have had holidays in Devon and have enjoyed cycling.Jan 29, 2015
2,213Jane DoeJan 29, 2015
2,212john tinkermanJan 29, 2015
2,211Larry HagmanJan 29, 2015
2,210paul JonesJan 29, 2015
2,209Martin OldridgeI am a keen cyclist and fully support this sort of schemeJan 29, 2015
2,208Carolyn HarriesThere is a real need for cycle routes that can be used for fast and efficient commuting, as well as for leisure purposes. This direct route which connects Totnes to Newton Abbot will provide a usable commuter route. I have commended DCC before on their wonderful cycle route provision along both sides of the River Exe. These routes are extremely popular with both leisure cyclists and commuters. It Jan 29, 2015
2,207Jon BatterhamJan 29, 2015
2,206Catherine de BrettJan 29, 2015
2,205Derrick HallJan 29, 2015
2,204Paul LancasterThis is important to help grow the cycle network and our numbers have grown so much in recent years and this will continue to grow in future years to come. Please make this a top priority for Devon.Jan 29, 2015
2,203Lucie GuilbertJan 29, 2015
2,202Gill CappsJan 29, 2015
2,201Rob DavisJan 29, 2015
2,200Kate OldridgeJan 29, 2015
2,199Richard AndrewesThe more cycle paths the better!Jan 29, 2015
2,198David HallAny way to encourage greener transport is for the better, the more this should happen the better for all and the climate and the fitness of the population.Jan 29, 2015
2,197D LickmanJan 29, 2015
2,195Christine Talbot-CooperAs a former resident of Dartmouth I am pleased to support this petition.Jan 29, 2015
2,194Ali StewartJan 29, 2015
2,193Michael GrayJan 29, 2015
2,192Dominic TrounceJan 29, 2015
2,191Claire HumphriesJan 29, 2015
2,190Elizabeth RickeardNot only is anything other than linking in with the centre of Totnes and the main railway station nonsensical and short sighted for local people, it would be an economy boosting opportunity missed for attracting both day trippers like ourselves(train and bike combined tours), and longer stay holidaymakers.Jan 29, 2015
2,189matt eatonJan 29, 2015
2,188Stephen PeersJan 29, 2015
2,187jon fraserJan 29, 2015
2,186Simon OldridgeJan 29, 2015
2,185Pat CrowleyJan 29, 2015
2,184Gideon ThomasJan 29, 2015
2,183Paul GlendellJan 29, 2015
2,182Andrew WaitThis link will bring more wealth to the towns.Jan 29, 2015
2,181Christine WeaverJan 29, 2015
2,180Peter WeaverJan 29, 2015
2,179Derek HallJan 29, 2015
2,178PATRICK SCOTTThe route past the Rare Breeds Farm utilising the SDR footbridge is practicable, achievable and affordable. The bridge could easily be modified or widened to make it safe for all users. A new bridge would be a needless extravagance. If the SDR continues to raise obstructive objections then the the possibility of a cycle track attached to the main railway bridge could be explored with National Jan 29, 2015
2,177patricia thompsonplease choose sustrans, safe cycle route between totnes and newton abbot, i have cycled on the A381 which was very busy and did not feel safe, whereas a route that runs along existing quiet lanes from littlehempston towards SDR, crossing the river Dart via the SDR footbridgeJan 29, 2015
2,176Robert BlakemanJan 29, 2015
2,175Kathy O'KeefeAny route that helps cyclist avoid busy routes should be considered. If this also enables local walkers to enjoy a safe place too, its an added bonus.Jan 29, 2015
2,174Kevin FeaviourAbsolutely love what has happened to date and would love to see the increased connectivity with Newton Abbot Jan 29, 2015
2,173Fiona LaneJan 29, 2015
2,172Simon BirdI fully support this alternative route which takes advantage of existing quiet lanes and is more direct. It is vital that Totnes is not bypassed as part of this process given its beauty and historic interest as a town. The link to the mainline railway is also very important. Jan 29, 2015
2,171Bryan WhitingJan 29, 2015
2,170Christine MansfieldJan 29, 2015
2,169Paul GeorgeJan 28, 2015
2,168Derek BielbyJan 28, 2015
2,167Anna BallardJan 28, 2015
2,166Teresa WhittakerJan 28, 2015
2,165Chris JohnJan 28, 2015
2,164Matt BrooksJan 28, 2015
2,163Julie SmythAlthough I do not live in Devon, I support this campaign, which would encourage healthy living and sounds an ideal route for cyclists and walkers.Jan 28, 2015
2,162Gary HannyngtonJan 28, 2015
2,161Pete RileyJan 28, 2015
2,160jeffrey binmoreJan 28, 2015
2,159Marton BalazsJan 28, 2015
2,158Christopher BlenkinsoppJan 28, 2015
2,157Austin BaileyJan 28, 2015
2,156Paul CunninghamJan 28, 2015
2,155Pete NippressJan 28, 2015
2,154Susan LancasterJan 28, 2015
2,153Dan BullockJan 28, 2015
2,152Ben GarsideTo be useful, a cycle route should connect population centres where cyclists live and can obtain refreshments and other local amenities.Jan 28, 2015
2,151Jo BarleyJan 28, 2015
2,150Paul De'AtheI have as good a geography of this area as well as any outsider having spent some four years at weekends once a month studying at the Devon School of Shiatsu in Littlehempston, and having to navigate some of the the lanes in this area by car. I might have preferred to use a cycle (and train) had I thought I could have done so with a greater degree of safety. As a cyclist I am keen to take advantagJan 28, 2015
2,149Rick BruintjesJan 28, 2015
2,148Rachel HaddenJan 28, 2015
2,147stephen vercoeJan 28, 2015
2,146Emma FarrpwJan 28, 2015
2,145Tom RidgwayJan 28, 2015
2,144james wilkinsonJan 28, 2015
2,143George IvesSounds like another great ride in these beautiful rolling hills, just walked from Broadhempston to Totnes, one or two people going very fast, but most very curteous, and slowed right down, thank goodness, I used the cycle paths from John O Groats to Lands end last year, awesome and twice ended up on the busy road, very scarry, i was so happy to regain the cycle path. keep up the fantastic workJan 28, 2015
2,142Julia AdamsJan 28, 2015
2,141Duncan CruseJan 28, 2015
2,140Angela MalyonIf you want to keep the people healthy in England, keep them out there cycling and you have to have the right set up for it . Also it takes helps with transport and pollution. It wins on every count to support the sustrans links. Just do it and get it together and complete the job and get thanked in many ways for doing the right thing.Jan 28, 2015
2,139Andrew LeymanJan 28, 2015
2,138Sam BarleyJan 28, 2015
2,137Steve MackayJan 28, 2015
2,136Chris HodgesAs a regular vistor familiar with the area, and a keen cyclist I can safely say that I would be likely to ride into Totnes on the sensible, direct route crossing the under-used bridge near the railway, while council-proposed meandering route would most likely mean I would choose to drive into the town, in preference to driving along the main road. The council appears to be proposing a scenic tourJan 28, 2015
2,135Lucy Scott-AsheJan 28, 2015
2,134Stephen BarnesJan 28, 2015
2,133Paula HermesAs a life times commuter cyclist I am more aware than ever of the necessities of providing safe ,practical cycle routes, this is more than ever needed if we are to encourage more people to consider more sustainable transport modes,climate change is for real we have to stop playing and provide the routes that will really encourage people to take up walking and cycling. Jan 28, 2015
2,132Martin PhillipsI used to live in Callington Cornwall,and did a lot of cycling in Devon and Cornwall. And I know the importance of cycle tracks linking with the significant travel hubs for leisure AND commuting-by-bike purposes. The Bristol Cycle Path is a good example for me of such good linking. Please let the cyclists of Devon from the same level of linkage! Good Wishes, Martin Jan 28, 2015
2,131John CrossleyJan 28, 2015
2,130Andrew GrayJan 28, 2015
2,129Ross FriendJan 28, 2015
2,128richard westJan 28, 2015
2,127Roger CrickmoreJan 28, 2015
2,126Ed GoaterJan 28, 2015
2,125Steve PalmerLinks to the communities are important to gain maximum benefit whilst avoiding dangerous main roads.Jan 28, 2015
2,124simon PaiceJan 28, 2015
2,123Clare DavidsonJan 28, 2015
2,122Andrew richmanJan 28, 2015
2,121Terence KnightPlease use a route avoiding the A381,and connecting local towns and villages.Jan 28, 2015
2,120Peter LaneJan 28, 2015
2,119Lynette Baskettthis must also consider the needs of the local steiner schoolJan 28, 2015
2,118paul jamesCycle routes offer safe ad traffic free routes all around the country for commuting,days out and weekends away. I have cycled a lot of them and they bring people t the area who spend money and benefit the whole community. Jan 28, 2015
2,117colin thouldJan 28, 2015
2,116Alasdair SowerbyJan 28, 2015
2,115Sophie WrightJan 28, 2015
2,114Mick DayIt makes good sense Jan 28, 2015
2,113Reg BruntJan 28, 2015
2,112Jeff StratfordJan 28, 2015
2,111tony mountfordJan 28, 2015
2,110Andrea FrancisJan 28, 2015
2,109Judy BaileyJan 28, 2015
2,108Alex BaileyJan 28, 2015
2,107Cherie JamesPlease complete asapJan 28, 2015
2,106Norma HaydenJan 28, 2015
2,105Andy ConnThere is a need for a public debate about this link.Jan 28, 2015
2,104Jill CookJan 28, 2015
2,103Dan SimsJan 28, 2015
2,102Georgina KirkbyJan 28, 2015
2,101Ian SmartJan 28, 2015
2,100alan broughtonJan 28, 2015
2,099Soria J Camille-StallardJan 28, 2015
2,098David EllisI have benefitted from Sustrans and NCN cycleways both for commuting (for 10-15 years to Cheddar) and for touring holidays. I appreciate the safety of these routes and would bring my own family to cycle on them.Jan 28, 2015
2,097Michael BettsJan 28, 2015
2,096Dave MartinThis is an exceptionally dangerous stretch and needs sorting asap Jan 28, 2015
2,095Robert HarperJan 28, 2015
2,094Tina OxlandJan 28, 2015
2,093michael coleTo be used alot, cycle routes need to be ungated and as direct and level as possible.Cyclists don't want to be directed up the nearest hill just because it is convenientJan 28, 2015
2,092Fiona JohnsonJan 28, 2015
2,091Anthony BarleyJan 28, 2015
2,090James TurnbullI believe there should be a safe cycle route between Totnes and Newton Abbot, enabling cyclists and walkers to avoid the dangerous A381 Newton Abbot road. This route should also complete the missing link in the National Cycle Network (known as NCN2).Jan 28, 2015
2,089Mark HowardJan 28, 2015
2,088Ian IngramJan 28, 2015
2,087john smythSince my own doctor (Dr. Walker from St. Lukes surgery,Brixham) was almost killed on his way to work I feel, as I have always done, that the provision for cycle paths in the U.K is abismal and needs to be much improved. My doctor will be unable to work for many months yet. I doubt if he will ever cycle to work again,unfortunately. My wife is Dutch and you can imagine how wonderful it is to cycle Jan 28, 2015
2,086sue hasellbe great to have the link developed so many more keen cyclists can do the distance between totnes and new abbot. i would certianly use itJan 28, 2015
2,085Anthony Blenkinsopp Jan 28, 2015
2,084David DunnJan 28, 2015
2,083Nick HallJan 28, 2015
2,082Chris WinterJan 28, 2015
2,081Greg WhiteJan 28, 2015
2,080Anne DraperAlthough I live out of the area I enjoy cycling for leisure and holidays. I would use a quality cycle route as a visitor to the area and it would make me more likely to chose the area for a cycle tour and so bring in business to local cafes and B&Bs etcJan 28, 2015
2,079patrick watsonAnother route that needs to researched is a route from Crediton to Exeter. The A377 is very dangerous. Possible route alongside the railwayJan 28, 2015
2,078David LewisJan 28, 2015
2,077Joanne OttleyAlthough I don't live locally I do visit Dartmoor and Sustrans preferred route is sensible and direct and will better serve the needs of local people.Jan 28, 2015
2,076Don JarrettJan 28, 2015
2,075Peter KumikI'd like to see a safe route between Totness and Newton Abbot.Jan 28, 2015
2,074michael considineJan 28, 2015
2,073Kerrin LyonsRather too many options to make an easy choice. A fairly direct route including villages, scenery, least junctions with bigger roads and no expensive bridges would seem the ideal solution. Jan 28, 2015
2,072clare knightJan 28, 2015
2,071Alison HarrisJan 28, 2015
2,070Ben GibbardJan 28, 2015
2,069Niick Reynolds.....just think about the scheme as joining up the dots......thats us.......Jan 28, 2015
2,068gareth NobleJan 28, 2015
2,067Patrick DollardJan 28, 2015
2,066Sue HockingI believe the Sustrans suggested route is the best option here. To be able to visit Totnes would be benefical to the riders and the town. To be less hilly than other routes would enable the less fit to get on their bikes and so improve fitness. To reach Totnes may encourage some who work there to arrive by bike and thus less congestion for the town. The possibility of a trip to Ashburton on the raJan 28, 2015
2,065Alistair RobertsJan 28, 2015
2,064Roger GuyJan 28, 2015
2,063Alan KeenJan 28, 2015
2,062Colin LawrenceJan 28, 2015
2,061bedwyr evansI want to give this petition my full support.Jan 28, 2015
2,060Christine BurtonJan 28, 2015
2,059Nigel CrossJan 28, 2015
2,058Mark Trappes-LomaxI have relatives who live in South Devon I also have a folding bike I frequently take on the train being over sixty I enjoy cycling on quiet country routes So my advice is town linking is smart thinking Jan 28, 2015
2,057Anthony GilbertI feel it is important to consider all viable options for any planned cycle ways. Sustrans are in the business of knowing how cycle routes work. The benefits of their proposal are far reaching. Overall costs vs headline price vs benefits in these proposals can be qualitative and quantitative, and both measures should be extended to subjects such as infrastructure, health, environmental and communJan 28, 2015
2,056james sowerbyJan 28, 2015
2,055Don StrattonJan 28, 2015
2,054Margaret WillmotJan 28, 2015
2,053Philip DunningLong needed & such a beautiful route proposed. Hate that Newton Abbot roadJan 28, 2015
2,052Adam MalinJan 28, 2015
2,051Robert EggbeerAs a Newton Abbot ex-pat regular cyclist and frequent visitor, I'm looking forward to using the Route 3 option.Jan 28, 2015
2,050Tim FlavinJan 28, 2015
2,049Richard MaydonJan 28, 2015
2,048Mike Kayplease free up more safe cycle routes in Devon. We have a beautiful area for cycle touring and just need to connect the routes. Jan 28, 2015
2,047David HallI support all means to develop a safe cycle and walking route between Totnes and Newton Abbot.Jan 28, 2015
2,046Andrew SpearmanJan 28, 2015
2,045Pattie MorrisI visit my mum in this area and love the cycle routes already in place. This would be a route accessible to most people especially children , families and older people. Anything which encourages more cycle use and less cars for short journeys has got to be good.Jan 28, 2015
2,044Ruth FlynnJan 28, 2015
2,043John FinchJan 28, 2015
2,042Martin ChanceJan 28, 2015
2,041 Druett Jan 28, 2015
2,040Adam RejzlAny proposed route needs to incorporate Totnes to be worthwhile.Jan 28, 2015
2,039Clint WojtylaJan 28, 2015
2,038Carol LaslettJan 28, 2015
2,037John Abrahamthe principle should be 'Do it right the first time'Jan 28, 2015
2,036Tom LucasJan 28, 2015
2,035Lorna MartinJan 28, 2015
2,034Klina JordanJan 28, 2015
2,033Darren WhiteJan 28, 2015
2,032Jenny IngramJan 28, 2015
2,031Marcel KellerJan 28, 2015
2,030Ruth ChiversJan 28, 2015
2,029Kat CaldwellJan 28, 2015
2,028kevin moggwe need our cycle pathsJan 28, 2015
2,027Leone MeyerJan 28, 2015
2,026Gordon StobartJan 28, 2015
2,025simon floydJan 28, 2015
2,024David CarslakeJan 28, 2015
2,023Bill ElliottJan 28, 2015
2,022Andrew TroupJan 28, 2015
2,021Martyn DormerJoined-up thinking is good thinking!Jan 28, 2015
2,020Roger BlackburnJan 28, 2015
2,019sara mcneilAs an older cyclist, I enjoy gentle rides through small villages and pretty countryside, for which Devon is renowned. However, I thoroughly dislike busy main roads, and am beginning to feel the strain of hillier routes. I believe that Sustrans are recommending the most level route between Totnes town centre and Newton Abbot and I would like to add my support to their planned cycle path.Jan 28, 2015
2,018Timothy BurstallJan 28, 2015
2,017Mr Michael PearceJan 28, 2015
2,016Duncan McLennanJan 28, 2015
2,015David SteadJan 28, 2015
2,013Ian MitchamThis route will encourage more people to cycle, as this will making cycling safer and therefore make it a viable alternative for commuting. This will address our enviromental comitments, traffic issues, healthier living( obesity ), connecting towns and villages which will help the local economy. Jan 28, 2015
2,012Nick SnellingJan 28, 2015
2,011RUSS POLLOCKJan 28, 2015
2,010Catherine BuxtonJan 28, 2015
2,009Jon MillarJan 28, 2015
2,008Robert HaleJan 28, 2015
2,007Roger LongJan 28, 2015
2,006Catherine JolliffeWe are a family of young cyclists keen to see a route between Tontes and Newton abbot wihc complets teh missing link in the National Cycle Network. Jan 28, 2015
2,005Jennifer WhealsI applaud the Sustrans initiative and hope that you will also support their sustainable transport aims and help cycling.Jan 28, 2015
2,004William KeoghJan 28, 2015
2,003Rich NutterJan 28, 2015
2,002David HobartJan 28, 2015
2,001helen barrettJan 28, 2015
2,000Steve FoxonThe route should be the right route, not the one that requires the least effort.....Jan 28, 2015
1,999Simon AddyKeep at it!Jan 28, 2015
1,998Andrew JackJan 28, 2015
1,997Simon d'AlbertansonJan 28, 2015
1,996Richard daviesMust take safest routeJan 28, 2015
1,995Nick BrentfordJan 28, 2015
1,994Keith RobertsWe need this for a fitter nation, less reliance on non-renewables and to let the community enjoy what';s on their doorstep.Jan 28, 2015
1,993Chris ParsonsJan 28, 2015
1,992Jon WroeWe agree a safe route from Newton Abbot is essential and to by pass this wouod not make senseJan 28, 2015
1,991Haylor LassJan 28, 2015
1,990Cheril BoydJan 28, 2015
1,989Desmond AtkinsonI am a great fan of the many cycle routes in Devon and strongly support the campaign for the best route to be used to complete NCN2.Jan 28, 2015
1,988Adam ReynoldsI come down here on holiday. This really would be fantastic. Jan 28, 2015
1,987DAvid MorganJan 28, 2015
1,986Andy BuxtonJan 28, 2015
1,985becky coxJan 28, 2015
1,984Susanne JenningsJan 28, 2015
1,983James CockramJan 28, 2015
1,982Paul van der LindenJan 28, 2015
1,981Diane AyresJan 28, 2015
1,980Nigel ChapmanPlease complete this route, these cycling routes attract visitors to the South West and increase revenue to local businesses.Jan 28, 2015
1,979Duncan CooperJan 28, 2015
1,978Adam SutchJan 28, 2015
1,977Caroline SkinnerI live in Somerset but with my family we regularly cycle in Devon. Up till now we have avoided the Totnes areas because the traffic is simply too much. Please include this stretch of 9 miles to make a safe, coherent route for cycling families.Jan 28, 2015
1,976Graeme WillgressI sign in support of your proposed link from Totnes to Littlehempston aS the best option to encourage local cycle journeys and extend the National Cycle Network. I would like to say that the proposed extension of NCN 2 via Denbury and past the prison is incredibly dangerous as it has become a rat-run of the first order for people trying to avoid Driving through Newton Abbot. To route a cycle way aJan 28, 2015
1,975E WrattenJan 28, 2015
1,974Jenny ChapmanC'mon Devon County Council - you know it makes sense!Jan 28, 2015
1,973Roger BurridgeJan 28, 2015
1,972Dave LiddamentJan 28, 2015
1,971Nicholas MartinCan't think of a better way to encourage people to get out and about and remain healthyJan 28, 2015
