Saving The Tally Ho Inn and the benefits the path would bring

The campaign to save the Tally Ho Inn in Littlehempston is well under way, with a dedicated group from the village and surrounding area rallying the troops to the cause. The group has formed ‘Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd’ (LCPL), a not-for-profit Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community.

Currently LCPL are raising funds for the project, by selling shares in the pub, so here is your chance to not just help save a local pub, but to become a share holder as well and have a voice in its future.

Another way to have a voice in the future of local businesses such as the Tally Ho, is to spread the word about the Littlehempston to Totnes foot and cycle-path and help get the path made.

Such paths play a huge role in helping small communities to re-invigorate their economies, giving safe and simple access to large populations from the surrounding towns (Totnes in this case), without the need for cars and the parking space they then demand. Communities further benefit from the increased ability for people to live outside population centres and travel safely into the towns they work, increasing rental and sale opportunities for everyone. Alongside these are opportunities for new businesses to grow and develop, based on improved tourist access from surrounding towns.

We need to get our elected representatives to support all of the people who are trying so hard to reinvigorate and boost the economies, so please visit the Tally Ho website and spread the word about this campaign and also the cycle-path campaign.


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