Project on DCC’s Agenda

Thanks to your support so far, Devon County Council now have this project firmly on their agenda.

A meeting was held at Devon County Council offices on October 17th 2011 between representatives of the local villages, the county councillors that represent them and the head of Highway Management at DCC who is responsible for the implementation of cycle routes throughout Devon.

The following presentation was made to DCC outlining the pros and cons of the various routes into Totnes from the villages in the hinterland to the north east round to the north west of Totnes.

Cycle path presentation given to DCC – 17th October 2011

Furthermore Devon County Council have put forward 5 separate routes to cost up for viability.

Once a route has been selected and agreement has been obtained from all landowners, a design will be drawn up along with an estimate for construction.

Construction will then be dependent upon the identification of suitable funding.

In March 2011 Devon County Council held a series of sustainable development workshops in Totnes entitled “Totnes on the Move”. These were designed to establish what local transport requirements were for people living in and around Totnes. Cycle paths featured predominantly – particularly this one.

There were 22 specific references alone to the Littlehemspton Cycle Path in this report. To see a copy of the report – click here

Since then Totnes has been allocated, by Devon County Council, at least £1 million from a central government Sustainable Transport Fund. There is a press cutting on this funding on the Press Cuttings page of this website

Totnes on the Move is working in partnership with DCC on cycling infrastructure and enhancements in and around Totnes. The Littlehempston Cycle Path is included within the Cycling Project Proposal.

Our MP and County Councillors are continuing to work with Devon County Council, various cycling and transport government related bodies to make this project a reality.

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