1,970Sally ReeveI am semi retired and cycling is my main way of keeping fit and active. I regularly cycle on the NCN2 around Exeter and have so appreciated the improvements on the Dawlish side, they have really opened up my horizons! I sometimes take my bike on the train to Totnes so would greatly benefit from improvements to the cycling options in that area. Please do Continue to help make cycling safer and Jan 28, 2015
1,969Graham BancroftMake it happen.Jan 28, 2015
1,968Alan WebbJan 28, 2015
1,967Anthony DunnJan 28, 2015
1,966Penny ChurchAs a frequent cycling visitor to Newton Abbot, I fully support Sustrans' safer, quieter route which encourages cycling between these communities.Jan 28, 2015
1,965Sue CampbellJan 28, 2015
1,964Kevin YeoJan 28, 2015
1,963Ewan FoakesJan 28, 2015
1,962Richard FairhusrtJan 28, 2015
1,961gary humphreysJan 28, 2015
1,960Thomas SewardJan 28, 2015
1,959KATH HOOPERJan 28, 2015
1,958Michael JonesKeep up the good work we need many less cars on the roads. Jan 28, 2015
1,957Jon ChoulerJan 28, 2015
1,956cathy RobertsJan 28, 2015
1,955Bob SnowI fully support the aims and aspirations of this petitionJan 28, 2015
1,954Robert PurkisJan 28, 2015
1,953Linda BaileyJan 28, 2015
1,952Graham GieJan 28, 2015
1,951Stella WoodJan 28, 2015
1,950Clive DavisJan 28, 2015
1,949Susan WilkinsonJan 28, 2015
1,948Charissa ScottI cycled the NCN2 last summer in my attempt to get to Lands End and if it's possible to cut a few hills out that would be fabulous! More people with use a flatter, quieter, direct route. If it involves building a small bridge to enable people to travel sustainably then build a bridge!!! Jan 28, 2015
1,947Ellen O'GormanJan 28, 2015
1,946Mark HubbardI fully endorse this proposalJan 28, 2015
1,945Yvonne Pollitt/ BennettA cycle route that did not go into the centre of Totnes would be pointless. Many people using the route will be doing so to get to various activities in Totnes.Jan 28, 2015
1,944John BullBikes! It's the way forward.Jan 28, 2015
1,943Andrew cookJan 28, 2015
1,942Ben CollinsJan 28, 2015
1,941John RichardsonJan 28, 2015
1,940Amanda EdmondsonLooks like a group of locals have worked out where the demand for the path actually is. Jan 27, 2015
1,939Judith JannettaJan 27, 2015
1,938Katie RoweJan 27, 2015
1,937Matthew CriddleJan 27, 2015
1,936Paul TomlinJan 26, 2015
1,935Matt BatchelorJan 26, 2015
1,934Darren Penklove to help in anyway Jan 26, 2015
1,933ann bucklandwe hope to move to this area and would use the new path. thank youJan 24, 2015
1,932geoffrey knightJan 24, 2015
1,931Tracey OsgoodJan 24, 2015
1,930Masoud DlavariJan 24, 2015
1,929Lynne holmesJan 24, 2015
1,928Peter SmithJan 23, 2015
1,927ian french Jan 23, 2015
1,926Simon KneathJan 23, 2015
1,925Andy Taylor Jan 23, 2015
1,924Ben BryantPlease make this preferable route to Newton Abbot via Littlehempston a reality from Totnes. As somebody living in Totnes and working in Newton Abbot I am another person who would really benefit from this route and would love to be able to cycle to and from work in a safe and timely, realistic manner. We are lucky to be served by the train however this mode does not give adequate provision for bicyJan 23, 2015
1,923steve batesmuch needed link and will promote safe cycling. we keep talking about the way foreword so come on prove it lets keep the pressure on to leave a legacy from the great games we all watched live on TV, more chance to leave a carbon inprint for the future of cyclists to come.Jan 23, 2015
1,922PIere MorleyJan 23, 2015
1,921marilyn foggittJan 22, 2015
1,920Joe SpeakeJan 20, 2015
1,919Anna FiennesJan 20, 2015
1,918Michael ClarkeJan 14, 2015
1,917rhia smithJan 13, 2015
1,916David LinternJan 12, 2015
1,915Jeremy LeachI would come and holiday in the area with my family if there was a good traffic free cycle infrastructureJan 12, 2015
1,914Nick HatcherJan 12, 2015
1,913Diana CusackJan 11, 2015
1,912Geoff PellGreetings from the Frome's Missing Links Group. We have a similar but smaller project which will involve three bridges and a tunnel. After 4 years we have just finished about 1/4 of the 2 mile route. To fit within physical constraints we are planning for 1.5m wide bridges and tunnel. Although this will be an extension to well used NCN24 we are confident there should be no undue pedestrian/cyclistJan 11, 2015
1,911George WeeksCycling needs to be treated as a mainstream mode of transport, accessible to ages 8-80. Routes should be: *Direct *Attractive *Continuous *Safe *Accessible Please make sure that the Littlehempston - Totnes route meets all of these requirements. For examples of how to do it well, please see: 11, 2015
1,910Sebastian FunkJan 11, 2015
1,909Jo BlackJan 11, 2015
1,908Lorna MitchellJan 11, 2015
1,907mike waltonJan 11, 2015
1,906Leon RoskillyDevon is a wonderful county, best viewed from the saddle of a bicycle. Safe cycling for visiting families an important tourist 'attractor'. Safe cycling = less unnecessary car use making it a safer place for everyone to enjoy. Jan 11, 2015
1,905Dave Bayliss Cyclists united. More investment needed into the best routes Jan 11, 2015
1,904Claire WagnerJan 11, 2015
1,903Sebastian CraggJan 11, 2015
1,902Richard WadeyJan 11, 2015
1,901David SomerfieldNeed a family friendly routeJan 11, 2015
1,900Matthew RoseJan 11, 2015
1,899Madeleine BainesJan 11, 2015
1,898Mary Coughlan-ClarkeReally important for future access of people in surrounding areas and totnesians of the non-Tour de France standards who want to cycle for health and recreationJan 08, 2015
1,897Oliver Hurd-ThomasJan 05, 2015
1,896Frances RaynerJan 04, 2015
1,895Rosemary KirbyJan 04, 2015
1,894Farhad Dalali support thisJan 04, 2015
1,893Susan GandyJan 03, 2015
1,892Caroline FaulksJan 02, 2015
1,891H BeeWe need a useable path that links communities -THROUGH TOTNES!Jan 02, 2015
1,890Francis WilsonJan 02, 2015
1,889Isobel ForsterDec 31, 2014
1,888Benn HarrisonDec 29, 2014
1,887Laura MacLeodDec 29, 2014
1,886Gill AlkerDec 28, 2014
1,885Amanda SmithDec 26, 2014
1,884Neville HigmanAs tourists, we are always looking for safe cycleways to explore with our children.Dec 24, 2014
1,883Tim DDec 23, 2014
1,882lee daltonJust makes good sense!!!!Dec 23, 2014
1,881David SmithDec 23, 2014
1,880Brian HeatleyDec 23, 2014
1,879Richard EdwardsYes, I think the cycle path should be debated. We should do all we can to encourage people on to their bikes and support low carbon transport.Dec 22, 2014
1,878Neville HigmanDec 22, 2014
1,877Richard WattsTo The Devon County Council, Please do not take the easy way out. Be sensible give the people, yes the people who you represent the chance to use the route that they wish for. The route you support will end in a route that no one uses. Don't continue to waste money on a project that no one wants. Even living in Dorset and a keen supporter, I would certainly come to Devon to use it. Yours Richard Dec 22, 2014
1,876jane hargreavesDec 22, 2014
1,875Fi RadfordDec 22, 2014
1,874Peter CoppThis country needs proper cycling projects if we are to encourage people to start cycling more. It's not just good for you physical health, but your mind too, and the health of the planetDec 22, 2014
1,873Tom ButterworthDec 21, 2014
1,871Roger LaneDec 17, 2014
1,870Hannah Hughes Dec 17, 2014
1,869Louisa PotterDec 17, 2014
1,868John HandleyDec 16, 2014
1,867David MeekDec 16, 2014
1,866Ronald DonaldsonDec 15, 2014
1,865Beth PerrettDec 15, 2014
1,864Mark StokesDec 15, 2014
1,863barcley spicer jenkinsDec 15, 2014
1,862Alan WardDec 15, 2014
1,861Dave Bond Dec 14, 2014
1,860daniel alexanderThis is a very good idea.Dec 14, 2014
1,859Patti SummervilleDec 14, 2014
1,858Andy StokesDec 14, 2014
1,857James Black Dec 14, 2014
1,856James JordanI for one would love to use bicycles as a mode of transport a lot if there were good paths to use. Riding on the roads among traffic is not a viable option from any standpoint, and bicycles should be encouraged to create a healthier and cleaner country. Dec 14, 2014
1,855phil hamptonDec 14, 2014
1,854Jane HewittThe thing that stops me cycling the route from Totnes to Newton Abbot is that it is so dangerous. Cyclists need safe routes.Dec 14, 2014
1,853catherine BuckleyDec 14, 2014
1,852Ro CartwrightAs a committed cyclist, I strongly support the need for safe cycling routesDec 14, 2014
1,851Ishtar Liljeforsthis is a better route and would be a really good thing.Dec 14, 2014
1,850Matthew WalkeyDec 14, 2014
1,849Phil DowninhWhen we visit totnes one of the best things is the ability to cycle anything that enhances this should be embraced.Dec 14, 2014
1,848Katherine BuckpittDec 14, 2014
1,847charlie mcconnellDec 14, 2014
1,846Caz HoarDec 13, 2014
1,845jo hollowayDec 13, 2014
1,844Stephen BamfordDec 13, 2014
1,843Gillian OrmeDec 13, 2014
1,842Robert MartindaleDec 13, 2014
1,841Mike RodgerThis path should be seen as an opportunity to make Devon a better place, not a chore for DCC to do the bare minimum.Dec 13, 2014
1,840Kathryn HughesA safe cycle and walking route should also be accessible.Dec 13, 2014
1,839Maurice BardDec 13, 2014
1,838Adrian ChamberlainPlease, don't just add a lane to a path with a load of ped crossings. These are ok for families but not for a road biker. Dedicated lanes in the roads are best, like holland?Dec 13, 2014
1,837Sally SimpsonDec 13, 2014
1,836stewart OetegennI remember trying to get SDR on board years ago. At the time they wanted to lock the bridge at dusk to stop vandalism. Shame that this project has got nowhere since then.Dec 13, 2014
1,835Philippa LowtherPlease listen to common sense! Thank you.Dec 13, 2014
1,834karl frenchDec 13, 2014
1,833nathaniel AshfordDec 13, 2014
1,832kyliebroe brownDec 13, 2014
1,831Craig BeallDec 13, 2014
1,830Hazel TownsendDec 13, 2014
1,829robin bakerDec 13, 2014
1,828;peter carterDec 13, 2014
1,827Ulrike KroegerDec 13, 2014
1,826james o'connellShall share this further @c0joc (' ' ,)Dec 13, 2014
1,825Steve BradburyDec 13, 2014
1,824James EtoeDec 13, 2014
1,823Catherine LovellDec 13, 2014
1,822Taina PembertonDec 13, 2014
1,821ben hardyDec 13, 2014
1,820Nicola GlassbrookI would welcome an accessible cycle route from Totnes to Newton Abbot. I would definitively use it to commute to work as well as for pleasure.Dec 13, 2014
1,819Shane CarpenterDec 13, 2014
1,818Richard UbsdellDec 13, 2014
1,817Julia BrowneDec 13, 2014
1,816Sarah ReynoldsDec 13, 2014
1,815peter mallardDec 13, 2014
1,814Clare TannerDec 13, 2014
1,813zoe GodtschalkThis is the way forward More cycle paths throughout Devon. This will get alot of traffic off the roads. Helps the environment.Encourages people to become fitter!Dec 12, 2014
1,812Sarah Griffin Dec 12, 2014
1,811frank leeDec 12, 2014
1,810Nigel BlackerDec 12, 2014
1,809Mary TwomeyDec 12, 2014
1,808Sharon EllisDec 12, 2014
1,807Martin MatherDec 12, 2014
1,806Adrian northcottDec 12, 2014
1,805Sonia DanielDec 12, 2014
1,804mike dacostaDec 12, 2014
1,803chris DentDec 12, 2014
1,802Liam LindonThis would be well used and keep cyclists safer as well as road users. Plus it would be a nice walk too! I am sure it would increase the footfall on the SDR and Rare Breeds Farm too Dec 12, 2014
1,801Darren GrayDec 12, 2014
1,800Alan CarrI support this projectDec 12, 2014
1,799Derek BlackfordDec 12, 2014
1,798Lizz LloydDevon needs a strong cycle network. It will aid tourism and the economy as well as individual health. Dec 12, 2014
1,797caroline ButcherDec 12, 2014
1,796Scott HutchinsonDec 12, 2014
1,795cass phillipsI think the Newton to Totnes route would be well used especially by families.Dec 12, 2014
1,794Allan MacfadyenDec 12, 2014
1,793david frankDec 12, 2014
1,792mark wilcoxDec 12, 2014
1,791Darren BarlowDec 12, 2014
1,790Mike KressingerDec 12, 2014
1,789Jeff BoorerDec 12, 2014
1,788steven cookDec 12, 2014
1,787luke TaylorCycling is now one of the most popular past times in the UK. So support for these cycle networks is important for allDec 12, 2014
1,786Caspian BurlinghamDec 12, 2014
1,785Matt ClaxtonDec 12, 2014
1,784Pete CollinsDec 12, 2014
1,783martin morrisDec 12, 2014
1,782Jemma LaneDec 12, 2014
1,781Joseph JonesDec 12, 2014
1,780Pamela ScottDec 12, 2014
1,779Julie FreemantleDec 12, 2014
1,778Celisha LewcockWe'd love a better cycle route! My family regularly cycle in Exeter because of the fabulous routes it a shame we don't have something better in place which is safer for our children. Dec 12, 2014
1,777James McIntyreDec 11, 2014
1,776Elaine Hobson Dec 11, 2014
1,775Charles Walker Dec 11, 2014
1,774Rachael BreslinDec 11, 2014
1,773Mark WhalleyDec 11, 2014
1,772Adam WorthDec 11, 2014
1,771Matthew ForresterDec 11, 2014
1,770Alex WillcocksPlease anything to stop this obsession with cars Dec 11, 2014
1,769Ryan HooperDec 11, 2014
1,768Kev LairdMy family and i were on holiday and found the Newton Abbot road to be very dangerouse , especially for children , the new route is more at ease for the average cyclist and would warrent any cyclist to help get the action needed. thank you And good luck Dec 11, 2014
1,767Francine BlanchetDec 11, 2014
1,766Glen HolmesDec 11, 2014
1,765Shaun CollierDec 11, 2014
1,764Nick Langranmore cycle paths needed to encourage safe cyclingDec 11, 2014
1,763Rob HardingThe proposed cycle route is a good idea and it is very important cycle routes start and end near train stations to make car-free travel possible.Dec 11, 2014
1,762Ruth CoathamDec 11, 2014
1,761Sophie HannonDec 11, 2014
1,760Sarah MorrisDec 11, 2014
1,759David WilbourneDec 11, 2014
1,758Nathaly CeccatoDec 11, 2014
1,757Ian BolingbrokeDec 11, 2014
1,756Chris TimmsDec 11, 2014
1,755Louise PageDec 11, 2014
1,754Graham AdamsDec 11, 2014
1,753Jenny BakerDec 11, 2014
1,752David SosnowskiDec 11, 2014
1,751Ben BradshawDec 11, 2014
1,750Nathan ElliottFrom a person who cycles. I would like to see that route come to fruition. I live in Paignton but I would most certainly use it occasionally and I believe it would be quite a popular route for commuters too. Hopefully common sense will prevail.....Dec 11, 2014
1,749andrew EdwardsDec 11, 2014
1,748Barbara Hawksby-CallandThis would be such a good idea for locals and visitors alike.Dec 11, 2014
1,747Margaret MerringtonPlease make a safe cycle and walking route between Littlehempston and Totnes a reality! Dec 11, 2014
1,746martin ritterDec 11, 2014
1,745rob kirbyDec 11, 2014
1,744jennifer Reekiemain road is busy, dangerous and too narrow at points. Also has some serious hills which are daunting even for a fit person like myself. A safe cycle route would reduce car use for Totnes workers and parentsDec 11, 2014
1,743Abby MildoonDec 11, 2014
1,742Joanna WallaceDec 11, 2014
1,741warren williislong overdue. the ride between Totnes and Newton Abbot is hazardous on the roads.Dec 11, 2014
1,740Leonie IngerI travel to this area when I can and love to know that we can enjoy the surrounding countryside without the danger of cycling on or near the roadDec 11, 2014
1,739Debbie FarnDec 11, 2014
1,738Mark TaylorDec 11, 2014
1,737Mixhael SaxtonDec 11, 2014
1,736Anne EmbertonDec 10, 2014
1,735ANN NIXAs someone who was brought up in the area and is a frequent visitor to family and friends in Totnes I hope I can have my say on this. There is a desperate need for safe cycling routes in the area connecting local towns and this route would be especially valuable and I am sure would be well used. Surely the SDR and Rare Breeds Farm could potentially benefit from the additional cycle traffic in theDec 10, 2014
1,734Peter MallardDec 10, 2014
1,733Margaret GambieDec 10, 2014
1,732Richard MitchellI thoroughly endorse this petition. The bid to create a cycle path as proposed has been rumbling along for some years. It is an obvious route that public spirited organisations must surely see as the most sensible and practical way forward.Dec 09, 2014
1,731Georgina SandersWe cyclists are greatly increasing in number and really do need safer routes.Dec 09, 2014
1,730Julia FrancisDec 09, 2014
1,729Jean PayneDec 09, 2014
1,728Julie GoodallDec 09, 2014
1,727Tom MaxfieldDec 09, 2014
1,726Archie WilsonI live in east ogwell and would welcome this proposal. Dec 09, 2014
1,725Kit BuckleyPlease ensure that there is a direct cycle route from Totnes to Newton Abbot. This side of the River Exe is falling behind the superb connections from Exeter to Exmouth and also connecting Powderham. We also need a safe cycle path from Hood Manor School to Buckfastleigh to connect the Dartmoor cycle route to Totnes.Dec 09, 2014
1,724Natasha ShawDec 09, 2014
1,723Isabel CarlisleFinding a safe way for cyclists on this route is long overdue. Lets make this happen in 2015.Dec 09, 2014
1,722Alice LeachDec 09, 2014
1,721Kenneth PophamThis route is needed.Dec 09, 2014
1,720Janet ChapmanCycling should be encouraged between places where people live and travel. Paths to nowhere are no good at all.Dec 08, 2014
1,719Sophia SheridanDec 08, 2014
1,718dot spinkDec 08, 2014
1,717Lalitya ClarkeDec 08, 2014
1,716Mandy BurtonPlease make this route safer for cyclists and pedestrians, to encourage healthier lifestyles and green travel.Dec 08, 2014
1,715Marianne HardingDec 08, 2014
1,714Jeremy O'HanlonDec 08, 2014
1,713Philip FransesTHIS PATH IS URGENTLY NEEDED!Dec 08, 2014
1,712Minni JainDec 08, 2014
1,711MARY LIGHTDec 08, 2014
1,710patrick cooperDec 08, 2014
1,709Alex MaynardDec 08, 2014
1,708wendy reidDec 08, 2014
1,707Diane HobsonWould love to cycle safely to totnesDec 08, 2014
1,706William ClarkDec 08, 2014
1,705Nikki ChambersDec 08, 2014
1,704derek lapworthThe cycle path could also go from the Steiner School to BuckfastleighDec 08, 2014
1,703cate barlemoorThis cycle route is necessary to stop people using a very busy dangerous route as they are currently using. I cycled from Buckfastleigh to Totnes one day and voweed never again as it was so dangerous. The cycle route stops and starts, it was an awful experience. The council are supposed to work for the people, so let's see that happening now! ThanksDec 08, 2014
1,702Sarah GrayHelp people depend less on costly public transport and unhealthy cars. Old railway lines are such beautiful places to walk or cycle along, can we please start using it? Thank you!Dec 08, 2014
1,701Barry ReevesDec 08, 2014
1,700Clive DonovanDec 08, 2014
1,699Marion DaniesDec 08, 2014
1,698Brett KellettDec 08, 2014
1,697Gillian WebsterDec 08, 2014
1,696David GriffithDec 08, 2014
1,695rosalyn maynardlinking towns and villages by bike and pedestrian routes is vital to ensuring safetly for both adults and children, and makes access to our towns without a car possible again. please rethink and reconsider longer term investment that meets real needs and real life.Dec 08, 2014
1,694Jeremy HollowayA little compromise will surely do so much good, the goodwill shown by all will also surely reflect well on all those concerned.Dec 08, 2014
1,693Andrew LeithDec 08, 2014
1,692miriam roseDec 08, 2014
1,691marti ValentineDec 08, 2014
1,690Adrian AntrumDec 08, 2014
1,689Robert Gray-ThompsonI support this petitionDec 08, 2014
1,688Linda GalpinPlease SDR, support the local community and help make this project a reality.Dec 08, 2014
1,687Charles BaleDec 08, 2014
1,686Barrie TaylorDec 08, 2014
1,685mark jefferysDec 08, 2014
1,684Adam LaneCycle links across the country are massively important. We should be safe whilst riding, and be able to take in the wonderful natural beauty of our surroundings. We shouldn't be forced to ride alongside fast roads when it's not necessary.Dec 08, 2014
