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Welcome to our press and letters section where we attempt to catalogue the evolving commentary on this campaign.

Links are listed with the most recent at the top:

Tot TImes - 1

Tot TImes main - 1

Letter of support for the cyclepath from Tone Leisure, managers of the Totnes Pavilion Sports and Leisure Centre

Letters from local schools and colleges

Statement from Sustrans urging parties to overcome issues – 9th Jan 2013

Letter from DCC Council Leader to Sarah Wollaston MP – 12th Dec 2012

Totnes Times – 14th Dec 2012: Road is too dangerous to cycle on

Totnes Times – 25th July 2012: Bike trail would boost economy

Herald Express – both July 2012: Cyclists take to busy main road in campaign for off-road route into town

Totnes Times – 18th July 2012: Bridging the gap between cyclists and the railway

Littlehempston Parish Council decision to support “route 3”

Totnes Times Letters – 21st March 2012: New cycle path would be asset

Totnes Times Letters – 14th March 2012: Let’s have calm debate over cycle path

Herald Express – 8th March 2012: Row over calls to use rail footbridge in cycle route

MP criticised after support for cycle path – Totnes Times – Wednesday 7th March 2012

Herald Express – 1st March 2012: MP hits out at town footbridge ‘scandal’

Sarah Wollaston MP – 23rd Feb 2012: Plea in House of Commons for completion of cycle path website – 23rd Feb 2012: Westminster Hall debate builds on back of The Times’ Cities Fit For Cycling campaign

BBC News Р23rd Feb 2012:  Commons debate on cycling safety

What we need is a cycle path – Totnes Times – Wednesday 14th September 2011

Where can bike rider pitch tent – Totnes Times – Wednesday 20th July 2011

Transport plans get £1m boost РTotnes Times РWednesday 20th July 2011

Is a cycle path worth the cost – Totnes Times – Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Progress possible on cycle path issue – Totnes Times – Wednesday 15th June 2011

Footbridge not built for cyclists – Totnes Times – Wednesday 1st June 2011

Cycle path takeover! – Totnes Times – Wednesday 25th May 2011

Cycle Route is not viable option & New cycle way is essential – Totnes Times – Wednesday 18th May 2011

Another route for cycle path – Totnes Times – Wednesday 11th May 2011

Cyclists only want safe paths – Totnes Times – Wednesday 18th August 2010

All steamed up over cycle path – Totnes Times – Wednesday 4th August 2010

United front in bid to put Totnes on cycle map – Herald Express – Friday 30th July 2010

Vandalism risk is exaggerated – Totnes Times – Wednesday 8th July 2009

Rare Breed Farm is at risk – Totnes Times – Wednesday 8th July 2009

Rare Breeds in danger – cyclists threat to animals – Totnes Times – Wednesday 24th June 2009

Green collision course – Totnes Times – Wednesday 24th June 2009

Big turnout for a big bike ride – Totnes Times – Wedensday 10th June 2009

Tourism minister opens new bridge – Totnes Times – Wednesday 7th October 1993

New footbridge spans river – Totnes Times – Wednesday 15th July 1993

Railway trust launches appeal – Totnes Times – Wednesday 1st Apirl 1993

River bridge could spark tourism boom – Totnes Times – Wednesday 25th February 1993