Proposed Route

The proposed route uses the river Dart footbridge by the South Devon Railway, before hearing off into the quiet lanes to the north of Totnes. This route was arrived at through careful analysis of a number of options. Site Plan River Crossing Area

The alternative options considered;

  • The current direct route along the A381. This is extremely dangerous as the road has poor visibility and fast, heavy traffic running between Newton Abbot and Totnes. Options to make a cycle lane alongside this route would require major engineering work and be very costly.
  • The very rough, steep and unsurfaced route over the hills along Bourton Lane, involving a dangerous crossing over the A381, and ending in Bridgetown.
  • Via the Dartington Estate with a new bridge over the river Dart. This option would be fairly direct, however it would expensive due to the new bridge.
  • The route via the river crossing at Staverton, connecting with the cycle path running through the Cider Press centre.  This is a significant detour, involves a considerable total climb, and requires crossing the A384 main road on a corner and brow of a hill, to access the existing cycle path.

The consultation process involved Devon County Council, who produced a ‘Proposed Cycle Route Feasibility Study’ in 2012. The following written analysis and maps have been taken directly from this study

To view the full details of the report please click on the links below

The routes were considered using the following criteria

  • Accessible to all
  • Safe
  • Practical
  • Affordable
  • Beneficial to the local community

The Route We’re Campaigning For:

Proposed-Route-3-Cycle Path-Totnes-Littlehempston

Route 3

Existing South Devon Railway Bridge and Existing Lanes

The route branches off the main cyclepath through the Totnes which goes towards Dartington to the north and Sharpham to the south. Using the existing, (currently gated), bridge across the River Dart which serves the South Devon Railway Station and Rare Breeds Centre, it follows a field boundary to join an existing lane (currently agricultural access and access to SWW pumping stations).  This crosses the over the railway line and continues past the SWW water treatment works to rejoin the “highway” lane to Littlehempston. The lane has limited traffic, serving only SWW, farms and a handful of residential properties. The Private track is in fair condition but some potholes and central grass/mossy strip. Both are single track between hedges. The gradients are moderate.

This is the most direct route with some leisure potential on the section of new off-road path and of opportunities to watch steam trains…read more

Other Proposed Routes


Route 1
Bridgetown Hill and Bourton Lane

Gradients are long and steep with little respite from climbing…

…The route crosses the busy A381 where the speed limit is 60mph and visibility is severely substandard when looking right when traveling northwards…


Route 2, 2a
A381 Roadside and New off-road path

… the route is not connected to Totnes’ centre and is across the river from schools, colleges, hospital, railway and town centre shops. Not linked to existing cycleway network…

…The gradient within the woodland section is excessively steep for disabled users…


Route 4, 4a, 4b, 4c
West Bank of the River Dart and New bridge over River Dart

Works required…
…A new path between the Dartington Drive and the river/railway crossing. A bridge over the River Dart and South Devon Railway…

…the high cost of bridging river and railway is unlikely to be justified by a high level of use.


Route 5 Huxhams Cross and Staverton Bridge

This route is very indirect in terms of travel between and

…Once the route goes on-road safe use is limited to competent cyclist and walkers are unlikely to proceed if walking for pleasure…

…As a route to Littlehempston this option is of questionable value…