1,683peter flynnif we had more dedicated cycle links more people would feel safe to cycle and we could reduce accidents and congestionDec 08, 2014
1,682Josie GouldDec 08, 2014
1,681Steve HowleAny increased cycle routes are great news especially this one.Dec 08, 2014
1,680John BayesDec 08, 2014
1,679Alex BilligDec 08, 2014
1,678Yerrin AllenDec 08, 2014
1,677morag aikenAs a member of the local outlying village communites to totnes we fully support this route as it represents an easy,accessible andsustainable access to totnes which is often grid locked and has limited accessible parking therefore we do not visit it and support it as much as we would like. This would represent safe and enjoyable access as well as encourage fitness within the communityDec 08, 2014
1,676Tim MorganDec 08, 2014
1,675Diane DeFriendDec 07, 2014
1,674John HeatherDec 07, 2014
1,673jan pattersonDec 07, 2014
1,672wendy bakerGreat idea - let's do it!Dec 07, 2014
1,671wendy douglasThis proposed route would be so useful for cycling from Totnes to Newton Abbot. The road route is incredibly dangerous and also frustrating for car drivers. Please vote for this route, crossing the Dart over the existing SDR footbridge, so that we can start using it as soon as possible.Dec 07, 2014
1,670Roger BunceDec 07, 2014
1,669Nicole WillingDec 07, 2014
1,668Marion JansenDec 07, 2014
1,667Chris CookDec 07, 2014
1,666Richard FairfaxDec 07, 2014
1,665Greg O'BrienDec 07, 2014
1,664John PalmerDec 07, 2014
1,663Matthew GoddardDec 07, 2014
1,662Andy SilcockDec 07, 2014
1,661Sheila SilcockDec 07, 2014
1,660Sarah NewtonDec 07, 2014
1,659Anthony CottleI would certainly use this proposed route, and I believe that not including Totnes in the NCN route would risk loosing significant tourist revenue for the town. Note how Wadebridge has benefited economically from being on the Camel Trail. DCC have done a good job with the existing cycleways, they should not spoil their track record by making the wrong choice for this route.Dec 06, 2014
1,658Jon CarterMy visits to friends in Broadhempston always involve a cycle ride around the increasingly busy local lanes, so this cycle path would be very welcome.Dec 06, 2014
1,657Linda Penfold de calvoDec 06, 2014
1,656Suzie MitchellDec 06, 2014
1,655Hugo DaviesPlease please please let cyclists travel easily and harmlessly between Littlehmpston & Totnes. The route will also tie in very well with the up and coming ATMOS project at the old dairy crest site in Totnes.Dec 06, 2014
1,654Paul LINDLEY Dec 06, 2014
1,653Tim StevensDec 06, 2014
1,652Vaughn BarclayDec 06, 2014
1,651Jane KnightDec 06, 2014
1,650Janet MitchellDec 06, 2014
1,649Sarah BromigeLong overdueDec 06, 2014
1,648Pat WellerDec 06, 2014
1,647janet gayBike paths when connecting towns directly, will be more useful to me as i will use it regularly instead of drivingDec 06, 2014
1,646Ruth AtkinsonDec 05, 2014
1,645sam penfoldThe path is so necessary. At the moment we have to either navigate an incredibly busy dangerous road or go far out of our way along a bumpy and slippery route that in the winter is dangerous too. Dec 05, 2014
1,644Toby DaviesI regularly come and stay with my brother who lives here and we always bemoan the cycling route. This'd make a great difference.Dec 05, 2014
1,643Peter acklandDec 05, 2014
1,642David ParsonsDec 05, 2014
1,641Sally Burn-JonesDec 05, 2014
1,640Sara KellettDec 05, 2014
1,639Lydia StocksDec 05, 2014
1,638Jeremy DaviesI fully support this. Every means should be entertained to provide for the needs of cyclists, both for riding safely to work, and for recreation. This route fits these requirements and should not be ignored.Dec 05, 2014
1,637BELLA ROGERSDec 05, 2014
1,636Graham WalkerDec 05, 2014
1,635D WilsonDec 05, 2014
1,634David WilsonDec 05, 2014
1,633Harriet HughesDec 05, 2014
1,632Kate OliverDec 05, 2014
1,631Irene MundayDec 05, 2014
1,630Rein InnesPlease can this petition be taken seriously for the proposed cycle path route as it will encourage people of all ages to lead healthier more active lives.Dec 05, 2014
1,629Amanda BourneDec 05, 2014
1,628Sue SheldonIt is just plain"daft" not to have a safe link between the village and Totnes, for cycles yes, but also all walkers. The busy main road is just too dangerous, no pavement etc. Any worries about the Donkey sanctuary can be resolved...compromise! Just have gates that are locked at each end, from8pm to 8am The whole year round. Just compromise, then everyone's happy!! Dec 05, 2014
1,627Katrina BrownDec 05, 2014
1,626BEN IRVINEDec 05, 2014
1,625Helene OakleyDec 05, 2014
1,624Philip SmithDec 05, 2014
1,623Janet BroomheadDec 05, 2014
1,622Margaret HarrisThis would provide a safe cycle and Walkers route to Littlehempston and villages beyond.Dec 05, 2014
1,621Adam SaynerDec 05, 2014
1,620roger CrookDec 05, 2014
1,619Marcus LinkDec 05, 2014
1,618Julie RiddSo important !Dec 05, 2014
1,617Elspeth Crichton StuartTotnes, off all places, with its commitment to sustainable living should have safe cycle routes linking them to as many other communities as possible. I was surprised, moving from Scotland, how few safe routes there are for a place that usually puts its money where its mouth is. I would use any cycle routes that are created and find I am limited at the moment. I would prefer NOT to use my car and Dec 05, 2014
1,616Diana WhiteThe main road is horrendous for cyclists. A cycle path is an absolute necessity Dec 05, 2014
1,615Amber PontonIncreased business for SDR and the Totnes Rare Breeds Farm, a safe connecting route for walking/cycling right in to Totnes/Atmos, a healthy alternative for those wanting to reduce their car use (and save on petrol money) whilst avoiding the main road. What's not to love! Dec 05, 2014
1,614Catherine Hughes Dec 05, 2014
1,613Matt DayDec 05, 2014
1,612Philip Burgessthrough Totnes pleaseDec 05, 2014
1,611Guy BakerDec 05, 2014
1,610Cristina RainbowMy grandchildren live locally and I would like them to be safe on the road when they go for bike rides.Dec 05, 2014
1,609Wendy KiellorDec 05, 2014
1,608Angela EikenberryDec 05, 2014
1,607CHRIS WARDDec 05, 2014
1,606Debi CleggDec 05, 2014
1,605James WaddingtonDec 05, 2014
1,604Ruth WardThe success of the popularity of the Tarka Trail surely points to opening up many safer walking & cycling routesDec 05, 2014
1,603jet kamphuisDec 05, 2014
1,602John WilmutGlad to offer support - this the sort of small investment that enhances the quality of people's lives. Dec 05, 2014
1,601Georgi GilpinIts a link not just for leisure but potentially a sound link for when the Atmos project is up and running at the train station. Its about connectivity not bypass surely? Support the proposal and promote healthy travel, exercise and wellbeing in addition to the extra people that will get to see the rare breeds farm and the railway itself.Dec 05, 2014
1,600Rosanna IrvineDec 05, 2014
1,599Tina KennedyDec 05, 2014
1,598David ChiversDec 05, 2014
1,597Richard JonesDec 05, 2014
1,596Mark WalkerDec 05, 2014
1,595Norman BrookingDec 05, 2014
1,594Melissa Merrington-PinkDec 05, 2014
1,593Joy HansonThis route would benefit many cyclists and walkers tooDec 05, 2014
1,592Kate CottonA much needed alternative route to a very dangerous road for cyclists and walkers.Dec 05, 2014
1,591richard hodgeIt is time for all local authorities to stop paying lip service to this issue and do something practical.Dec 04, 2014
1,590Tom MorrowDo the right thing DCCDec 04, 2014
1,589Jenny HarrisDec 04, 2014
1,588John GauterinDec 04, 2014
1,587Sonja HughesDec 04, 2014
1,586Alison Duncan We have wanted a cycle path to link Newton Abbot with Totnes for 17 years since we moved to the area. I suffer with hip problems and have been advised that the best exercise for me is to cycle regularly. At the moment there is no safe route for me to take so I am unable to do as much cycling as I should. Please make this route possible for us all. It would also enable my son to cycle to school iDec 04, 2014
1,585Oliver DunthorneMore cycle tracks pleaseDec 04, 2014
1,584verran townsendDec 04, 2014
1,583Paul CrawfordDec 04, 2014
1,582Graham sykesDec 04, 2014
1,581David ComerDec 04, 2014
1,580Edward GoreDec 04, 2014
1,579Dave ZolloDec 04, 2014
1,578Rob RainbowThis is just the sort of development that families need - safe cycle routes. This is the future.Dec 04, 2014
1,577Hugh TubbsDec 04, 2014
1,576Ben WatersDec 04, 2014
1,575Bruce HebbardDec 04, 2014
1,574phil ThomasDec 04, 2014
1,573Anissia WhiteDec 04, 2014
1,572Allison QuickSafe cycle routes between Totnes and surrounding villages are an essential part of any sustainable transport policy and will be increasingly well used in coming years.Dec 04, 2014
1,571julie & john sandersWe really feel that NCN2 would be of huge benefit to hundreds of cyclists in our area, there are so many villages who would find this such a safe way of avoiding the A381, cycling on busy roads is so dangerous!!!Dec 04, 2014
1,570Eleanor Carr-ArcherDec 04, 2014
1,569Catherine HeratyBrilliant idea, please open this cycle link so I can cycle to Totnes to visit family on a nice route rather than the busy and dangerous Newton Abbot road.Dec 04, 2014
1,568Cairn HurstIncreasing numbers of cyclists on the road are making roads more dangerous, for cyclists as well as drivers. I'm a cyclist myself, on and off-road, and believe an active lifestyle should be encouraged. Cycling is a great way to go about it. Its pointless wasting time and money on something that people seldom use. If time and money is being invested it should be in something that will get used!Dec 04, 2014
1,567Andrew VenningDec 04, 2014
1,566Lorraine Lane Dec 04, 2014
1,565Roger HawkinsI regularly use the local cycle paths Dec 04, 2014
1,564Robynn KaiserDec 04, 2014
1,563Alice OwenWe're a family of regular visitors to the area, and keen cyclists, who would love to be able to cycle as a family when we're in the area - the A381 just isn't an option!Dec 04, 2014
1,562Viv BurgessAnyone opposing this should try cycling along this stretch of road or another like it.Dec 04, 2014
1,561Jane MontgomeryDec 04, 2014
1,560Nicola GyopariI totally believe there should be a safe cycle route - and walking - for all between these two places.Dec 04, 2014
1,559JOHN WAREDec 04, 2014
1,558dave mitchellThis is by far the best route!Dec 04, 2014
1,557John CondonDec 04, 2014
1,556Leslie BilligDec 04, 2014
1,555Kate BilligDec 04, 2014
1,554rob dixonDec 04, 2014
1,553PETER COCKRAMDec 04, 2014
1,552Arron TylerDec 04, 2014
1,551Deborah ParsonsDec 04, 2014
1,550Alexandra James-GetsEncourage cycling by making shortest routes available!Dec 04, 2014
1,549Jane BradyDec 04, 2014
1,548John ClementsCyclists, cars and lorries do not mix. Any move to seperate them out is good for all concern.Dec 04, 2014
1,547Laura CreenDec 04, 2014
1,546Raymond StaceyDec 04, 2014
1,545Ben DunningDec 04, 2014
1,544Shirley DymondWe need to do everything we can, as a nation, to encourage people to be as active as possible. As adults we must set an example to our children and encourage them by investing in projects like this. In so doing, we are investing in the health and well being of the general population. Short term economics have long term consequences. Lets learn from past mistakes and value a future we won't necessDec 04, 2014
1,543Julian HallI consider that the route over that existing SDR footbridge is far shorter and better.Dec 04, 2014
1,542Liz PlayleDec 04, 2014
1,541Richard ReidDec 04, 2014
1,540Elizabeth WatersonDec 04, 2014
1,539Matthew PikeDec 04, 2014
1,538Nigel HollI used to live at TQ12 5UW .... and used the A831 as a route to Totnes by bike for years (inc travel to school). I cycle these days circa 8000miles per annum - mainly in Scotland, but in Devon when visiting relatives. The A831 is far from cycle friendly - narrow, twisty, tight, fast, heavy traffic. This cycle route is 30 years overdue and MUST now be implemented. We want a healthy active nation doDec 04, 2014
1,537Jon Welch Dec 04, 2014
1,536mike jeffriesDec 04, 2014
1,535Tim AndersonDec 04, 2014
1,534paul woodhamDec 04, 2014
1,533john andrewsDec 04, 2014
1,532Jenny TozerDec 04, 2014
1,531max edwardsDec 04, 2014
1,530Lia PontonDec 04, 2014
1,529Sam FiceDec 04, 2014
1,528Archie TurbettDec 04, 2014
1,527Louise BarnesDec 04, 2014
1,526Tracey BatchelorDec 04, 2014
1,525Caroline JonesDec 04, 2014
1,524Heather FiceDec 04, 2014
1,523Donald CookAs a frequent visitor to South Devon on my bike I have several times been aware of the shorcomings of the present inadequate provision of cyclepaths. The A381 is not a good road for cycling; the using of the SDR bridge seems a perfectly sensible solution.Dec 04, 2014
1,522Rose KnaptonDec 04, 2014
1,521Paul SpoonerLet's make this worthwhile & worthy project happen.Dec 04, 2014
1,520Adelia TisdallDec 04, 2014
1,519David CartwrightDec 04, 2014
1,518Gary CliffordDec 04, 2014
1,517Gareth KearDec 04, 2014
1,516max edwardsDec 04, 2014
1,515Karen TownsendDec 04, 2014
1,514Sarah WoodDec 04, 2014
1,513Ken RenshawDec 04, 2014
1,512Annette RatuszniakWhen visiting Totnes I frequently cycle or walk in this area with my family and support the need for a safe cycle and walking route that avoids the Newton Abbot road.Dec 04, 2014
1,511Michael JarvisDec 04, 2014
1,510Ceri ReesThis is a dangerous road, speaking as someone who cycled the route to work at one time. Shouldn't we also be sending a positive message to support cyclists and bicycle users because it's a healthy, sustainable practice, in the face of so much negative news about what an obese nation this is!Dec 04, 2014
1,509Alastair GetsPromote cycling by providing easy, accessible and appropriately routed paths. This will take cars off the road!Dec 04, 2014
1,508Jonathan BassettDec 04, 2014
1,507Alan BurchellDec 04, 2014
1,506Richard Banks Clearly this requires careful and respectful negotiation between all stakeholders to achieve shared use. Dec 04, 2014
1,505Simon DenshamDec 04, 2014
1,504Sophie Galleymore BirdI would love to use my bike more but I'm terrified of the pace of traffic in our narrow roads. I would greatly appreciate any and all improvements to bicycling safety.Dec 04, 2014
1,503Charlie TrendallI live in Newton Abbot and go to school in Totnes and I want to ride there on my bike.Dec 04, 2014
1,502harry forteI'm fifteen and would like a safe way to cycle into and out of Totnes to see my friends.Dec 04, 2014
1,501Phil DeebleDec 04, 2014
1,500Jemma MajorDec 04, 2014
1,499sophie martineauDec 04, 2014
1,498Will BlakeDec 04, 2014
1,497Steve Mansfield It seems ludicrous not to use existing infrastructure although I can understand the safety concerns about cyclists and pedestrians using the same narrow bridge. It would seem very simple to encourage cyclists to dismount. The 'graffiti' argument is frankly pathetic Dec 04, 2014
1,496claire callenderDec 04, 2014
1,495Roy WilkinsonCycling for job and booze to LHMPSTN would be MEGA!Dec 04, 2014
1,494A KDec 04, 2014
1,493Wayne Mertins-BrownThis cycle path is desperately wanted and needed. Please let it happen! Dec 04, 2014
1,492David DefriendDec 04, 2014
1,491john meakinDec 04, 2014
1,490Matt FarrahDec 04, 2014
1,489Andrea LinkDec 04, 2014
1,488Yolanda DrewellDec 04, 2014
1,487Judi VallanceDec 04, 2014
1,486Elaine CleverdonDec 04, 2014
1,485peter clodeDec 04, 2014
1,484Jacqui DownDec 04, 2014
1,483Paul DeebleDec 04, 2014
1,482PETER LE PAGEDec 04, 2014
1,481christopher danceDec 04, 2014
1,480Jim BanksDec 04, 2014
1,479adrian TredinnickDec 04, 2014
1,478Barbara LindleyDec 04, 2014
1,477Helen Blackhall I fully support this cycle linkDec 04, 2014
1,476Mark DrewellLet's make cycling effective and relevant!Dec 04, 2014
1,475Scott PomeryDec 04, 2014
1,474kirsty hurstDec 04, 2014
1,473nigel toppingDec 04, 2014
1,472Schnauzer Minelliyes please. I fully support thisDec 04, 2014
1,471jeannie HodderDec 04, 2014
1,470jennifer wellwoodplease allow this cycle path to happen! It would make a massive difference to access, leisure, safety and healthy living- it would be of benefit and profit to our area for both locals and visitors. Dec 04, 2014
1,469Deborah Sleeman i would love a cycle route from newton abbot to Totnes! Also one from Newton Abbot to Teignmouth would be amazing! Dec 03, 2014
1,468Rebecca CoggerPlease do not ignore our campaign and sign off on a route that bypasses Totnes. Thank you, David, Rebecca, Isaac & Florence Dec 03, 2014
1,467Mixhelle Harrisplease help provide a safe cycle route where people can cycle without fear of their lives and motorists can drive withy feR of hurting any oneDec 03, 2014
1,466David GregoryDec 02, 2014
1,465Pat BrentDec 02, 2014
1,464Charles GillmoreDec 01, 2014
1,463andrew morrellDec 01, 2014
1,462rosalynd morrellDec 01, 2014
1,461Liam FraserDec 01, 2014
1,460Kirstie BarrettNov 30, 2014
1,459Debbie Tyrrell Nov 30, 2014
1,458Susanna HousdenNov 30, 2014
1,457Mark CockramNov 30, 2014
1,456Joanne JenkinsNov 30, 2014
1,455Neil SkinnerI welcome any initiative that leads to better and safer cycle routes, accessible to all. Nov 28, 2014
1,454gavin BurnsCan't come soon enough!!!Nov 28, 2014
1,453derek skinnergood route u could also come from Newton Abbot via Denbury - Littlehempston....and what's happened to the Newton Abbot - Teignmouth route and the moretonhampstead route..slowNov 28, 2014
1,452nuala kellyNov 28, 2014
1,451Bob SchofieldNov 28, 2014
1,450Sue CooperNov 28, 2014
1,449claire antatNov 27, 2014
1,448sam norrishNov 27, 2014
1,447David JenkinsNov 27, 2014
1,446David HornsbyNov 27, 2014
1,445Gina HornsbyNov 27, 2014
1,444Martin RandallI cycle to work daily in all weather from Denbury to Totnes along the A381. An alternative and safe route would make an incredible difference to my commute. Nov 27, 2014
1,443meagan CostelloNov 27, 2014
1,442David PillarNov 27, 2014
1,441Gemma FinchNov 27, 2014
1,440Enda CorryNov 26, 2014
1,439Paul CantorNov 26, 2014
1,438Anne CarthyNov 26, 2014
1,437Paul CarthyNov 26, 2014
1,436Emma JenkinsNov 25, 2014
1,435Patricia KeeleyNov 24, 2014
1,434julia garwoodNov 23, 2014
1,433helen SpencerI regularly cycle this road and risk my life and drive motorists mad, especially on the narrow hilly areas!!Nov 22, 2014
1,432Rachel FarleyNov 22, 2014
1,431chris cattNov 21, 2014
1,430fiona cattNov 21, 2014
1,429Tim HinsonThis would be an amazing route, and would encourage me to come down and visit the area more!Nov 21, 2014
1,428Robert CliffordNov 20, 2014
1,427Michael OliverNov 19, 2014
1,426william Rees-Jonesliving in ipplepen I thought it would be nice to cycle to Newton Abbott often throughout the summer months, but the is simply no convenient safe way for me to do this so resorted to the bus which is costly. Nov 19, 2014
1,425Pru CombenNov 19, 2014
1,424pete webbThe road from Buckfastleigh to Riverford Bridge is very dangerous - it needs a cycle path (beside the railway??)Nov 18, 2014
1,423John WalterNov 18, 2014
1,422Aphra SklairNov 18, 2014
1,421oscar murrayobviously a brilliant idea, its a no brainier really, so many benefits! really hope it happens.Nov 18, 2014
1,420harriet blackmoreNov 18, 2014
1,419Jason KingI feel this route would greatly benefit many communities and provide an invaluable boost to the local economy. Nov 17, 2014
1,418Eric MoellerNov 17, 2014
