Sustrans Chief Executive – Malcolm Shepherd, writes letter of support for route over the footbridge

Sustrans is a national charity partly funded by government which works with communities and local authorities to encourage more journeys to be made in a sustainable way, on foot, by bike or on public transport.  Sustrans Chief Executive Malcolm Shepherd made the following statement on 9thJan 2013:

“Sustrans urges the completion of National Cycle Route 2 between Newton Abbot and Totnes by Devon County Council as soon as sufficient resources can be made available. We recognise that most of this route will be on minor roads and therefore requires only modest resources to implement, but that the route into Totnes would need to cross the river Dart close to the town. The only safe on road route available for NCN2 is via Staverton bridge and Huxham’s Crosss, which effectively bypasses Totnes as well as missing out villages such as Littlehempston.

Of the various options for a river crossing and connecting routes identified by us and roughly costed by DCC, making use of the existing footbridge to the steam railway company’s station and providing security measures at the station and neighbouring property remains the most attractive and cost- effective option. We strongly urge the landowners and Devon County Council to try and overcome the issues that have so far  prevented an agreed design and management of this proposed route, and to identify resources for achieving it as soon as possible. Both Totnes and Newton Abbot are towns benefiting from 3 local sustainable transport fund awards to Devon County Council for projects up to March 2015 and this route would be a fitting addition to the local network and aid the aspirations of all these projects”.

Sustrans Chief Executive – Malcolm Shepherd statement – 9th Jan 2013

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