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The Dart Valley Cycleway published by Devon County Council highlights the issue in Totnes. The map shows two off-road routes coming in and out of Totnes, running North-West and South-East, to the south of the River Dart.

Unfortunately however, this highlights the fact that there are no traffic-free routes running towards the main tourist destination of Torbay (North-East), or to the South-West towards Harberton, Harbertonford and on to places such as Blackpool Sands, Slapton and Kingsbridge.

Of particular relevance to the campaign to open up the foot and cycle-path route between Totnes and Littlehempston, is the clear barrier that the River currently presents to those without motorised transport. Using the footbridge that was half-funded with public money and is only currently used to access two tourist sites on the North side of the River, would be the perfect way to change this.

Devon County Council (DCC), are still saying they would like to take cyclists from Totnes, out to Huxhams Cross, round to Staverton and then back down to Littlehempston (and vice versa), a very long and protracted route, completely unsuitable to anyone but the most keen and able cyclist and in no way catering for families, children, the elderly or those with disabilities.

There is another way! Sustrans have already promised money to support the building of the simple and direct path that we are campaigning for (Route 3) and we just need DCC to use there influence to push the project through.

To help get this path made, please sign the petition (there is an orange link button at the top right of this page), and pass it on to everyone you know. In addition, if you have the time to send an email of support for Route 3 to Councilor John Hart, leader of DCC, that would be great

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