1,417Martin WebbNov 17, 2014
1,416Asher LevinI have often visited my God-daughter in Littlehempston. It is really not safe to cycle on the roads. Please find a reasonable solution!Nov 17, 2014
1,415Don ChalcraftMyself & my wife are keen cyclist. We would love to see option 3 implemented. What has happened to the planned Steiner school to Buckfastleigh Cycle path, that used to be shown on the Computer.?.Nov 17, 2014
1,414Jeremy LeicesterI think that cycling and walking should be encouraged across the country, especially for people who are trapped in their communities by dangerous roads.Nov 17, 2014
1,413Emily FairclothNov 17, 2014
1,412Daphne van RunNov 17, 2014
1,411Rob LloydNov 17, 2014
1,410Paul ConlinNov 17, 2014
1,409Christine PetersenNov 17, 2014
1,408MANISHA SOLANKINov 17, 2014
1,407Carolina Schmidt Nov 16, 2014
1,406Helen CatherallNov 16, 2014
1,405Helen BeethamI cycle everywhere around these parts, including with my 8 year old, but it is often with my heart in my mouth. This is a well thought-through proposal which will make cycling less dangerous and a viable option for many more people than it is today.Nov 16, 2014
1,404Fred WakefieldNov 16, 2014
1,403Peter WebbNov 16, 2014
1,402Pip JonesNov 16, 2014
1,401Erik PetersenMy grandchildren, the Bjerregaards, live in Lower CourtNov 16, 2014
1,400Nicola HaynesNov 16, 2014
1,399Mark PriorSDR have a moral, if not a legal, responsibility to agree to access. In practice it is only going to be in their commercial interest to agree what should be a legal right as it will provide promotion and easy access for their customers. It is cherish for them to fight what is a logical and appropriate route for the cycle path. Nov 16, 2014
1,398Luke SuttonNov 16, 2014
1,397Tony WrightSafe cycling is a must for Devon!Nov 16, 2014
1,396Helen ColeNeed investment like this, just follow the brilliant track on Exe estuary. Rakes in the tourists. Councillors need to be bold and ambitious.Nov 16, 2014
1,395Julie Frenchwe really need these cycle routes, our roads are just not safe these days. Encourage more people to get out and get some exercise!Nov 16, 2014
1,394leone EllisNov 16, 2014
1,393Jerry De Freyne-Martinjerry de Freyne-Martin thinks this is a great idea encouraging Excercises and family activity while reducing accidents and improving through low for traffic on roadsNov 16, 2014
1,392charlie BakerPlease don't absolutely flatten the whole landscape like you have to build the Kingskerswell bypass. A great example of what you want here can be found in Yorkshire near bakewellcalled the monsal trail. The public health benefits of this would be amazingNov 16, 2014
1,391Henry IrvineNov 16, 2014
1,390Steve MillyardNov 16, 2014
1,389Jackie MillyardNov 16, 2014
1,388Vanessa EndacottNov 16, 2014
1,387Gail KenwrightNov 16, 2014
1,386Tony PriorNov 16, 2014
1,385Vicky EvansNov 16, 2014
1,384rob smithNov 15, 2014
1,383Catrin DunnNov 15, 2014
1,382jack kellyNov 15, 2014
1,381Matt Symes Nov 15, 2014
1,380Louise BrownNov 15, 2014
1,379Peter SouchI regularly cycle this route and have had some very close experiences with cars, lorries and buses. It is a dangerous road. A cycle path would be used far more than cyclists use the main road now. Please consider this petition, it will draw people from all over. Nov 15, 2014
1,378Lil CranfieldIf there were a cycle lane some of the nightmare traffic may be relieved - rather a cycle lane than a bypass!Nov 15, 2014
1,377Brian MarjoramPlease find a solution .. the benefits to the community and our kids safety is paramount ..thanksNov 15, 2014
1,376James MooneyThis is the future!Nov 15, 2014
1,375Claire ChapmanNov 15, 2014
1,374Louise SwannCycling has taken off big time around here and cars still can't cope with us on the roads so a designated cycle path makes so much sense!Nov 15, 2014
1,373Paul KohnNov 15, 2014
1,372Susan PaskellCycling must be supported to keep cars off the road & for health benefits.Nov 15, 2014
1,371Wendy FiskNov 15, 2014
1,370Matt CarfraeNov 15, 2014
1,369Rosie CawthorneNov 15, 2014
1,368Tessa FincherNov 15, 2014
1,367Richard Mugford It would be great to have a safe route for cycling to Totnes with my family. Nov 15, 2014
1,366Peter FellowsI cycle to Totnes, to Ipplepen and to Newton Abbot, regularly, from Marldon. About half the journey is along the Totnes-Newton Abbot road. The leg of the journey along the Totnes-Newton Abbot road is usually quite unpleasant. Most motorists are polite and drive slowly until there is a chance to pass, which must frustrate them, there is sometimes a motorist who drives fast and close to get througNov 15, 2014
1,365Graham BinnsNov 15, 2014
1,364Heather RaboneI would use this path several times a week - it is such a great idea - please make this happen. Nov 15, 2014
1,363Jessie Bowie-SellNov 15, 2014
1,362Louise YoxallNov 15, 2014
1,361vanese hawkerNov 15, 2014
1,360Daisy AllenNov 15, 2014
1,359Sean BarnesNov 15, 2014
1,358Sue HollowayNov 15, 2014
1,357Kate FraterNov 15, 2014
1,356Jonathan ParsonsNov 15, 2014
1,355Richard WadsworthNov 15, 2014
1,354Julian CabreraNov 15, 2014
1,353Geraldine WhileyNov 15, 2014
1,352Jay TomptA cycle path between Newton Abbot and Totnes would great add to the number of cyclists and reduce the number of cars on the road. It would boost health and wellbeing in both communities. This is a no brainer.Nov 15, 2014
1,351Diane HalkesNov 15, 2014
1,350Jackie MorseNov 15, 2014
1,349Jill HoldingNov 15, 2014
1,348paul rosatiWe need a safe and accessible route, this will allow us to leave the car at homeNov 15, 2014
1,347laurel EllisNov 15, 2014
1,346Sally GilesNov 14, 2014
1,345Victoria LloydNov 14, 2014
1,344Alfred HurstNov 14, 2014
1,343lucy fleetwoodNov 14, 2014
1,342David HendersonNov 14, 2014
1,341Fiona TilleySafe travel for cyclists and pedestrians is very important. Not to mention the added value this will bring to the economy through improvements to tourism services. Nov 14, 2014
1,340Emma KiddNov 14, 2014
1,339Stacey ToppinI frequently cycle along this road and I think a cycle path would be brilliant and much safer for everyone.Nov 14, 2014
1,338Elizabeth CrawfordNov 14, 2014
1,337Cathy AshleyNov 14, 2014
1,336Graeme KayBrilliant idea.Nov 14, 2014
1,335Joey KayI would definitely use this.Nov 14, 2014
1,334Matthew DyetWhy wouldn't you Nov 14, 2014
1,333Tim LeeNov 14, 2014
1,332Mike WoodsNov 14, 2014
1,331Joe RowingThis would be fantastic!Nov 14, 2014
1,330Peter SloanNov 14, 2014
1,329Nick Deacon ElliottNov 14, 2014
1,328Emma HallamNov 14, 2014
1,327roger ballanceNov 14, 2014
1,326Paula CurtisNov 14, 2014
1,325Mark ClearyAbout time Nov 14, 2014
1,324Joseph Harnettwhat a great idea! It would be very well used!Nov 14, 2014
1,323Claire HallNov 14, 2014
1,322Tim HilesNov 14, 2014
1,321Trudy HUntIts good environmentally and for everyones general health and fitnessNov 13, 2014
1,320James FlynnWe must support cycling every time we get the chance - it's empowering liberating and joyous and everyone should be doing it more if only our roads were more friendly - they are currently terrifying to cyclists Good luck XNov 08, 2014
1,319tessa gleesonNov 07, 2014
1,318paul labistourNov 06, 2014
1,317Hayley WalshNov 06, 2014
1,316steve burnettNov 06, 2014
1,315Amanda EllisNov 06, 2014
1,314George FranklandNov 06, 2014
1,313Simon BaskettNov 05, 2014
1,312Chris PayneAside from locals, surely would bring more tourists as well ? Nov 05, 2014
1,311Ben WatersNov 05, 2014
1,310Simon GilboyNov 05, 2014
1,309Lois CurryNov 05, 2014
1,308Liam McKeownNov 05, 2014
1,307Imogen GreenThis cycle path is extremely important to the community. Please keep the locals interest at heart.Nov 05, 2014
1,306Helen Hobson-ScottNov 05, 2014
1,305Ian HoskerNov 05, 2014
1,304Sean ConboyNov 05, 2014
1,303Nicholas CollisNov 05, 2014
1,302bojana daw srdanoviclong overdue. needed as a safe alternative to car addiction rampant in Britain, particularly the rural areasNov 05, 2014
1,301Scott LauThis is an excellent plan since the road between Newton Abbot and Totnes is very very dangerous to cycle on, especially so at night. Some vehicles travel much to fast there and pose a real risk to safety, I have cycled for 35 years and I won't use that road at present.Nov 05, 2014
1,300gemma bromilowNov 05, 2014
1,299Philip WellsNov 05, 2014
1,298Sophie BaverstockNov 05, 2014
1,297Nick Brookes Nov 05, 2014
1,296Lee O'ConnorNov 05, 2014
1,295Greg LoveNov 04, 2014
1,294Daniel ScarboroughNov 04, 2014
1,293Katie GrevesonNov 04, 2014
1,292Stephanie BainesNov 04, 2014
1,291Owen WilliamsNov 04, 2014
1,290Ian HawkesNov 04, 2014
1,289simon shieldsmuch needed ..would be great to visit friends on foot and cycle over the river, as its sooo close, but instead you have to take a vehicle as the main road is lethal for a 7 year old !!!!Nov 04, 2014
1,288Gerri HastingsNov 04, 2014
1,287Greg ConboyI have many friends and family in Totnes and visit the area often. I have visited the South Devon Railway and rare breeds centre lots over the years and think this would be a real asset to the area.Nov 04, 2014
1,286Nigel ValentineNov 04, 2014
1,285John ApplegarthWe all need more safe routes. Please make this happen. Nov 04, 2014
1,284grant rileyNov 04, 2014
1,283nick sheronNov 04, 2014
1,282Peter BoyleThe Totnes to Newton Abbot road has become far too dangerous with cars and lorries showing total disregard for cyclists. This cycle path needs to happen quickly to avoid any further accidents and God forbid, fatalities.Nov 04, 2014
1,281Krystyna BrundellNov 04, 2014
1,280Matty SimsNov 04, 2014
1,279Davinia LathamI am not from Devon but I cycle as a hobby therefore feel there should be more safe cycle routes that people can access.Nov 04, 2014
1,278Lloyd EvansNov 04, 2014
1,277Fred CraigNov 04, 2014
1,276jordania HaywoodNov 04, 2014
1,275Jody BirchallNov 04, 2014
1,274Elise EvansNov 04, 2014
1,273Julian JamesIt is important to establish safe traffic free cycle routes that are workable.Nov 04, 2014
1,272Krishna BakraniaNov 04, 2014
1,271kendal TredinnickWe are hoping to move to the village of Littlehepston with three young children. In a few years the ability for all of them to be be able to cycle safely into Totnes and the surrounding areas will be invaluable. Not only for their health and safety but for their independence too.Nov 01, 2014
1,270fran oconnellI am a keen cyclist and am very keen to have this path completedOct 20, 2014
1,269james millerOct 03, 2014
1,268melanie beavisa brilliant idea,really hope it goes ahead. Oct 03, 2014
1,267James DunnSep 29, 2014
1,266Philip ThornfordSep 28, 2014
1,265Dee CurtinSep 27, 2014
1,264Roger SayerSep 26, 2014
1,263Tracey CoombsSep 26, 2014
1,262trudi MarshallSep 25, 2014
1,261John CallawayThe present cycle network desperately needs extending. Accessing the Newton Abbot on main roads is far too dangerous.Sep 25, 2014
1,260stephen PerrinsThere should also be a level route between Buckfastleigh and Dartington and one between Ashbuton and Newton Abbot to create a loop between all of these towns, I'm sure the route would become hugely popular.Sep 25, 2014
1,259mark jeffreySep 25, 2014
1,258Rosie PerksSep 25, 2014
1,257Omar IslamThis path would open up the whole area to safe cycling and reduce a significant number of car journeys. It would allow safe cycle access to the south hams from the villages north of totnes. It is a great initiative which merits expediting. The bridge could mandate dismounting and could be closed overnight to reduce vandalism concerns.Sep 23, 2014
1,256fiona cattSep 22, 2014
1,255Tom MacleodSep 22, 2014
1,254Jo RamsdenSep 18, 2014
1,253iona lunanSep 18, 2014
1,252Vicki BishopSep 18, 2014
1,251wendy lawSep 18, 2014
1,250Sandra Curtin-MaggsHaving had many a scare trying to cycle the main road to Totnes I would be delighted to have a safe alternative.Sep 18, 2014
1,249Laura ShearerThere are no safe cycle paths from totnes going to Paignton, Newton abbot, avonwick or harbertonford directions. We have beautiful countryside and could get more people active and enjoying the fresh air if we had better access for pedestrians and cyclists.Sep 17, 2014
1,248Yann Quelvennec Sep 17, 2014
1,247Nicole GibbsSep 17, 2014
1,246Hannah caylessSep 17, 2014
1,245Kathrin BastinSep 17, 2014
1,244Rona BoyneSep 17, 2014
1,243Cloda RoweSep 17, 2014
1,242teresa gocSep 17, 2014
1,241Katie AtkinsSep 17, 2014
1,240George MasseySep 17, 2014
1,239Steve MedlockSep 17, 2014
1,238katie brightwellSep 17, 2014
1,237Jeremy ButlerSep 17, 2014
1,236Richard CarusSep 17, 2014
1,235Gary BrentonSep 17, 2014
1,234Nicholas CullSep 17, 2014
1,233Tony MaggsAnything that allows people safely to take up cycling will pay for itself - improved tourism, health benefits etc. I completely support this petition.Sep 17, 2014
1,232Nicola LangSep 17, 2014
1,231Cara JenkinsonSep 17, 2014
1,230phillipa langnobody in their right mind would cycle to totes on the main roads, speaking as a driver, it is too dangerous for cyclistsSep 17, 2014
1,229eleanor langthere should be a cycle friendly way to get around this area, I want to be able to cycle safely to newton abbot with out the A38 side path. I also want to cycle to totes but it is either dangerous or a large detour.Sep 17, 2014
1,228david emeryI could have used this route as a pleasant commute from work.Sep 17, 2014
1,227Becca GillI have been cycling from Littlehempston to Totnes viia Staverton and this is simply not sustainable. The route is extremely strenuous and is off putting with the dangerous joining at Dartington. My partner's mother was killed on an A road when cycling so understandably he doesn't want me to take that route. Please can you open the cycle path. Jul 24, 2014
1,226John IsherwoodJul 10, 2014
1,225Anne IsherwoodJul 10, 2014
1,224Javed MirWhat a wonderful idea, it would connect up Liitlehempston and beyound. We often use the cycle path between Dartington and Totnes and it would be really wonderful to have other options. The potential of this scheme is massive, potentially allowing a safe cycle route to Newton Abbott and beyound.. I support this scheme whole heatedly !!! Javed mirJul 10, 2014
1,223Ivan MarshallJul 05, 2014
1,222Sarah LawrenceI think this is such a good idea. Anyone iiving in Littlehmpston is much more likely to take this route (by foot or bicycle) rather than going by car if the main route is the only other option.May 19, 2014
1,221Maisie DohertyMay 17, 2014
1,220Paul MaxeyWe walk and cycle when we visit Totnes several times a year to see our son, partner and grandchildren. Providing this cycle path would we believe encourage sustainable tourisum..May 13, 2014
1,219martyn harrisonMay 05, 2014
1,218Anna AshI'm really looking forward to being ale to cycle to Totnes along the proposed cycle path. I support any ventures and initiatives and encourage more affordable and sustainable ways of living locally. Thank you to all those who's efforts are making this dream become a reality! May 02, 2014
1,217Ellie HaleThe more safe cycle paths we have the better. This is a boon not only for the residents but for the tourist industry as wellMay 01, 2014
1,216Jenny QuickMy commute by bike is from Littlehempstone to Totnes along the busy main road. There is no speed limit between the pig and whistle and the roundabout at the first bridge. Cars often go in excess of 60 miles an hour. It is a frightening ride. I hoped for this path so much I may have signed more than once. If so. ApologiesMay 01, 2014
1,215Linda LauruschkusApr 30, 2014
1,214Jan O'HighwayApr 30, 2014
1,213malcolm de medweA good low-cost solution that needs to be implemented NOW, not after further wasted years of negotiations!Apr 30, 2014
1,212Katy ReesApr 30, 2014
1,211Fraser DurhamApr 30, 2014
1,210Lindsey RileyLet's promote good health for future generations!Apr 30, 2014
1,208simon perksthis is an important and vital link for the village of Littlehempston and the wider community a nd i hope that the SDR and rare breeds farm can see a way forward to support this and increase their own foot traffic Apr 30, 2014
1,207larch maxeyAs a keen walker and cyclist and someone passionate about personal, community and planetary wellbeing, as well as sustainability, I completely support this petitionApr 30, 2014
1,206Stephen Parkersafe routes for tourists are essential for local businessesApr 29, 2014
1,205Stephen SummersMuch needed. Apr 29, 2014
1,204Louise OveryThe creation of this route would satisfy many important aims for the area - reducing car use; increasing safety for cyclists and pedestrians; increasing fitness; an additional attraction for tourists. I have recently both walked and cycled along the Newton Abbot road from Littlehempston - very scary experiences which I won't be repeating. I am sure that this new route would be extremely well usApr 28, 2014
1,203Claire StentifordApr 25, 2014
1,202Lynne BarnesThis cycle path could be part of a long distance route from Dartmouth through to Ashburton, providing local cyclists and touring cyclists with safe cycling nad helping to bring prosperity to businesses in LittlehemptonApr 17, 2014
1,201John ColleyApr 13, 2014
1,200Lesley colleyApr 13, 2014
1,199Joe KentApr 06, 2014
1,198Leonie HolmesApr 05, 2014
1,197James KerryApr 03, 2014
1,196Anthony Gilbert-HarrisFeb 24, 2014
1,195Johanna WaldbaumFeb 15, 2014
1,194nikhila ludlowFeb 09, 2014
1,193Julia CannadineFeb 09, 2014
1,192Lucy IsherwoodI live in the village and would love to be able to cycle safely to Totnes. It would be a great environmentally-friendly addition to the village and also enable friends to cycle to Littlehempston from Totnes too! Feb 09, 2014
1,191helen robertsThe whole country will sooner or later come under strong pressure to make cycling more of a way of life, similar to other European countries. Why not be ahead of the curve and simply start the process now. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.Feb 08, 2014
1,190Chris RuoffFeb 05, 2014
1,189iwonna harrisJan 31, 2014
1,188Simon HopperJan 01, 2014
1,187clare mulliganPlease let this go ahead, it will change our lives!!Jan 01, 2014
1,186Simon JarvisDec 29, 2013
1,185Jon BrownDec 29, 2013
1,184Lesley FosbrookDec 21, 2013
1,183Geoff GreenI often use Totnes station for my work - so I end up struggling through the Totnes traffic to jam up parking on a residential street on the edge of town. This is quite stressful in the mornings. Instead - a 2m bike path straight to the station - surely it’s a no-brainer! The Newton Abbot road is far to dangerous for cycling - not very wide + blind corners.Dec 20, 2013
1,182Max ConroyOct 28, 2013
1,181anthony mccannOct 15, 2013
1,180Penny MathersOct 13, 2013
1,179Jay LloydThis would make our lives so much better! The Newton Abbott road is too dangerous - my girlfriend nearly got knocked off her bike, going fast downhill, by a careless ice cream van overtaking with not enough time. Bring the community together! We are so close to town, but so far!Oct 06, 2013
1,178ian cordingleyOct 01, 2013
1,177Amanda JurySep 16, 2013
1,176Christina AplinSep 08, 2013
1,175Kaye RickardsSep 01, 2013
1,174David Hendyi would use the route to do my weekly shop from littlehempstonSep 01, 2013
1,173Roy CollingsAug 22, 2013
1,172scott watkinsAug 17, 2013
1,171Clive PerkinNot only will this route provide access from Littlehempston but also other villages to the east of Totnes including BroadhempstonAug 09, 2013
1,170Frances PerkinThis is an essential sustainable transport solution, contributing to wider Government aims on carbon emission as well as supporting the local economy of Totnes by providing improved access which is not dependent on additional parkingAug 09, 2013
1,169A MedlicottAug 01, 2013
1,168Phil CornishJul 30, 2013
1,167paul forrestJul 28, 2013
1,166David NormanI cycle to Totnes from Ipplepen once or twice a week for leisure purposes. I have to use the dangerous A381 so I try to cycle in the early mornings and evenings when the traffic is lighter. I work in Totnes and would cycle to work every day but don't as the A381 is too risky. I fully support the proposed cycle path and know many other cyclists and walkers who would use the path as well as me. AsJul 28, 2013
1,165Neil TullySafe and easy access to the countryside and rural settlements has become increasingly difficult for walkers and cyclists over the last 40 years or so, and most rural distributor routes around Totnes are dominated by vehicles. Its about time local and county councils took more positive steps to reverse this trend and follow the example of other european countries where the benefits of cycling areJul 25, 2013
1,164Sarah AdamsHaving attempted to walk from Littlehempston to Totnes I ended up on the main road. It was not nice! I love to walk and old love to see this path developed.Jul 24, 2013
1,163Lucy HallI often cycle to work in totnes from Newton. The main road is far to dangerous for cyclists so I use the lanes. With the absence of a direct link from littlehempston I end up wasting at least 20mins with a big detour to Staverton and onto dartington! With this link I would inclined to cycle more and leave the car at home. A plea to stop wasting time, listen to these voices and take action now! Jul 18, 2013
1,162Andrea StandonJul 17, 2013
1,161Aaron StandonJul 16, 2013
1,160Richard AmosJul 12, 2013
1,159Barbara GableJul 12, 2013
1,158Andrew HockingsJul 10, 2013
1,157Jenni WittmanIt is such a privilege to walk through the countryside.Jul 10, 2013
1,156Jonathon PorrittJul 07, 2013
1,155tony dempsteronly a cyclist on a suicide mission would ride the a381. i have ridden along there and been terrified at the attitude of the majority of car and lorry drivers towards a cyclist with only a crash helmet and a dayglo tunic as protection. lets get on with producing a route that is accessible to all. to encourage families and of a more senior age to get on their bikes and get fitter, healthier and enjJul 06, 2013
1,154Rich GartonImagine a whole network of cycle paths linking all nearby villages to Totnes. What an asset and attraction to tourism! We need a strategy to develop this network and this is an excellent start to demonstrate that Totnes can continue to be a "trailblazer" in developing sustainable resources. Just do it!! RGJul 05, 2013
1,153Julian VeasyJul 03, 2013
1,152Chris TimpsonJul 02, 2013
1,151Helene DemetriadesJun 29, 2013
1,150Gavin McKivraganJun 29, 2013
1,149Annie WoolfJun 28, 2013
1,148Nicola RogersJun 27, 2013
1,147Julian BrazilJun 25, 2013
1,146Richard Younger-RossJun 24, 2013
1,145Alistair DewhirstJun 24, 2013
1,144Mike WebberI love both Totnes and Littlehempston. I cannot drive. Walking and cycling from Totnes to Littlehempston is a dangerous and nasty nightmare. This path would provide a safe and pleasant route between two of my favourite places in the country.Jun 23, 2013
1,143Richard PhillipsCycling on the A381 is very hazardous and an alternative rout avoiding this would greatly encourage cycling as real alternative to driving with benefits for traffic reduction and climate changeJun 23, 2013
1,142Barbara PhillipsThis is a much needed path for those who would like to walk safely between Littlhempston and Totnes. Also, speaking as a 'Walk and Talk leader it will give our walkers a new and interesting local walk.Jun 23, 2013
1,141Philip LushJun 22, 2013
1,140Peter RileyI am in full support of the cycle path. I would use this route regularly and am saddened by the resistance to this from a few local landowners.Jun 22, 2013
1,139Calum MackenzieJun 21, 2013
1,138Andrew MogfordI certainly support the Littlehempston Cycle path, and would certainly use it myself. The benefits of relieving congestion in Totnes, plus health and tourism advantages make it well worth while working to overcome the local difficulties.Jun 21, 2013
1,137Mike EdmundsJun 20, 2013
1,136Michael FosterI suggest that the access also include the residential areas adjacent to the A381, which currently have no safe walking access to Totnes.Jun 20, 2013
1,135carole grimsley'Good Luck' with your proposed cycle path. I'm a member of a group recently formed to support the proposed multi use trail between Feniton - Ottery st Mary - Sidmouth in East Devon. We all need as much support as we can muster!!Jun 20, 2013
1,134claire wrightJun 20, 2013
1,133Frank BiedermanJun 20, 2013
1,132Kathryn HillJun 18, 2013
1,131Barbara PieterseIt would be marvellous to have this lane open to cyclists and walkers. I often walk the green lanes around Totnes and it would be a valuable addition to the available and safe walks in the area.Jun 14, 2013
1,130John PearceJun 12, 2013
1,129Kate HewerI would really like this cyclepath. I do not drive and the A381 is so narrow with no speed limits and very dangerous to walk or cycle on. The buses don't run in the evening.Jun 12, 2013
1,128Christiner PrewerI offed walk from were I live along the road to Totnes and it is a bit scary because drivers think 70MPH means that is the minmum speed. I'm surprised there has not been a fatal accident involving a perdestrian before now. A pathway would be great.Jun 12, 2013
1,127Carolyn RamsbottomMy son and family live at the Bourtons and the children have nowhere safe to walk or cycle.Jun 11, 2013
1,126Owen SmallThis cycle route will promote the use or green transport and a healthy lifestyle for all ages. it will join these two communities without endangering cyclists as they will no longer have to travel on the extremely busy and dangerous A381 road. There have been numerous accidents and near misses along this route as drivers seem to drive too fast as this is a national speed limited road, not good foMay 24, 2013
1,125GASTON DEZARTAs a regular user of the Tarka Trail I fully appreciate the need for safe and healthy outdoor exercise. As the new County Councillor for Bideford East I fully support this project .May 20, 2013
1,124Ruth WatkinsMay 17, 2013
1,123ray debroizeMay 11, 2013
1,122Dan HeyseGreat idea and once the issues can be worked out with SDR and SWW then it will be a great asset to the local areaMay 08, 2013
1,121Josh EdwardsThe wheels on the bus go round and round so why can't the wheels on our bikes! May 08, 2013
1,120Sebastian McNeillMay 08, 2013
1,119Benjamin MoloneyMay 07, 2013
1,118Mirella FerrazApr 30, 2013
1,117Ben FisherStarting on Dartington estate river walk Staverton to Totnes ;then next to the new Atmos project; Vire island to Steamer Quay; End of Longmarsh across to Agatha Woods then on to Sharpham quay floating dock bridges would exercise the Totnes cardio vascular system - drive away walking boredom with more pleasing circular routes. Open up a cycle route from Longmarsh to Stoke Gabriel with access toApr 27, 2013
1,116william millerApr 26, 2013
1,115andy everettoften get the train to totnes to see friends would be nice to be able to feel safe to cycle more around the north of totnes where we also have friendsApr 08, 2013
1,114Stephen WilsonApr 05, 2013
1,113Ursula CrickmayMar 27, 2013
1,112richard bartlettEverybody has the right to be safe on the road.Mar 12, 2013
1,111harry fentonI would like to be able to cycle from home to the edge of dartmoor safely. This route would allow me to do this.Mar 10, 2013
1,110Lane LehingMar 04, 2013
1,109Michael BakerThe completion of this link will provide a much needed link to Totnes for walkers and cyclists, benefitting both local residents and tourists. The security threat to the railway station perceived by the steam railway company is greatly overstated in my view.Feb 15, 2013
1,108Susanna BertiniFeb 13, 2013
1,107Sarah ConnollyFeb 13, 2013
1,106Manuela ManuelFeb 12, 2013
1,105David LincolnFeb 11, 2013
1,104Lucy HarveyFeb 11, 2013
1,103David WilliamsGood Luck !Feb 11, 2013
1,102Emma Palmer-HunterIt would be fantastic to have another safe, off -road route to run/walk/cycle on!!Feb 11, 2013
1,101Almut WoolardFeb 11, 2013
1,100Leanne HaymanFeb 11, 2013
1,099Gillian HealeyIt's madness not to do this.Feb 11, 2013
1,098Jane LoprestiFeb 11, 2013
1,097C ColemanFeb 11, 2013
1,096Jo CookeMore cycle routes = 🙂Feb 11, 2013
1,095Lee VealeNeed it for child safe route.Feb 11, 2013
1,094Sean FerrisGreat idea, be great if it happens.Feb 11, 2013
1,093Freya JonasFeb 11, 2013
1,092Elizabeth SpradberyVisiting Devon frequently, I feel this would be a great step forward.Feb 11, 2013
1,091Rob FrancisFeb 11, 2013
1,090Hannah GibbonsFeb 11, 2013
1,089Tim MeliaFeb 10, 2013
1,088James BelseyFeb 10, 2013
1,087helen LYNCHFeb 10, 2013
1,086ian lynchFeb 10, 2013
1,085Sam WhitFeb 10, 2013
1,084Sian CoughlinFeb 08, 2013
1,083inez aponteFeb 08, 2013
1,082Juliette MoorFeb 08, 2013
1,081Matthias SchlueterFeb 08, 2013
1,080Clive StringerCyclists, and pedestrians are equal shareholders with car users in the nations highways, however investment in making the highways car friendly has often been at the expense of other road users. Councils should be looking to redress the balance at every opportunity by building cycle friendly routes. In times of austerity it should be remembered that car use is a waste of peoples time and also a neFeb 08, 2013
1,079Karen ButterworthFeb 07, 2013
1,078Jack CarolanCycling through the back lanes is much better than cycling on busy roads i think so would be nice to have another little route to take. Also very useful for the people of littlehempston so i hear.Feb 07, 2013
1,077Martin TriggolFeb 07, 2013
1,076Elizabeth and Tom PetherOur children have friends in Littlehempston and we would like them to be able to cycle safely to see them, but would not be happy for them to use the dangerous main road.Feb 07, 2013
1,075Karen HuntFeb 07, 2013
1,074clare galeFeb 07, 2013
1,073Stewart BergmanI would rally like to see better cycle options in my local area. There are currently no cycle friendly routes between Newton Abbot & Totnes or between Ipplepen and Kinskerswell. I would like to give my full support to the development of any cycle routes in these areas.Feb 07, 2013
1,072James IrwinFeb 06, 2013
1,071Cameron HardFeb 06, 2013
1,070Angie SquiresFeb 06, 2013
1,069Matthew HodgsonFeb 06, 2013
1,068Matthew CarrSeems long overdue and a necessary implementation of safety for those wishing to reap the rewards of totnes from a nearby villageFeb 06, 2013
1,067Toby BoyacigillerFeb 06, 2013
1,066Laurence PettittIt would be brilliant if there were a safe route for walkers and cyclists to Littlehempston because I think it would bring business the the little town (especially the pub). I believe there is now reason why this cycle path shouldn't be built considering how much money has already been spent building the bridge over the river dart that makes this cycle path possible. Without the path that bridge Feb 06, 2013
1,065amelia durbinWould love this to happen!Feb 06, 2013
1,064alex backFeb 06, 2013
1,063Ashleigh HarperFeb 06, 2013
1,062Sam D'urbervilleFeb 06, 2013
1,061Sam JeromeFeb 06, 2013
1,060Ella MorseFeb 06, 2013
1,059Oliver Del MarFeb 06, 2013
1,058chris nortongreat idea! Feb 06, 2013
1,057Steve SkedgellFeb 06, 2013
1,056Mary JonesFeb 06, 2013
1,055Francesca BourneFeb 06, 2013
1,054Steven SutherlandFeb 06, 2013
1,053Maia SutherlandFeb 06, 2013
1,052neil scoinsMore cycle paths needed in south devon Feb 05, 2013
1,051Martin HopeFeb 05, 2013
1,050Olly FranklandDon't have a car. We need to enable more cycle use locally.Feb 05, 2013
1,049GRAHAM MORFORDFeb 05, 2013
1,048Rebecca FaggFeb 04, 2013
1,047derek lyddonFeb 04, 2013
1,046Jenny GracieFeb 04, 2013
1,045Carola HyneFeb 04, 2013
1,044Amanda ChadwikThe road from Littlehempston to Totnes is one of the most dangerous in the area, which means anyone living in Littlehempston is totally reliant on the car, or one of the few buses. People have been killed on this road. A cycle path would give safe access for all, including older citizens and children; something which does not exist at the moment. I therefore urge you to facilitate this path. AmaFeb 04, 2013
1,043Rosemary KirbyFeb 04, 2013
1,042Oli PedrickFeb 04, 2013
1,041Rachel MerringtonFeb 04, 2013
1,040Becky LeeFeb 03, 2013
1,039Martha WelbyFeb 03, 2013
1,038Trudi MacagninoWe have 3 teenage daughters who would all like to be able to cycle safely to Totnes from Littlehempston. as would I and my husband. They currently cannot do so as the A381 is extremely dangerouse for cyclists. We are therefore forced to use the car on most occasions, regrettably contributing to the traffic congestion in Totnes. Please please take action now on this worthwhile and much needed projeFeb 03, 2013
1,037Graham WilsonThis is an essential link for NCN 2. There is 12% p.a. anticipated growth for tourism using bicycles and this should benefit the local economy. Touring cyclists will avoid dangerous main roads so without this link Totnes will be disadvantagedFeb 03, 2013
1,036Chris HandsleyFeb 02, 2013
1,035Chantal SaltibusGo Cycling!Feb 02, 2013
1,034Tony FranksFeb 02, 2013
1,033S. BiancaFeb 02, 2013
1,032Thomas DebrosseYes to cycling!! (safely)Feb 02, 2013
1,031Erica BarlettaFeb 02, 2013
1,030H. C. RavennaFeb 02, 2013
1,029Zoe AtterburyFeb 02, 2013
1,028Tilly HaggertyFeb 02, 2013
1,027Elliott NoonsFeb 02, 2013
1,026Elizabeth NoonsFeb 02, 2013
1,025Ray WhebaFeb 02, 2013
1,024Ronald KlotzFeb 02, 2013
1,023Lucy AshallFeb 02, 2013
1,022Annabel HartsFeb 02, 2013
1,021Paul BaylyFeb 02, 2013
1,020Jo Wilkinson-HortonFeb 02, 2013
1,019N KoralageFeb 02, 2013
1,018Kate HutchinsFeb 02, 2013
1,017Jon ReedFeb 02, 2013
1,016Michael JarvisFeb 02, 2013
1,015Geetie SinghFeb 02, 2013
1,014Kev FoxFeb 02, 2013
1,013Bob StephensonYes PleaseFeb 02, 2013
1,012Gavin ThorneFeb 02, 2013
1,011Frank LinFeb 02, 2013
1,010Lesley FieldFeb 02, 2013
1,009Steve LawsonGreat!Feb 02, 2013
1,008Fern BerreenFeb 02, 2013
1,007Toby LeachCool Idea!Feb 02, 2013
1,006J BrownFeb 02, 2013
1,005Rebecca WelsteadFeb 02, 2013
1,004Doris HewittFeb 02, 2013
1,003Antonia MelvilleFeb 02, 2013
1,002Andrew ClaytonFeb 02, 2013
1,001Pete MelvilleFeb 02, 2013
1,000Jane MacphersonFeb 02, 2013
999Ellie PayneFeb 02, 2013
998Martha PayneFeb 02, 2013
997Abigail IrwinFeb 02, 2013
996Roger NuttallFeb 02, 2013
995Becky NuttallFeb 02, 2013
994Keren MargettsFeb 02, 2013
993Sue SandersonFeb 02, 2013
992Rosie AllenFeb 02, 2013
991Eliot EllingtonFeb 02, 2013
990Phil WiseFeb 02, 2013
989Roy EganDO ITFeb 02, 2013
988Jemima PreslandFeb 02, 2013
987Hebe StopardFeb 02, 2013
986Rowan HopkinsFeb 02, 2013
985Nigel StopardFeb 02, 2013
984Mike PilkingtonFeb 02, 2013
983Keith PeacockFeb 02, 2013
982Valeri PreeceFeb 02, 2013
981Charlie LongFeb 02, 2013
980Robin CopelandFeb 02, 2013
979L FreshwaterFeb 02, 2013
978Tim StevensFeb 02, 2013
977Arya PriyaFeb 02, 2013
976M ParsonsYep!Feb 02, 2013
975Katie BurgessMore cycling to school!Feb 02, 2013
974J BoltonGood IdeaFeb 02, 2013
973Liz ScottFeb 02, 2013
972Marcus ReedFeb 02, 2013
971Jane SmithFeb 02, 2013
970Ben BrownFeb 02, 2013
969Phil WellsI would like to see this path opened for me and my family to ride or walk to work safely.Feb 02, 2013
968Claire SmithFeb 01, 2013
967Pippa GriffinFeb 01, 2013
966Roy JohnsonFeb 01, 2013
965Maureen WrightWe would welcome a footpath and cyclepath to enable safe walking and cycling through our local countryside avoiding the very dangerous main Newton Abbo to Totnes road.Feb 01, 2013
964Luke BisgroveJan 31, 2013
963Sue CoulsonJan 31, 2013
962Paula CloonanJan 31, 2013
961Kim NapierJan 31, 2013
960Sarah WhiteJan 31, 2013
959Eleanor PeckJan 30, 2013
958Emily LewisJan 30, 2013
957Bethan WelbyJan 30, 2013
956zarathustra stevensonJan 30, 2013
955sally beareJan 30, 2013
954Shanaz JohnJan 30, 2013
953Ellie TaylorJan 30, 2013
952Kath GrimshawJan 30, 2013
951laura HamlynI have used the cycle path from Totnes to Dartington every day for years and know how amazing it is to be able to cycle safely away from the busy traffic. Making it enjoyable and possible with children of all ages. All for it!!Jan 30, 2013
950susan nortonJan 30, 2013
949Anne LudlowA human being on a bicycle is the single most energy-efficient mode of transport ever to appear on this planet. Let us celebrate this achievement and provide safe cycling opportunities for all!Jan 29, 2013
948Lucy JennerJan 29, 2013
947shanni ongJan 29, 2013
946Simone WilkieJan 29, 2013
945Lorna WoodwardI drive on this road from Newton Abbot to Totnes from time to time and consider it dangerous for cyclists. This proposal could save lives.Jan 29, 2013
944Verena WilsonJan 29, 2013
943Luke ReiserJan 28, 2013
942Sam PettittJan 28, 2013
941Rose WilloughbyCycling should be encouraged where ever possible, the Totnes area should make improvements where possible to increase safety for cyclists, and to encourage others to start cycling.Jan 28, 2013
940Hilary MayI often cycle to totnes through the back lanes to redpost and Littlehempston, but have to go on the main road from there. It is always the worst part of the journey, with cars travelling at speed but not always having enough room to pass me comfortably!!!! Jan 28, 2013
939Anna IngramJan 28, 2013
938Stuart YoungJan 27, 2013
937Mike NawrockiJan 27, 2013
936Nan NawrockiJan 27, 2013
935Chris MitchellJan 26, 2013
934Wenderlynn BagnallJan 26, 2013
933sylvia roseJan 26, 2013
932Finlay WilsonJan 26, 2013
931Kiri WilsonJan 26, 2013
930Rob WilsonJan 26, 2013
929Maggie HawkyardJan 26, 2013
928William HawkyardJan 26, 2013
927Matt HemingJan 26, 2013
926Richard RowleyJan 26, 2013
925Anne ClementsJan 26, 2013
924Jolyon WhiteJan 26, 2013
923Karen MayceyJan 26, 2013
922Ross MccullochJan 26, 2013
921Emma FiedlerJan 25, 2013
920Zoe TaylorJan 25, 2013
919Kay BurnettJan 25, 2013
918Heather MorrisJan 25, 2013
917Tanya BellJan 25, 2013
916Martin DyerJan 25, 2013
915Rowan SticklandJan 25, 2013
914David RobinsonJan 25, 2013
913Bob WarnettASAP please.Jan 25, 2013
912Lisa BrynsayJan 25, 2013
911Corine KollenBrilliant!Jan 25, 2013
910Chantelle NortonJan 25, 2013
909Peter FrenchJan 25, 2013
908John PaigeJan 25, 2013
907Linda PagettJan 25, 2013
906Lilah McleanVery good idea, full backing.Jan 25, 2013
905Marie PriorGood.Jan 25, 2013
904Sophie HarbourJan 25, 2013
903Cory GordonJan 25, 2013
902Lucy Hornsey-PennellJan 25, 2013
901Kriss MennellJan 25, 2013
900Cecillia SamuelsJan 25, 2013
899David FrenchWe regularly visit family in Totnes and would love to be able to take our daughter out of the town along a new path. The routeacross the bridge seems the only sensible way to go.Jan 25, 2013
898Claire Gordon-BouvierJan 23, 2013
897Ben williamsJan 23, 2013
896Christian WalkerSustainable transport networks allowing safe, carbon-free access into towns from surrounding areas should not even require a petition, they should be a given! Get it done!Jan 23, 2013
895Heidi HarrisonThis definitely needs to be done for this lovely communityJan 23, 2013
894Alan BURCHELLJan 23, 2013
893leonore holderJan 23, 2013
892Antonia AitkenJan 23, 2013
891Leigh-Anne TreadwellA safe route is so essential! I look forward to the path becoming reality 🙂Jan 22, 2013
890jon fraserGood luck and healthy cycling to everyone!Jan 22, 2013
889Carole GoodwinJan 21, 2013
888joanna pinchesLuck love and lightJan 21, 2013
887mark smeatonJan 14, 2013
886Yvonne WidgerThe route via Bourton Lane is very attractive but impractical especially with children and in addition the surface is very rough and in places is not cyclable. Crossing the Newton Abbot/Totnes road frJan 10, 2013
885Jude AllenI walk to Totnes with my two children on Bourton Lane. It takes us about an hour to get to school because the lane is just too bumpy to cycle on. The main road is too busy. A safe cycle route would change our lives considerably. Jan 06, 2013
884caroline svitanaDec 17, 2012
883Jack FaulknerDown by the river along side the railway track?Dec 09, 2012
882Philip ByngDec 09, 2012
881Emma MartinotDec 08, 2012
880julia elliottDec 08, 2012
879Sheila StickleyThose who sign this petition are only a small proportion of those who will eventually use a safe cycle route. We are moving to Devon in the next few months to be near family, but we will choose somewhere where we can cycle to Totnes. Ipplepen fits the bill, but not if we have to risk our lives n the A381. Dec 02, 2012
878Rosemary GladwellOct 26, 2012
877Meinhard FederleinOct 26, 2012
876Gill CoombsOct 11, 2012
875mark bloomfieldSep 17, 2012
874Valerie BelseyAug 30, 2012
873liz millsAug 18, 2012
872raquel dunlopi think a cycle path on the old plymouth rd to south brent from totnes wld be good..i hv cycled the road many times and hv witnessed a cyclist being knocked off his bike nr hazard...Aug 04, 2012
871Donna ProutJul 23, 2012
870Tom MerringtonJul 19, 2012
869Lesley ColleyJul 18, 2012
868TANIA BRYSONJul 17, 2012
867David MacDiarmidSOUTH BRENTJul 17, 2012
866john SandersonJul 17, 2012
865Martha SandersonJul 17, 2012
864Rachel WatsonJul 17, 2012
863Katey JonesI cycle from Littlehempston to Totnes and back most days. Apart from the route being the long way round and up some hellish hills the road is very busy and dangerous for a cyclist. Easy access to Totnes would be a dream come true. It would certainly stop me using my car, which just shouldn't be necessary for such a short journey. It's crazy that the bridge is not accessible, at least dJul 17, 2012
862Ginny CunliffeJul 16, 2012
861Alex MackJul 15, 2012
860Amy Henshaw-DepledgeJul 15, 2012
859Jeremy WeissNear Dartington. I lived near littlehempston for 3 years and regularly visit by bike. I have cycled many different ways to totnes, including fording the river over the weir and other routes in an attempt to avoid the main road which is extremely dangerous. Jul 15, 2012
858john huntJul 14, 2012
857Robert DavidsonJul 14, 2012
856Davy LarkinsJul 14, 2012
855Philip HughesThis will offer cyclists a safe way of getting to Totnes by avoiding the main Newton Abbot to Totnes main road and give an excellent circular route to those of us who live in the Broadhempston and Ipplepen areas.Jul 13, 2012
854Jed KayThis link really is so important. I for one and my family will use this link to cycle into Totnes and beyond.Jul 13, 2012
853derek gibbingsJul 13, 2012
852Anna OakeI cycle from Littlehempston to Totnes and back three times a week and it is no exaggeration to say i have feared for my life more than once. it is a very dangerous route, with fast cars and blind corners. The only way to not be squished into the hedges by cars is to cycle in the middle of the road, which when a car is coming round a blind corner not expecting a bike to be there, is very dangerous Jul 13, 2012
851Paula JessepJul 13, 2012
850donna beaverI live in Shadrack, the obvious route for a nice path is down the no authorized people access lane to the water works which comes out behind the rare breeds farm, a really nice lane with an easy place to link up alongside the steam railway onto the river bike path. Why on earth we aren't allowed to use this lane is beyond me!!!Jul 13, 2012
849Jack SmithJul 12, 2012
848Peter MoranJul 12, 2012
847Debbie ThorpeI am about to move to Staverton, and want to find a way to cycle into Totnes safely! Jul 12, 2012
846Ros BourneRATTERY although we officially live in Rattery parish we are in fact on colston Road and it is possible to get to Totnes LARGELY using cycle paths. I find it appalling that Littlehempston is still not served by a suitable path and that people are expected to use an extremely dangerous road. It can't be impossible to secure the Railway and Rare Breeds Farm (not that cyclists are notoriously Jul 12, 2012
845Sarah BainbridgeJul 11, 2012
844Michael GreenI lived at Uphempston in Littlehempston for 30 years, I cycled daily to school at Dartington in the 50s when the road was quiet. I would be frightened to cycle along this road today with all the traffic, and fully support this idea.Jul 10, 2012
843Georgie FreemantleJul 10, 2012
842Ian GlendinningAs a keen cyclist I use the maze of safe cycling lanes in the triangle between Totnes, Buckfastleigh and Newton. A safe link into Totnes from Littlehempston would open these up to many more people and make a safe link through the lanes to Newton Abbot.Jul 09, 2012
841Catherine GrindellJul 09, 2012
840rory valentineJul 07, 2012
839Mike HigginsRoads in the area are very congested ,with parked cars ,and vans -often on or close to junctions and which our Police ignore.They claim when challenged that the 10m rule as in HIGHWAY CODE are just advisory.Traffic is such that I have not ventured on the bike for some time. Some delivery vans and the growing serge in 4wd's are sometimes badly drivenJul 06, 2012
838Paula GrahamJul 06, 2012
837marie cannJul 05, 2012
836Shaun GrimshawJul 04, 2012
835Roger LaneJul 04, 2012
834Dawn Bear see you on the 14th Jul 03, 2012
833Alex Bear see you on the 14th Jul 03, 2012
832rick kruzeJun 27, 2012
831Dave WalkerJun 26, 2012
830Andy HarrisJun 26, 2012
829Andy HodgeJun 25, 2012
828Rob DaviesJun 25, 2012
827Sam PointerJun 19, 2012
826Rebecca WhiteJun 18, 2012
825Francesca WhiteJun 17, 2012
824James DrummondJun 14, 2012
823Portia SpoonerJun 13, 2012
822Michael PatrickMyself and my family are keen cyclists and use this form of transport, instead of the car, as much as we can. We use the Totnes to Dartington cycle path almost every day, including taking my children by bike and trailer to Dartington Primary school. We would love to be able to ride even further on this path to Littlehampston and so wholeheartedly support this project which is greatly needed. TJun 10, 2012
821Paul BatesJun 05, 2012
820Christine AnhutAlthough i live in berry pomeroy i fully support your project. It is crazy and unacceptabke that the only mode of 'safe' transport in devon seems to be the car. Councils should provide foot and cycle paths alongside alk major abd minor roads. Jun 05, 2012
819Gavin FothergillJun 05, 2012
818Rupert JonesJun 05, 2012
817Val MayThe Newton road is so dangerous. Please look at the alternative route suggested. Jun 04, 2012
816Naomi GreenGreat idea!Jun 03, 2012
815Katie BrimblecombeJun 03, 2012
814Lindsey PikeJun 03, 2012
813Monika PikeThis is a good idea.Jun 02, 2012
812Richard PikeThis is an idea whose time has come! I was aware it was being talked about when we moved here in 1996!! Encouraging exercise, boosting the catering services on the route the other side of the Dart from Totnes, encouraging "Green" tourism. I could go on. Do it. Do it now!Jun 02, 2012
811wendy perrettI would appreciate a cycle path as I am a keen cyclist and like to shop in Totnes. Many thanksJun 02, 2012
810Jason PriceMay 30, 2012
809Abigail SummersMay 30, 2012
808Mike DoormanMay 28, 2012
807Neill WhiteMay 28, 2012
806Frances AnsonMay 28, 2012
805Chris kesnerGovernment are telling us to be more green with cycles etc. But we also need to be safe. So come on and give us this safetyMay 27, 2012
804Emily CriddleI am 11 and want to cycle safely to Totnes as the main road is very dangerous. May 27, 2012
803Simon RushworthMay 27, 2012
802Robert MartinThis is a "must have" cycle path - it makes absolute sense, and will greatly enhance the areaMay 26, 2012
801Robert BurbeaMay 25, 2012
800Jenny MurphyMay 25, 2012
799Ethan KnowlesMay 25, 2012
798Martyn WarrenMay 25, 2012
797Gaz TylerMay 25, 2012
796Mark OvlandMay 25, 2012
795kenneth john woodBy giving us the opportunity to walk or cycle to and from Totnes,avoiding the dangerous A38I you are SAVING SOMEONES LIFE if not today certaintly in the future. May 25, 2012
794Nigel AshThe current walking route to Littlehempston involves Boughton Lane and an extremely dangerous crossing of the A381 at the Pink Cottage. It is not possible from Boughton Lane to reach the footpath leading down to the Hems above Chateau Bellevue by passing over the fields behind the old council tip. The only access is up the A381 from Totnes, which is dangerous. A path along the river valley is thMay 24, 2012
793Tarim BakerMay 24, 2012
792ned kellyThis is a must for both cyclists and walkersMay 24, 2012
791Lucie RiouMay 24, 2012
790Rachel RushtonMay 24, 2012
789Chris AustinINGSDON Please could it also be noted that there is pressure for cycle paths to be accessible to horse riders who have the same problems with main roads and the risk of accidents with vehicles.May 24, 2012
788Barbara PikeMay 24, 2012
787Jack PettersenMay 24, 2012
786Amitrajit RaajanMay 23, 2012
785Alison KennyMay 23, 2012
784Helen KummerSafe walking and cycling routes linking all villages and towns are essential. They would reduce travel by car, support tourism, and ensure healthy lifestyles.May 23, 2012
783Gordon NEALELets move on with the project to build a safe path for all May 23, 2012
782Hilary DURBINcan't wait for the path to offer a safer option for all users, the farm and the railway should not have the monopoly on the bridge as it was not funded entirley from private sources May 23, 2012
781Tony Kyriakides-YeldhamMay 23, 2012
780Hilary BeeCycling is my main method of transport apart from walking, and this would be a most welcome safe cycling route. Thank you.May 23, 2012
779Christian GerickeMay 23, 2012
778Vicky StilesMay 23, 2012
777Mark TarrantMay 23, 2012
776Louise BrownhillMay 23, 2012
775Nicky BrittenThis is a crucial issue, given its importance for local residents who have to cope with poor public transport provision, and who wish to live less carbon-dependent and more healthy lifestyles. May 23, 2012
774Jacqueline HillMay 23, 2012
773Janey HuntThis cycle/footpath will considerably enhance our local amenities for visitors and residents alike and attract more people to the steam train and rare breeds farm. What is not to agree?May 23, 2012
772Tristan SnowsillMay 23, 2012
771Richard DaviesMay 23, 2012
770Katie ReevesMay 23, 2012
769jackie MintonMay 23, 2012
768Alec RoseWe need more cycle paths everywhere, get people out of cars and into the wild. It's obvious isn't it?May 23, 2012
767S DawkinsMay 23, 2012
766Rebecca WilkinsMay 23, 2012
765Jim PriceThe cycle path would allow people to travel safely and in a non-polluting way between Totnes and the villages to the north of the town. This would help ease congestion in Totnes and would also be attractive to tourists. I regularly use the cycle path to Dartington and can see the clear benefit this brings to many people.May 23, 2012
764Stella TaylorEXETERMay 23, 2012
763john meakinMay 23, 2012
762Peter LeggettMay 23, 2012
761George TaylorMay 23, 2012
760katharine brooksEXETERMay 23, 2012
759Stephen CooperCycling is a great form of exercise that families can enjoy together. It's sad that so many of our roads are now too busy to be able to take children out safely.May 23, 2012
758Charlotte SweetMay 23, 2012
757Caroline HarveyMay 23, 2012
756Roos ZandstraMay 23, 2012
755Jenny WeaverMay 23, 2012
754Catherine BellMay 23, 2012
753John DonnellyThe more cycle paths the better. May 23, 2012
752Roo PescodMay 23, 2012
751Nick SouthallMay 23, 2012
750Becky SherwoodMy family and I would love to be able to cycle safely from Totnes to Littlehampston and then on to Broadhempston where we have friends and family, without having to always use the car and the main road for this journey.May 23, 2012
749Graham PollockMay 23, 2012
748paul rossthe pathways near the pig and whistle and under the bridge there,are near to the John Musgrave Trail....this connects thru to marldon.....berry pomeroy....May 22, 2012
747Lewis RileyMay 22, 2012
746Robert FosterIf cycling is to be an alternative to motor transport, there must be a network of useable cycle routes to all destinations that are less hazardous than cycling on busy motor roads.May 22, 2012
745Lisa NewMay 22, 2012
744james engwellWell done, great to see this petition!May 22, 2012
743JUNE FORBESMay 22, 2012
742Julyan BayesMay 22, 2012
741Philip Moseling There are far too many cycling accidents, many of them fatalities. Cycling is an increasingly popular hobby, and more people are being forced to use pedal power through economic necessity. PLEASE use your best efforts to get this important safe lane implemented.May 22, 2012
740Leah CollinsMay 22, 2012
739Evan CookeMay 22, 2012
738Zachary HoltMay 22, 2012
737Michael PotterMay 22, 2012
736K Dougherty SmithMay 22, 2012
735Michele RadantMay 21, 2012
734Gerry ConnollyMay 21, 2012
733Nick WhiteWould love to be able cycle in and out of Totnes safely.May 21, 2012
732Mark EyersMay 21, 2012
731Vince IddonThe provision for cyclists in the area is frankly laughable. For a community with sustainability at its heart we should have cycle routes all over the place not a 20 metre stretch of green in the centre of town!May 21, 2012
730Lisa CunninghamMay 21, 2012
729Nicola EvansWe are a family of four including two children aged 7 and 10. We love cycling together and would welcome an additional cycle path. It would be wonderful to be able to cycle to the beautiful village of Littlehempston. We are also big fans of the SDR and Rare Breeds Farm and hold frequent users cards. A cycle path past these facilities would encourage us to visit them more often.May 21, 2012
728Susie MusgraveMay 21, 2012
727Maria MichaelidesMay 21, 2012
726Sarah ArcherBuckfastleigh/scoritonMay 21, 2012
725Tom AllanMay 21, 2012
724valerie lycettMay 21, 2012
723Andy PaatzMay 21, 2012
722Mike HomerMay 21, 2012
721Libby O'ConnorMay 21, 2012
720Harley TownsendMay 21, 2012
719Adam BULLMay 21, 2012
718Phoebe SuttonMay 21, 2012
717Rachel AndersonThis path would make a positive difference to everyone in the local community - it must happen!May 21, 2012
716Eve TomlinsonMay 21, 2012
715Charlie Charlie TuckerMay 21, 2012
714Laura NobleThis path would make huge difference to my cycle commute to Newton Abbot - I so hope it happensMay 21, 2012
713Sean KENTMay 21, 2012
712Jacob ArcherMay 21, 2012
711Musa GarbaThis is a great idea!! The road to Newton Abbot is very dangerous especially for young riders, the elderly & those who are now so confident cycling on the road. It would open up a huge area of cycling to many many people.May 21, 2012
710tony lee-gammageMay 21, 2012
709Mr David SlaterMay 21, 2012
708Andrew BotelerMay 21, 2012
707John & Noma WrigglesworthKeep up the fight everyone!May 21, 2012
706Alan BURCHELLMay 21, 2012
705Jamie HawkesworthMay 21, 2012
704Ann WallaceMay 21, 2012
703Keith WallaceMay 21, 2012
702Erica AslettThis cycle path is urgently needed.May 21, 2012
701James TolerMay 21, 2012
700Colin CoghlanMay 21, 2012
699Ian HaynesFinally we'll be able to cycle out north of totnes safely with our kidsMay 21, 2012
698Simon NorthwayIn my vast number of years as as cyclist I have had several accidents with motor vehicles. I would encourage as many safer cycle routes to be built as possible.May 21, 2012
697david clarkeA cycle path is long overdue. We need it as there is no safe route into Totnes; the A381 is dangerous and a considerable worry when used by family and friends on bicycles. Apart from the safety there is also the environment to consider - we could save literally hundreds of 5 mile return trips each year - and if thats not all there are the associated health and independence benefits and a saving onMay 21, 2012
696George GreenAs an employee of Hot Pursuit Cycles in Totnes, I am aware of the importance and need for a safer route between Totnes and Littlehempston for walkers and cyclists. It would certainly encourage more cycling in the area which can only be a good thing.May 21, 2012
695shane roeHere is hoping they listen tMay 21, 2012
694Maya SmithI support the cycle path. I also support the animals. Surely we can have both!May 19, 2012
693Colin RiderIt's essential that cycle routes are developed and supported with public money.May 13, 2012
692katy masonMay 07, 2012
691Jeremy IrelandMay 03, 2012
690Felix ClarkeApr 29, 2012
689peter reesThis route has huge recreational potential. It is one of very few in the area that is suited for both young families and seniors. Apart from improving access to town from a quadrant almost inaccessible by sustainable means, it would help encourage recreation, walking, cycling and give access to some of our best rural and riverside delights. A boon for visitors, it is hard to understand the inApr 26, 2012
688Miriam QuickApr 25, 2012
687Ian FraserApr 25, 2012
686Andrew HoareThis is many years overdue, but very welcome, I will back any plan that allows cyclists to avoid the busy main road. Good luck.Apr 24, 2012
685Sean HarperApr 24, 2012
684Lewis HarperApr 24, 2012
683Nic WilliamsApr 24, 2012
682Neil SouthwoodApr 24, 2012
681Richard HolmanApr 24, 2012
680Krys NowakApr 24, 2012
679Colin MooreI hope it happens!Apr 23, 2012
678Heidi StrawsonApr 23, 2012
677Maite AlonsoApr 23, 2012
676Josh ZatzI am a keen cyclist and non-car-driver, currently living in Cornworthy. I have fairly often cycled from Totnes through Littlehempston to various places in that area, and will undoubtably do so again in future. I would certainly appreciate an alternative to the main road route. Having to cycle up a long hill on a main road - as in this case - is always an unpleasant and somewhat dangerous experienApr 23, 2012
675Rosa Legum-BarrellI could cycle to school.Apr 22, 2012
674Kelila LegumI could go to Totnes without my mum having to drive me.Apr 22, 2012
673Cris RoderickApr 20, 2012
672Wendy ClarkeApr 14, 2012
671Alex Mooreon behalf of myself, my partner and my three sons - all of whom enjoy cycling around totnes and enjoying the countryside - good luck.Apr 14, 2012
670Dawn Gouldthis would be a wonderful safe option for exercise and safe commuting for our family and communityApr 14, 2012
669william watsonApr 13, 2012
668Virginia CunliffeApr 13, 2012
667Peter SimpsonBlackawton Best of luck in your campaign, a chance for a safe and scenic route to and from Totters. Look fwd to cycling it Peter Apr 12, 2012
666Francis DeutschApr 10, 2012
665Giselle YatesApr 10, 2012
664joe toddApr 09, 2012
663maren freelandApr 09, 2012
662heatherbelle batesApr 09, 2012
661Lesley ScobleApr 09, 2012
660Charlotte ScobleApr 09, 2012
659Jill Fraser ToddA very healthy option!!Apr 08, 2012
658Silas GairdnerApr 08, 2012
657Charlotte OliverApr 07, 2012
656paul mumfordApr 07, 2012
655keith taylorApr 06, 2012
654Louis ClarkeReally up for this cycle path it would benefit so many people, and stop me having to use the main road!Apr 06, 2012
653rebecca mossApr 05, 2012
652Diana HillApr 05, 2012
651josephine ashApr 05, 2012
650Peter RouseApr 05, 2012
649Helen BourneApr 04, 2012
648geoff rogersApr 04, 2012
647Pam FreemanThe cycle path between Totnes and Dartington is well used for work, school and leisure. The proposed extension, it will not only provide a safe route away from traffic but it will enhance the exercise and leisure facilities for both residents and tourists. Pam FreemanApr 04, 2012
646Dave PatemanShared access for pedestrians and cyclists is common across the country, there is no reason why this bridge cannot follow suit - would a concession requesting cyclists to walk across the bridge mitigate any safety constraints?Apr 04, 2012
645Christine RipleyApr 03, 2012
644Colin MatherMuch needed safe access into Totnes!Apr 03, 2012
643Sacha RobertsApr 03, 2012
642Linda FarrantApr 03, 2012
641John AltonFocus on cycle routes is essential with ever-increasing fuel costs. I would personally use it to visit friends in Broadhempston and beyond. The A381 is too dangerous to use. The existing bridge was part-funded with public money, so the public should have free access to it by bike as well as on foot.Apr 03, 2012
640Angie SquiresApr 03, 2012
639Lisa TyrrellApr 03, 2012
638Timothy HornseyThe Dartington cycle path has really changed and enhanced the whole experience of living in Dartington by giving us safe access to Totnes. It is of value for recreation, commuting and commerce. Littlehemston deserves the same facility as the road is very dangerousApr 03, 2012
637Rob BromigeBerry PomeroyApr 03, 2012
636John SanfordApr 03, 2012
635Oliver TringhamApr 03, 2012
634Luke PeakmanApr 03, 2012
633Dick WatsonApr 03, 2012
632Tamar BourneApr 03, 2012
631Philip HodgkissApr 03, 2012
630Nigel HinksApr 03, 2012
629Therese MorganIt seems a very feeble argument against having a cycle path from SDR & RFB ; there "might" be vandalism. Well, there might not be vandalism. How about that? After all, we don't live on an inner city sink estate now do we? In fact it may steer some would-be vandals into the healthier pastime of cycling. There are so many positives which have already been cited. One possible negatApr 02, 2012
628Sarah HumphrysThis cycle path has been needed for years. Thanks for all your hard work in trying to make it happen.Apr 02, 2012
627John TissandierEverything should be done to encourage carbon-free forms of transport. Apr 02, 2012
626Carolyn WestwoodApr 02, 2012
625Eve HerseyApr 02, 2012
624Jeremy ParsonsIt would be nice for both locals and tourists to travel by foot or cycle over the river - the existing cycle path is very popular, and this extension would be too.Apr 02, 2012
623Lucy GerlachI want to use the route to see my friends easilyApr 02, 2012
622Tom GerlachI want to use the path to see my friends more easilyApr 02, 2012
621Sally GerlachI want to be able to use the routes for leisureApr 02, 2012
620Rachel ProcterI would like to use the new routes for leisureApr 02, 2012
619Ceilidh HaddenApr 02, 2012
618Kerry Haddenideal for families looking for alternative off-road routes 🙂Apr 02, 2012
617Holly HaddenApr 02, 2012
616Marianne TissandierMy main reason for supporting the cycle path is that I think all measures possible should be taken to reduce car use, and increase other more environmentally sound means of transport. It would also alleviate some of the traffic congestion in Totnes.Apr 02, 2012
615Phillips NigelApr 02, 2012
614Hannah Linden-NicholsonApr 02, 2012
613Inga PageApr 02, 2012
612Alice PotterRatteryApr 02, 2012
611Sue DymondMy husband and I live in Torquay but regularly visit Totnes and totally support sustainable cycle routes throughout Devon. This is good for visitors as well as local residents and could be an attraction in itself as many people wish to cycle safely for health and enjoymentApr 02, 2012
610stuart youngApr 02, 2012
609Sarah FormstoneApr 02, 2012
608charlie wattsApr 02, 2012
607Don Patterson This route is the logical choice, and I fully support the idea.Apr 02, 2012
606Heather NicholsonI love the idea and would use it loads. Good luckApr 02, 2012
605William HustwittJust read about a proposed new route without too much climbing avoiding the A381.Excellent idea. As a keen cyclist, living in London, it would be ideal if Totnes could be easily included in a SUSTRANS route, It's history, shops and restaurants make it ideal over night stop over between the coast and Dartmore. Use of the footbridge would be safe and with no steep climbs at the beginning and thApr 02, 2012
604Theresa BoothI frequently travel by bicycle all over the UK as I live and work in London, and am slightly disappointed by the lack of cycle ways in Totnes area. It's a lovely town and would love to come back by bike, but without safe routes, unfortunately this will not be possible. Had wanted to travel through Totnes from the coast & into Dartmore. Apr 02, 2012
603su snowdonApr 02, 2012
602Tony EnglandApr 02, 2012
601iris milwardApr 02, 2012
600Samuel BirtlesApr 01, 2012
599Matthew Van Den ElstApr 01, 2012
598Darren HornApr 01, 2012
597Fran BenattAs a member of Sustrans I feel strongly about thisApr 01, 2012
596Frank BenattEssential for all the many reasons,involving health ,happiness, the environment etcApr 01, 2012
595scott morganApr 01, 2012
594John HayesApr 01, 2012
593Marie Morgan-HewerApr 01, 2012
592Henrieke DimmendaalI think that we should promote safe cycling as much as possible in an attempt to get out of our cars. The new route should promote easier visits to and from Totness. Thank you.Apr 01, 2012
591Richard PringleI have always enjoyed the cycle from Newton Abbott to Totnes via the back lanes... every bit, except for the last bit of the ride where myself and fellow cyclists must join up with the highly dangerous main road to finish the journey. It is clearly unfair that such an obvious byway should remain closed to the public.Apr 01, 2012
590Sam JeromeI think that this would be a great addition to the cycle routes in the area and would help a lot of young people to get from A to BApr 01, 2012
589Joy EyersApr 01, 2012
588Laurie EyersI have lived in Littlehempston for 25 years from age 6 and have walked and cycled all the routes proposed as well as carrying my bike over the weir at Totnes ! I would love to be able to get to Totnes on a safe route and for my daughter to be be able to cycle on her bike with me.Apr 01, 2012
587Jane EyersI have lived in Littlehempston for 25 . I would love to be able to walk or cycle to work on a safe route . Apr 01, 2012
586Celia MinoughanI strongly support a cycling and walking route between Totnes and Littlehempston. As a keen walker I would like to see the openign up of more walking routes from Totnes. I would also like to cycle this route if it were opened up. I urge Devon County Council to broker a deal with SDR and the Rare Breeds Farm to make this happen.Apr 01, 2012
585Shirley IrishApr 01, 2012
584jonny millerI live in totnes not abbotskerswell but the drop down menu isn't working! I commute to work in newton abbot and bike along a381 in spring/summer. This route would make me feel much safer and encourage others to do the same.Apr 01, 2012
583jon evansI have been cycling in the area for many years 10 +.. and feel the 381 road is not safe . i live in paignton and cycle to Totnes /dartington and all over so a safe route is ideal for all and to get kids out on bikes..Apr 01, 2012
582Joss BenattApr 01, 2012
581Graham BurchellApr 01, 2012
580joe buzzothis must happen!Apr 01, 2012
579Helen SelmanApr 01, 2012
578Mark SelmanI cycle a lot on the dangerous Totnes to Newton road with vehicles often squeezing past me in order to reach the next traffic queue a bit quicker. One day someone will be killed cycling on this road.Apr 01, 2012
577Matthew HiggsMar 31, 2012
576Mary TerrellI used to live in Littlehempston and there was no safe way to walk in to Totnes. A Walking/cycle route would be brilliant.Mar 31, 2012
575ed robertsMar 31, 2012
574Nick RobertsThis is a vital link to be able to travel from Newton to TotnesMar 31, 2012
573rachael bewsherits about time there was access for cyclists, the main newton road is far to dangerous to walk or cycle .Mar 31, 2012
572jonathan shawthis path is a vital part of making cycling and walking out of totnes safe and accessible the A381 is totally dominated by fast moving traffic. cycling only for the brave, walking only for the foolhardy. Please please let sanity have a place Mar 31, 2012
571ken kies We would make regular use of this with our girls aged 8 and 10.Mar 31, 2012
570Ian BrightDelighted to hear that we are extending the cycleway network. My bike is due back from repairs at the cycle shop on Monday and I look forward to cycling over to Littlehempston one day soon! Mar 31, 2012
569Matthew ReynoldsMar 31, 2012
568Anita ReynoldsMar 31, 2012
567Rachel DaviesI would love to able to leave my car at home and clcle safely to Totnes. These sorts of initiatives show a commitment to sustainability and healthy ways of living. Mar 31, 2012
566Ian BaileyThe opening up of this route would be a fantastic boost to the villages this side of Totnes, encourage fitness activity, and reduce car use in some instances. Really hope it goes through.Mar 31, 2012
565Rose EllisMar 31, 2012
564Martin Stallardas a resident of the parish and a regular cyclist,i fully support this proposal.The benefits to me and my family would be enormous,especially cutting down fuel and vehicle usage.To encorage bike use,for my two daughters would be fantastic too.The path would enable me to use my bike for work more often,giving a quicker,smoother route to totnes and totnes train station.I have cycled the alternative Mar 30, 2012
563emma vowlesMar 30, 2012
562Abha WellsMar 30, 2012
561Paul DuckettMar 30, 2012
560Sonja RogersonMar 30, 2012
559Ali WhiteMar 30, 2012
558Mike ColeIt's about time that this path actually happened! It is of benefit to both walkers and cyclists and safely avoids a very dodgy stretch of the Totnes to Newton Abbot road. Long overdue.Mar 30, 2012
557Isabel RobertsMar 30, 2012
556Claire HumphreysMar 30, 2012
555Caroline BolingbrokeMar 30, 2012
554Alexandra WhatesMar 30, 2012
553Jennie CooperMar 30, 2012
552Liam FraserGood luck, hopefully common sense will prevail!Mar 30, 2012
551Chris CrockerMar 30, 2012
550Rebecca GillmoreMar 30, 2012
549James BarrettThe are few enough cycle paths around Totnes, and this path would give us the opportunity to cycle safely with our three children in the local area. With the government promoting the encouragement of zero emissions transport, and healthier lifestyles we feel this is exactly the sort of initiative that the local council should be supporting. Mar 30, 2012
548Lucy BlythWith three children cycle paths are an invaluable way to get some exercise and have fun. Great for adults too!Mar 30, 2012
547Helen HonnorOur family cycle, run, walk for fitness, environmental, practical and financial reasons when ever we can and would love to see the cycle and walking routes improved between Littlehempson and Totnes.Mar 30, 2012
546Tiffany NieuwoudtMar 30, 2012
545Susanna ChapmanMar 30, 2012
544neil kellyMar 30, 2012
543Lesley WilkinsonWhen we've cycled into Totnes from Newton Abbot along the main road, we have been amazed at the number of cars that try to overtake us on the blind bends - and on a few occasions they have driven on the wrong side of the road to overtake us at the bends. The car drivers appear to not expect cyclists on the road and therefore it is a very dangerous stretch of road and I will welcome a cycle laMar 30, 2012
542Mary E LynchMar 30, 2012
541Thomas HutchinsonDear Sir/Madam, I firmly support the view that there should be a safe cycle and walking route between Littlehempston and Totnes, allowing people accessing Totnes from the villages to the north to avoid the dangerous A381 Newton Abbot road. This would have numerous benefits for the local community in terms of improving options for traveling to travel to work and for recreation. Clearly, the rouMar 30, 2012
540richard harris-daveyMar 30, 2012
539Alison YoungMar 30, 2012
538Richard GreenMar 29, 2012
537Peter StilwellThis route to littlehemston is an ancient road and I would love to see it re-opened as a beautiful cycle path. I would expect that it will bring more custom to the steam railway and the rare breeds farm as they'll be more footfall, and perhaps it will get a few more country walkers in the pig and whistle. Good for history, good for health, good for business, good for environment.Mar 29, 2012
536Katherine GazeyMar 29, 2012
535Andrew WoodMar 29, 2012
534Chris PartridgeMar 29, 2012
533Michelle SmithMar 29, 2012
532Robert DyerMar 29, 2012
531Claire BennettWe visit Totnes every week on a saturday to bring our children to the pavilions sports centre. It would be fantastic to be able to make it a day out by cycling along lanes from Ipplepen direct into Totnes using a safe route. At the moment I would not cycle on the main road with our children into Totnes. I do see many adult cyclists braving the main road but I would imagine it could bring many moMar 29, 2012
530Ray townsonbovey traceyMar 29, 2012
529Breda HoldenMar 29, 2012
528Jane MartinMar 29, 2012
527roz walkerMar 29, 2012
526sandie townsonbovey traceyMar 29, 2012
525John CrossIf cycling was safer from here to Totnes, many of my family would use their bicycles more often.Mar 29, 2012
524Joanne TisdallMar 29, 2012
523Paul MartinMar 29, 2012
522Kathryn ProtheroeMar 29, 2012
521rosalind nelsonMar 29, 2012
520Denis MacDermotMar 29, 2012
519Dave ChapmanMar 29, 2012
518Ian ButlerMar 29, 2012
517Alex Turner Its healthy for people and good for the environment. Whats the excuse for not doing it. We need more cycle routes for the future generations. Come on, lets stop faffing around and get on with it. Frustrated cyclist of 35 years.Mar 29, 2012
516Kevin BunclarkSafe cycle routes should be a given, let those who oppose them cite their reasons and make the effort to raise a petition.Mar 29, 2012
515Angela and Nobby CleggThis proposal would made an enormous difference to walking safely in the area between Bridgetown and the Station/River Dart paths. The speed and volume of traffic on the Newton Abbot road precludes many circular routes or safe direct access into town. Surely we should be encouraging cycling and walking rather than encouraging car use. We would definitely use the proposed route. Mar 29, 2012
514Richard HopperMar 29, 2012
513hickey simonexcellent idea!Mar 29, 2012
512Mchael TaylorThis would be very very Good for all cyclistsMar 29, 2012
511JOHN CHANNONMar 29, 2012
510Lucy ObolenskyI was knocked my bike going to Dartmouth this year, by a van who pulled out of a turning straight into me. I broke both knees, one shoulder and got severe post concussion syndrome, so, I think it would be quite nice to avoid main roads.Mar 29, 2012
509Sima CuttingMar 29, 2012
508Conrad GillespieMar 29, 2012
507David cartwrightBovey TraceyMar 29, 2012
506Ian CockayneMar 29, 2012
505Mark Leahythis will be a positive amenity for the town and the area, for locals and for visitors; let's make it happen; Mar 29, 2012
504jason fullardMar 29, 2012
503Andy MacKellarCycle paths are the future. Now !Mar 29, 2012
502Elizabeth OakleyMar 29, 2012
501Ed OrchardMar 29, 2012
500Claudia SchmidI would love there to be more safe paths for people to cycle in this area, so I really hope this will happen!Mar 29, 2012
499Ian BurnsideGotta stand up for what we cherish peeps!!Mar 29, 2012
498Helen RoweMar 29, 2012
497David CunliffeMar 29, 2012
496Alan KirbyA very much needed cycle route avoiding the very busy A381Mar 29, 2012
495Robert FrenchMar 29, 2012
494Robbie DyerI think this route would be very useful to me when visiting friends in the Littlehempston area as I currently have to cycle all the way to Landscove first which is a large detour and it is also quite unsafe to cycle along the small country roads. The main road from Totnes to Littlehempston is also far to dangerous to cycle on. Mar 29, 2012
493Anita KayeMar 29, 2012
492Gabriel Balbernie CollingsMar 29, 2012
491gavin BrownAnything that gives cyclists greater protection from other traffic has got to be a good thing surely ?Mar 29, 2012
490sally PurdyMar 29, 2012
489Janet HutchinsonMar 29, 2012
488Angela HickeyMar 29, 2012
487Emma HeaverIt would be great for my kids to be able to cycle to Totnes without having to negotiate the main road.Mar 29, 2012
486Susan JamiesonMar 29, 2012
485David MorganMar 29, 2012
484Phil AyalaVery important for all sorts of reasons that people should be encouraged to cycle and given every chance to do soMar 29, 2012
483Lesley DransfieldMar 29, 2012
482Claire MorleyThis is a brilliant idea. The traffic on the A381 is too fast and hazardous for any but the most intrepid of cyclists. Opening up an alternative access to Totnes for the rural residents of Littlehempston and beyond, and for Totnesians wanting a walk or cycle out of town, is a very exciting prospect. I sincerely hope DCC give it their support.Mar 29, 2012
481Catherine StantonWould be great to be able to cycle to town on a safe level quiet routeMar 29, 2012
480Neil TurnerI and my family regularly cyle the lanes in this area and would really like to see this access way open to cyclists. We also support local businesses and would like to think a mutually beneficial solution could be reached. Mar 29, 2012
479Lisa FordhamMar 29, 2012
478Bruce CampbellMar 29, 2012
477Sue CharmanSafe cycling for our health and the planet's!Mar 29, 2012
476Iannis IrelandI wholly support this as a keen cyclistMar 29, 2012
475Steve DartIlsington/Haytor We need to get as many proper cycle paths as possible built - not just odd bits of pavements made with a bit of paint. Or like the one I avoided recently with telephone poles stood in the middle of the path. Using old railway lines is a perfect use of flat unused land. Mar 29, 2012
474Jacki WoonMar 29, 2012
473Robin SpeedyMar 29, 2012
472Zav BowdenMar 29, 2012
471Alexandra RossoA cycle route is a brilliant idea!!!!!!! Absolutely no doubt about it. Please pass this one through. Thanks.Mar 28, 2012
470Melanie ForteI am a regular cyclist and user of all the other local cycle routes. We desperatley need this section to open up routes to the North and allow us to cycle safely into Tones via Littlehempston. SO many local people want this to happen.Mar 28, 2012
469Jon CliftMar 28, 2012
468OLIVER WATSONAs has been said , bit of a no brainer. Too many fat contollers and not enough slim cyclists. I hav e lived in Staverton all my life and used to cycle to school in Totnes when the A384 was a equivalent to a country lane. My children have grown up with no safe cycle access to Totnes except thru North woods. Attempts to amend this sorrowful state are continually obstructed by nimbys and property ownMar 28, 2012
467Troy SmithI highly support the badly needed cycle path proposed.Mar 28, 2012
466Sarah StrachanMar 28, 2012
465Marc FrankMar 28, 2012
464Manuel BarangeStavertonMar 28, 2012
463Graham SykesIt is incredible that there should be any debate about a cycle route like this in this day and age - history shows (especially what was learnt from the Totnes to Dartington route) that fears expressed at the planning stage are seldom realised - and the acceptance and benefits are obvious once a route is established - so I hope that there is sufficient support and common sense to see these througMar 28, 2012
462Jennie FitzjohnThis is a no brainer decision, the health, social and economic benifits completely out weigh any possible opposition. Mar 28, 2012
461Renee BarangeCompleting this cycle track would provide a safe and beautiful way for everyone - especially children, to travel to Totnes in a healthy, environment friendly and safe way.Mar 28, 2012
460Kate HamiltonMar 28, 2012
459Katrina DuignanMar 28, 2012
458Ruth AshtonMar 28, 2012
457Kirstie O'LearyMar 28, 2012
456steve hoarecome on, lets start to begin to catch up with the rest of Europe and have a decent extensive cycle way network. I cycled to Amsterdam 2 years ago and hardly had to go on a road once across the channel.Mar 28, 2012
455Paula KendallMar 28, 2012
454Isabella LazloMar 28, 2012
453debbie cliftI live in the south hams and know how difficult it is to ride a bike on our roads, tracks such as this are greatly needed. The track between Malborough and Salcombe is fantastic and busy all the time. It makes getting about much safer for all age groups.Mar 28, 2012
452Martin GornyMar 28, 2012
451yvonne coomberMar 28, 2012
450Noel FowlerMar 28, 2012
449Nick BurrowsMar 28, 2012
448Lee CooperMar 28, 2012
447clive paulEXMOUTHMar 28, 2012
446caroline lee-smithMar 28, 2012
445ryan anthonyMar 28, 2012
444heidi clarkethere's barely anywhere safe to cycle (esp with kids) these day except cycle paths which is sad. the roads are only going to get scarier and busier especially with the hundreds of new homes built in the area. therefore, it makes sense to have non traffic routes between all villages and towns where possible, perhaps old railway routes could be used in some places? Mar 28, 2012
443Lynsey TipladyMar 28, 2012
442Phil PageMar 28, 2012
441Jonny WoodwardMar 28, 2012
440Kevin PreslandI used to live in Totnes when I used to cycle commute to Newton Abbot, however I now live in Bovey Tracey. I regularly cycle between Newton Abbot and Totnes. I have long thought that this link is one of the most valuable potential cycle routes, in that the alternative is a hilly and busy main road with numerous hazard points. When in place it will provide a fantastic utility and leisure route iMar 28, 2012
439Phill HarveyGood ideaMar 28, 2012
438Fiona WardMar 28, 2012
437cheryl gornyMar 28, 2012
436sam roderickMar 28, 2012
435Clare GreenMar 28, 2012
434david gillinghamMar 28, 2012
433Jason DaviesMar 28, 2012
432karen scraseWhat a brilliant idea! I would definately use it, along with my children and friends.Mar 28, 2012
431Susan M. GreenwayMar 28, 2012
430John PottleWe would use this path regularly.Mar 28, 2012
429Anneli MeederMar 28, 2012
428sally truemanMar 28, 2012
427Margot HewspearMar 28, 2012
426Leon VliegerAs a Dutchman new to the UK I support these kinds of measures. The often hedge stone-wall lined roads are simply too dangerous for cyclists!Mar 28, 2012
425Max VelmansThis would be of considerable benefit to many folk in the community and do no harm, so there seems no reason other than very sectional interests not to go ahead with it.Mar 28, 2012
424Nick StevensMar 28, 2012
423Clara CohenMar 28, 2012
422Joseph ByngMar 28, 2012
421Margaret BaileyMar 28, 2012
420Rory AitkenGreat ideas deserve supportMar 28, 2012
419Larch MaxeyMar 28, 2012
418Richard HoylandThere is an obvious case for improving and increasing the cycle path network everywhere for environmental, safety and health reasons to name just a few. This proposal is long overdue being implemented. Let's get it done!Mar 28, 2012
417Hilary WilliamsReally want my children to have some more safe cycle routes from TotnesMar 28, 2012
416S BrowningMar 28, 2012
415Janet MitchellYou don't need petrol to get around on a bikeMar 28, 2012
414Annie BowieCycling is GOOD!Mar 28, 2012
413craig whyteCraig Whyte 3 Leecwell Mews Totnes Mar 28, 2012
412Lisa ClassMar 28, 2012
411Jeannett StevensonI would love my kids to be able to cycle safley to their firends houses in Little HempstenMar 28, 2012
410David StevensonThis has to happen....Mar 28, 2012
409Hilary MayMar 28, 2012
408stephan hardingMar 28, 2012
407Karen LeggMar 28, 2012
406Giles ClaydenWould like to see exact route on this siteMar 28, 2012
405Travis WoodMar 28, 2012
404Jackie GoultMar 28, 2012
403Ed ObolenskyMar 28, 2012
402max beerIt needs to be done, it is a route I use a lot and do not feel safe without itMar 28, 2012
401Rachel GillespieMar 28, 2012
400BEN DEEBLEMar 28, 2012
399Paul BrierleyIf we are to survive as a species we must embrace sustainable issues. Giving more people the opportunity to cycle to work/shop and play in safety is an essential part of any sustainable transport portfolio. Please help our cycling community stay green and safe.Mar 28, 2012
398Steve KellasMar 28, 2012
397Jennifer WellwoodI would encourgae the authorities to move this forward with all due haste- cycle paths are such a positive and useful life-line - esspecially as petrol prices rise!Mar 28, 2012
396james loveringTotnes is soo scenic so why not have a cycle route to allow people to see its true beauty!!?Mar 28, 2012
395Louise OldridgeI feel that a cycle path has to be safe and accessible for all people, not just those that are proficient experienced cyclists. As far as I am concerned, no cycle path should be considered unless it is one which is possible for children to use. Therefore the gradient needs to be small and it needs to avoid busy or fast roads. The suggested alternative route through Staverton is not possible forMar 28, 2012
394sharon BowmanMar 28, 2012
393Kathryn SentanceMar 28, 2012
392Martin BjerregaardWould be great for the kids and for our small business to have this route, save car journeys, gets us out more and provides indepedence to those without cars. MartinMar 28, 2012
391Dave OwenHealthy sustainable transport for residents and visitors must be a good thing. Mar 28, 2012
390Alex BarkerMar 28, 2012
389Caroline ClarkMar 28, 2012
388Robin ClutterbuckLong term, this will be a civic and tourist amenity to link up with other cycle paths in the area, such as the Exe and Teign Estuary paths and the extension to Moretonhampstead.Mar 28, 2012
387Peter RoyleMar 28, 2012
386Felix VowlesI fully support this much needed community cyclepath.Mar 28, 2012
385Tracey hartI am a learner and would really welcome accessible routes where I can feel safe.Mar 28, 2012
384Paul collingeMar 28, 2012
383Vance RobertsMar 28, 2012
382Sally RobertsAny help to link the villages with the towns of Totnes/Newton Abbot would be welcome, the major roads are too busy and quite bye ways are essential if people are to cycle safelyMar 28, 2012
381Alison WiliamsMar 28, 2012
380Julie LuscombeWhats not to like about this plan! It ticks all the boxes and will surely encourage people to cycle to the Rare Breeds Farm and to use SDR.Mar 28, 2012
379Damian SemoninAs a regular cyclist trying to do a few miles regularly after work or longer at weekends it is a huge shame that some of our prettiest B roads and routes are so busy with traffic and as a result dangerous. Creating new cycle routes, protecting existing routes should be a huge priority for an area such as ours which is such a draw for tourists (families) and obviously local people and families waMar 28, 2012
378Gary CaunterMar 28, 2012
377Lisa BlackMar 28, 2012
376marie mahlbergMar 28, 2012
375Dave DunnCycle in safetyMar 28, 2012
374Joanna BeckerMar 28, 2012
373Dennis MilsteadMore cycles less carsMar 28, 2012
372alan booneThis would make the route much safer and enjoyable when we as a family cycle into Totnes and beyond, also a lot better when I run.Mar 28, 2012
370Jhal Collard-BakerMar 27, 2012
369Greg SymonMar 27, 2012
368Kelsey AgnewI just biked to Littlehempston from Schumacher and it would be SO amazing to have a bike lane!Mar 27, 2012
367Lizzy AllenMar 27, 2012
366m starplease open the cycle path, me and my children would use it to get to town and do our shopping. it would be fantastic, and so much more environmentally friendly than choking up totnes with our car. and we would get more fresh air and exercise! it's just a goood thing.Mar 27, 2012
365Suzzane WoodI live at old gatcombe house, littlehempston and would like to see a safe cycling route into Totnes.Mar 27, 2012
364Monica BaileyThe petition says it all!Mar 27, 2012
363simon craneI think this is a great way to safely connect totnes with more of it's surrounding villages and would encourage more people to use alternatives to the car. We are a family with children (like our neighbour) and would definately use the cycle path.Mar 27, 2012
362rebekah scottMar 27, 2012
361jo sweettMar 27, 2012
360Helen HullMar 27, 2012
359Charlotte MartinMar 27, 2012
358robin milneIf we want a healthier britain we need safe cycling not death trap main roadsMar 27, 2012
357Lucy MorrisAs a mother of a 2 year old I would very much appreciate a direct and flat route into Totnes to access the local shops and amenities.Mar 27, 2012
356Debbie WadeThere need to be safe, cheap and healthy options available to those of us who have little options but to own and run a car in order to live in a rural community. A cycle path is essential to avoid the A381 which I would never dream of allowing any of my family to cycle along.Mar 27, 2012
355Jill SpencerMar 27, 2012
354mia barclayMar 27, 2012
353Rohese Devereux TaylorMar 27, 2012
352Tony ClarkMar 27, 2012
351Melanie GillmoreMar 27, 2012
350Nic PhilpotA cycle path would benefit EVERYONE. Safer for the public (cyclist/walkers). Less hair raising for the motor vehicle using public who have to avoid the above public on a daily bases. Boost for local business/econonmy (bike and walking boot suppliers mainly). Keeps the EU happy; reduces emisions! Ok so I maybe being a little toung in cheek but I think my points still stand! Mar 27, 2012
349Garry SmartAs a keen runner and cyclist the opprtunity to use the Dartington to Totnes cycle route and link it across the river at Totnes through the lanes via Littlehempston and Staverton would be somethimg that I and my family would enjoy. I hope this petition will help convince the authorities that such a scheme would be very popular with local people. I also think if publicised the route would be an atMar 27, 2012
348Ezra CohenMar 27, 2012
347liz meadowsMar 27, 2012
346katja tobiasthis would be great because the road going to Littlehempston is very dangerous and would make the journey from Totnes to Littlehempston a safer journey.Mar 27, 2012
345Katrina HurfordI would use this path to cycle to work. The route along the main road is too dangerous to use. Please support the pathway.Mar 27, 2012
344Angela DeckettMar 27, 2012
343Joe HumphrysI actually live in London, but grew up near Littlehempston and used to regularly cycle into Totnes along the main road, always wishing there was a more direct route. Good luck with the campaign. Mar 27, 2012
342Sean DominicMar 27, 2012
341Damaris Matos CarmetMar 27, 2012
340Arum DevereuxI grew up in littlehempston and am living here again now. I've always enjoyed cycling but found the route to totnes along the A38 to be very dangerous, having experienced more than a dozen close-calls with large trucks and similar vehicles that could well have ended in serious injury or worse. I supposed I've ben lucky so far. Now that I'm older with more experience and having driveMar 27, 2012
339Alan HarperMar 27, 2012
338Heather LindonAn excellent idea & not before timeMar 27, 2012
337Oliver OldridgeI'm aged 11 and I really want to be able to cycle to Totnes in a safe way instead of having to go on main roads.Mar 27, 2012
336Carolyn TownsendMar 27, 2012
335Robin WhenaryMar 27, 2012
334Lynn CollinsExcellent idea!Mar 27, 2012
333Heather WhitelawMar 27, 2012
332Jenny JenksMar 27, 2012
331Graham JenksMar 27, 2012
330amalia guerreiroMar 27, 2012
329sue woodMar 27, 2012
328Laurie TaylorMar 27, 2012
327Susan Ure ReidMar 27, 2012
326cheryl tippleMar 27, 2012
325helen aldrichI agreeMar 27, 2012
324Emily HoareMar 27, 2012
323Kier CollingsShared access with SDR is the way forward and will only aid in promoting business for them.Mar 27, 2012
322Philip NieuwoudtI think this cycle path is a very good idea and long overdue. As a keen cyclist any cycle path is needed and appreciated.Mar 27, 2012
321gwen johnsMar 27, 2012
320Alyss ThomasIt takes such a long time for a central community initiative like this to be realised, and then afterwards, when it is used by many people every day, no one looks back. This type of facility and co-operation are a central feature of simple, sustainable solutions to common problems of transportation and access.Mar 27, 2012
319Emma BlackstockMar 27, 2012
318jane hobanMar 27, 2012
317Sarah Dingley-BrownThe bike is a miracle of sustainable transport and also has numerous health benefits - it's a no brainer. Good for the environment, fewer cars on the road and good for cyclists physical and mental health. Mar 27, 2012
316alice humphrysMar 27, 2012
315seren colleyId like to go cycling with my Mum on a Littlehempston cycle track- She works in Broadhempston and she could cycle to work- I could cycle with her sometimes we both love cycling!Mar 27, 2012
314Gordon NicholsonMar 27, 2012
313Roni JayI wouldn't allow my young teenage children to cycle into Totnes on the main road. At the moment there's no alternative - if there were, I'd want the children to use it.Mar 27, 2012
312Julian MarshallAn excellent project that should be green lit asap. Mar 27, 2012
311Jo McGainMar 27, 2012
310Jilly SuttonMar 27, 2012
309Oliver CowmeadowI have lived and worked in Littlehempston for more than 20 years, have sometimes walked into Totnes and back again to do shopping, and would much prefer to cycle if this was safe and possible. Cycling along the main Newton Abbot to Totnes road is dangerous and not for the feint hearted! having a cycle path would be much safer, and i am sure would get well used, by local residents and by cycle enthMar 27, 2012
308philip silvesterto include road registered electric 2 wheeledvehicles as wellMar 27, 2012
307Delphine BuzzoMar 27, 2012
306ANN SMITHI live in Worcestershire, but son owns woodland in Littlehempston and whenever I AM WITH HIM, WE HAVE TO TAKE THE CAR INTO TOTNES. HE HAS SHOWN ME THE PROPOSED ROUTE FOR CYCLISTS (and walkers, I hope) and it looks ideal amuch better than using the car for every journey to and from TotnesMar 27, 2012
305Hannah JonesReally love cycling, and it is simply dangerous cycling on the main road towards Littlehempston/Newton Abbott. Please provide safe cycle paths so we can all enjoy the beautiful place we live inMar 27, 2012
304jessica holmanMar 27, 2012
303charlotte holmanMar 27, 2012
302louise holmanMar 27, 2012
301Penny HumphrysMar 27, 2012
300Peter KneeboneMar 27, 2012
299Lindsay CliftonMar 27, 2012
298Matt IrelandSounds like a good campaign. Good luck!Mar 27, 2012
297Jenny QuickTotnes is renowned for pioneering a return to more sane and sustainable ways of living.... this surely includes reducing our carbon footprint by facilitating cycling as a mode of transport, let alone reducing long term costs of health related issues.... research shows the benefits of regular exercise etc. That this path is provoking such controversy is a poor example of short sightedness and so coMar 27, 2012
296Jonathan CrinionThis cycle path is so important for the residents of Littlehempston. The Cycle path is also about a sustainable future for our children and the ability to walk or cycle between Totnes and Littlehempston. It is, I believe, a positive political statement indicating that we are concerned citizens in our pursuit of sustainable alternatives to CO2 emitting vehicles. Mar 27, 2012
295alice crawfordMar 27, 2012
294Helen YeomansMar 27, 2012
293Vanessa (ness) TurnerAs a family with two young boys cycling is a big part of our recreational time and we would benefit enormously from a safe link out of Totnes to Littlehempston.Mar 27, 2012
292Daverick LeggettMar 27, 2012
291Ruud GoettschIn 2011 I cycled in the UK during a month. That is the nicest way to explore a country. But unfortunately their is a lack of cyclepaths in comparison with the Netherlands. So every new cyclepath is more than welcome. Good initiative! A cyclist from the Netherlands who loves the UK.Mar 27, 2012
290Helen IrelandOne of the pubs has closed recently in Littlehempston hasn't it. That would have been a great place to cycle to from Totnes.Mar 27, 2012
289Andrew KnottIt would be so good not to have to cycle the Totnes to Newton Abbot road. Hopiong for the best!Mar 27, 2012
288sam haydockMar 27, 2012
287Vicky GoodbanMar 27, 2012
286Ben HayesMar 27, 2012
285Emma GoudeMar 27, 2012
284Kirsty Hurd-ThomasI work @ the Shiatsu school in Littlehempston, and currently have to drive, as the cycle ride up the main road is too hairy, and going round through Staverton is inpractically long. If there was a cycle path I would use it and not drive.Mar 27, 2012
283mark nunneryMar 27, 2012
282Sarah WebbMar 27, 2012
281Simon DalyMar 27, 2012
280Guy WatsonMar 27, 2012
279Abby SmithMar 27, 2012
278Linda KnottI often visit Broadhempston / Woodland and would dearly love a well-surfaced and safe cycle route via Littlehempston. I have cycled the main road a couple of times - and felt that I have taken my life in my hands. Having recently been knocked off my bike (not on that road, I might add) and sustained injuries needing surgery and 3 months off work, safe cycling is very high on my agenda!!Mar 27, 2012
277Stephen MasseyGreat work and many best wishes in fulfilling the aim of a safe and continued cycle path between Litthempston and Totnes. Lets get this path up and running, my bike is ready and waiting!! Once again fantastic work and lots of luck in making this a reality. Steve Massey Mar 27, 2012
276sarah eakersMar 27, 2012
275Tony WalkerThis is a very worthy cause.Mar 27, 2012
274Mark HuntMark HuntMar 27, 2012
273Ceri Rees We do wild running groups in the area and it's a shame to have so few access routes across the Dart/the same for cyclists but any alternative to the A381 would be welcome.Mar 27, 2012
272Kate CarfraeI used to live in Littlehempston and moved into town mainly for my teenage children, who were dependent on us for transport. It is really close to Totnes and yet isolated, only accessible safely by car or by a long cycle via Staverton. If we want to encourage more people to get out of their cars and cycle, this is the solution. Mar 27, 2012
271Tony WilkinsonGood Luck, we have been in need of this facility for at least a decade!Mar 27, 2012
270Massimo D'AlessandroMar 27, 2012
269David GreenawayMar 27, 2012
268Holly TiffenMar 27, 2012
267Bob HumphrysAs a keen cyclist who braves the A381 to get to Totnes, I fully support your campaign but frustrated, as you must be, that it is taking so long to gain approval. I find the assertion that vandalism will result from having such a path a very sad reflection of people's views; I see little evidence of vandalism on other paths/tracks. I think if you dig back far enough into local archives, you woMar 27, 2012
266Lara SmithCycling is becoming one of the most important alternative modes of transport to cars and needs to be encouraged. It is also one of the most pleasurable, beautiful ways to see an area and making it safe by creating cycle paths is essential.Mar 27, 2012
265kris prattMar 27, 2012